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Full Version: Zab Judah issues challenge to Cotto for the 140 pound title
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Should Zab beat Navarette this sunday, he would like to fight Cotto after next week in a fight which might be his last. Judah has the utmost respect for Cotto and refered to him as the "legendary boricua". Judah says that a Cotto fight could be the biggest PPV in WeBL history and Judah is even considering going to Puerto Rico for it.

What do you say Cyrus? This will be Zab Judah's final title shot and what better way to end his career against another one of his rivals. Win, lose, or draw...Zab will probably retire.

In their first fight, Cotto caught Judah in round 4 and took him out after a slow start.

In their 2nd fight, Cotto and Judah went to war, and Cotto wore Zab down and stopped him in the 12th but keep in mind that the fight was pretty even on the cards going into the 12th, and Zab has improved in ALL areas since then.

Since the Cotto fight, Judah is 5-1-2.

Even if Zab lost to Cotto, you better believe that he will be bringing some seriosus heat. Would not be surprised to see Cotto get layed out early......BK STYLE!
Instant rematch clause for Cotto and the fight is on.
Ok, instant remath clause for Cotto.

The fight is ON!

Location: Puerto Rico
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