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Full Version: Ice Cream challenges Holmes!
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Fed up with being overlooked following his points win over Chad Dawson, Maxy "Ice Cream" Gawn has thrown out a challenge to Larry Holmes at heavyweight. Ice Cream just wants to fight the best until he can fight no more.

"I could knock Holmes out if he'd give me the chance!"
Larry Holmes:

"LOL.....Son, I gave your big brothers tough fights, I'd beat you down something terrible. But if you can impress me vs. Solid Snake, I might give you a fight."
Ice Cream is just happy to get a fight. He challenged Holmes because he figured it would get his name back in the mix...Snake is a tough opponent though...

IF Ice Cream got the win he would be in demand once again.
Snake looked on the verge of doing an "Alexeev" to Ice Cream before winning the fight via a somewhat harsh disqualification after Ice Cream had landed a low blow.

It was an ugly affair though and Ice Cream seems intent on holding his opponents when the going gets tough. He did it against Dawson and he did it again last night. A rematch has been signed but it will probably be even more ugly if what Ice Cream said is anything to go by..

"I'll fight dirty next time....elbows, low blows, headbutts...this kid is gonna find out what an old vet can do!"
On the eve of the fight Ice Cream has promised a complete turn-around.

"It'll be brutally one sided and my hand will be raised at the end."
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