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Full Version: The Assassin has his eyes on Jowett Pipes...
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"Terrible" Terry Norris is like Nas X2....Pipes must beware.

Jowett Pipes:

"I'ma say this right now ... Norris is 'bout as terrible as my great grandmama ... and that ho has more teeth than he do, haha!"

These two WILL meet in the future...if Pipes thought Nas was a tough pressure fighter, wait till he steps in with the Assassin...

Some divisions are really heating up right now. There are a lot of great new matchups from 140 to 160 smile.gif
Definitely.....Norris is looking to Assassinates Pipes....and he wants your boy Simms name on his reume too...ohmy.gif
Jowett Pipes responded to the claims of Norris nonchalantly.

"Kid, yo talk 'bout ME when yo just some lil' lame wannabe hotshot! Yo ain't makin' yo name by shoutin' my name kid. Go back to yo gym and learn how to fight."
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