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Full Version: Gamboa in big trouble for the first time in his career
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This Tuesday Yuriorkis Gamboa beat Simone Sin for the 4th time in their 4th fight by knockout in the 5th round. But look what happened in rounds 2 and 3, Sin landed two great right hands that took Gamboa down to the canvas for two 8 counts.

He was stable enough to get back on his feet and knock Sin out later, but its an experience he had never made before and didnt expect against Sin who he had already been three times before.

In addition to that the Featherweight division is heating up a little. Gamboa has knocked out Slanger Jr. a while back in the 1st round, but since then Slanger has looked pretty good and has earned his right for another shot. And also Ren Stimpy is looking for a title shot in the future.

Gamboa has fought Sin three times in his last 4, so he wants a voluntary defense first and after that he wants the rematch against Slanger Jr.

126 is becoming a little more interesting and I believe the division has two p4p fighters in it. Sin is probably underrated because of her losses to Gamboa.
Gamboa and Montiel need to rematch at 122.
It's a shame that such a brilliant champion hasn't really got many decent challengers and the bottom half of the top 10 is littered with fighters who can't seem to string together enough wins to become serious contenders.

I think that Yuriorkis Gamboa could become a 50-0 champion. Seriously.
Gamboa can become 55-0 if he stays in that division. He needs to come down to 122 and give Montiel a rematch.
But why should Gamboa be in a position that makes im kill himself to make such a weight? Look at him, he cant make 122 anymore.

Another move Gamboa might consider is a rematch against Errol H-Rizzle Barnes whos been looking good at 130 lately but will have his hands full against Do Prado. But again, Gamboa wouldnt be the one changing the division.
If Gamboa couldn't make 122 for HWG, he ain't changing divisions.
Blayde, Ronald Hearns is killing himself to make 153 to fight the same with Gamboa to fight Montiel. Gamboa has run out of challenges and has stopped Barnes twice already....

Besides Sin, who is out of the picture right now, I dont think there is a single superstar in the division.

He must take a chance unless he wants to fight guys like Erik Morales, Wilfredo Benitez, and Slanger again laugh.gif
Difference is Simms is the p4p king and division dominator, not Hearns. So of course Hearns has to fight in his opponents division. Just like Montiel will have to. Gamboa is the p4p fighter and the long time reigning undefeated champion.

He did think about it a little when Here We Go made him that offer, but even that got turned down by him.
Montiel would spank that ass in a rematch...laugh.gif

Little Montiel, who started at 108, will have to fight at 126-130!? Not happening..
Thats reasonable, so it is for Gamboa, so the fight wont happen.

In Gamboas eyes there is no need for a rematch anyway. He doesnt believe Montiel was really close to winning the fight. It was a close, but clear decision.

And Montiel has been struggling lately against fighters like Oronko and Bonifacio. I guess if he wants to make a name for himself again, he will have to move up to 126.

Gamboa-Slanger II will be a whole different rematch. In the first fight Slanger Jr. wasnt ready and Gamboa and Stimply have never fought yet.

And who knows, maybe Patrick will come down to 130 sometime in the future. Gamboa would consider a move up for that fight.

Oh, by the way, Gamboa would destroy Montiel in a rematch aggressive.gif
Gamboa is gonna rematch a fighter he knocked out in 1 instead of the guy who gave him his toughest fight???

Montiel started at 105...Gamboa at 130....

Montiel beat the crap out of Bonifacio...Bonificao was lucky to make it out of round 12 in their 3rd fight.

Well, since Gamboa ain't ever going to move down, I guess Montiel will move up to 126 even thoug he will be at a disadvantage.

Montiel is definitely daring to be great and let me tell you that Gamboa ain't got the pop to knock Montiel out. Montiel has only been stopped once...against Here We Go where he had to baloon up to 118. And since that fight, he has worked on chin/conditioning/strenght only.

All I know is Montiel is coming to destory


The lil man is a killer!
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