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Full Version: Miguel Cotto vs Jose Luis Lopez at 147...
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Uh oh... A fight Lopez might just be able to win... What happens here??..
Cotto late stoppage...
This is a matchup Lopez could actually win. He has a chance to KO Cotto like Torres did at 140 pounds. And Lopez is sorta similar to Torres in that he's got pretty fast hands with devastating power, but he's also not likely to be in the kind of shape needed to pull off the necessary workrate. Lopez fights in spurts whereas Cotto is likely to fight for 3 minutes of every round.

I think Cotto gets knocked down and seriously hurt more than once in this fight, but his more consistent work particularly when he goes behind his jab will allow him to win this fight via close but deserved decision. I doubt the Lopez of 1997 gets stopped by Cotto, but he does take a good pounding en route to losing an unpopular decision.
Lopez was a perfect example of a fighter wasting his talent, a real underachiever.

When you fight Lopez you knew you were in for a long night. Lopez problem was always his bad training habits he had great power and a helluva chin but he just couldn't quite get it together. I remeber when he fought James Page who was real good puncher he was hit with some brutal shots right on the chin and didn't even blink.

Lopez had an iron jaw and brutal power if trained right he could have given any 147lber a run for there money.

If properly trained I say Lopez by KO somewhere in the middle rds.
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