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Full Version: Tommy Hearns vs Oscar De La Hoya at 147...
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Could Oscar pull a Leonard here and possibly wear down the Hitman??..
Tommy would kick Oscar's ass... I would have loved it!
Leonard was on his way to losing a decision until Tommy finally gave out in round 14. He also recieved a total gift against Tommy in the rematch. Do I think Oscar is a sharper quicker puncher than Sugar Ray? No. Oscar is a outside fighter...Tommy would have beat him easy. If Oscar survives the ass kicking he losses wide on the cards.
Hearns I think was too big, too strong, too fast, and too powerful.. Some say Oscar would have a puncher's chance but I don't know. He was never a knockout hitter above the weight limit of 140 pounds. I think Tommy takes Oscar out in 8 rounds.
A prime Oscar was one of the best boxers I have ever seen...I dont think Hearns would have beatin him as easy as people say..De La Hoya W/U.D.
^^^^Hearns was outboxing a PRIME Sugar Ray Leonard before being stopped. There is NO WAY Oscar can outbox Hearns at all. This isn't Ike Quartey who landed plenty of leather and lasted 12 rounds.
-De La Hoya W/U.D.

and the NEW
Have to take Tommy here and NO WAY Oscar is winning a decision.

His only chance is to land that 45 degree left hook (Vargas, Paez etc) and jump on Hearns.
QUOTE(streetlion1 @ Feb 23 2008, 05:31 PM) [snapback]379757[/snapback]
A prime Oscar was one of the best boxers I have ever seen...

This is where I stopped reading thumbsdown_anim.gif
and the NEW
QUOTE(Fuse @ Mar 11 2008, 03:58 AM) [snapback]382005[/snapback]
This is where I stopped reading thumbsdown_anim.gif

DLH at 135, 140 was an EXCELLENT boxer! He stood more upright, hands higher, moved in and out of the killzone firing off combinations a lot better and more fluidly.

The man was a killer back at the start of his career, even against many world champs!
Even the obvious De La Hoya hater can't deny he was a very good boxer. But definitely not one of the very best... At welterweight alone, Hearns, Robinson, Leonard, Benitez, Curry, Whitaker, Mayweather, and Gavilan are but a few who were better boxers.

For the life of me, I cannot see Oscar outboxing Hearns. Not a prime Hearns at his absolute best anyway. Then again, I couldn't see any welterweight doing that. So there's no way Oscar would win this on points.

If he won(Big if), it would be because he caught an exhausted Hearns late in the fight with a big left hook that Tommy just couldn't recover from. Thats even a stretch because I don't think Oscar would be able to win a brawl either against Hearns. Oscar would have moments of competitiveness here and there but he'd be in over his head in this one. I think his only advantage is a better chin in this fight but I don't think that would help him here.
QUOTE(and the NEW @ Mar 13 2008, 08:46 AM) [snapback]382246[/snapback]
DLH at 135, 140 was an EXCELLENT boxer!

QUOTE(PR316 @ Mar 13 2008, 12:20 PM) [snapback]382288[/snapback]
Even the obvious De La Hoya hater can't deny he was a very good boxer.

Whether he was "excellent" or "very good" (which I won't deny), he was NO WHERE NEAR one of the greatest! Now this guy might be correct when he says that DLH was one of the greatest he's ever seen. It's very possible that he hasn't been following boxing very long and never saw guys who fought in his weight classes just ten years earlier. Guys like Arguello, Chavez, Whitaker, Pryor, Duran, Leonard, Hearns, Benitez, Taylor, Curry, Norris, McCallum, etc. would've SMOKED him! He was very raw at 130 to 140 and his dominance began to diminish once he hit 147.
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