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Full Version: Roberto Duran vs Diego Corrales at 135..
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This would be a brawl... What could Diego pull off here???
Chico at 130 was like Pavlik..huge for the weight class with scary KO power.

Duran would win this fight via stoppage
I think the fascination with him was that he was in the GREATEST fight of all time and was an extremely crowd pleasing fighter. Chico, in his time, was one top fighters around his weight. He looked ordinary against Mayweather....I cant name a fighter that doesnt look ordinary beside Floyd. His talent is 2nd to none. he didn't look ordinary against Roberto Garcia or Castillo.
corrales was so disgrouged in that Floyd fight. He couldnt outbox Floyd so what he had to do was walk him down. He couldnt do that either so he was reduced to a punching bag for 10 rounds.

But put it this way...Chico at 130 would knock Pacquiao the F out..IMO.
Chico had no idea how to fight a slickster like Floyd. Chico was following Floyd..I'm sure his plan was to walk him down but when the manw as actually in front of him giving him movement and countering the hell out of him he looked absolutely lost and confused and could not let go of his shots.

Put it this way, you put Chico in with a inside fighter or a fighter with shady defense, he kills them. You put him in with a slick fighter, he can look like shit. The comparison to Tito Trinidad were dead could make Tito look bad by boxing him smart..

Corrales has a good resume. He made Frietas quit, he beat Casamayor, he knocked out Castillo in a brilliant fight, he stopped Manfredy, Gainer, he beat Roberto Garcia for the IBF 130 pound title in a brilliant perfromance..even if you think he is overrated (which he might have been), there is absolutely no question that around the Frietas-Castillo fight, he was the MAN at 135.

And even though Pacquiao started at 108 (a 16 year old KID mind you), it's pretty clear to everyone that he is a natural 126-130 pound fighter....thats his prime weight.
Frietas was not dominating, but he was winning clearly landing flush shots on Chico. Chico closed the gab in round 7, knocked him down in round 8, again in 9, and in 10.

The mothpiece thing might be controversy, but we dont know for sure if it would have aeffected the outcome. Fact is, Chico came back and stopped him.

And I think we can agree that Chico was never the same again after the first Castilo fight (god bless him). He took a ridiculous ammount of punishment in that fight.
There is no doubt about that. Corrales was more on the level of the Chap Rosarios of the world.
I think Duran stops Corrales in 10 rounds. Its interesting in the beginning, but it turns into a mauling from the 4th round on and Diego would get a bad beating.
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