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Full Version: The Official Ernesto Bonifacio - No Fear World Jr. Featherweight Championship Thread
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Sunday February 17, 2007 history can possibly be made in the 122 lbs. division.

2 Division World Champion, the reigning and defending World Jr. Featherweight Champion "Bandito De Culo" Ernesto Bonifacio (19-7-3 5KOs) defends his world title for the 6th time against 4 Division World Champion, the reigning World Bantamweight Champion CyruS "No Fear" ViruS (25-10-2 7KOs)

Will Bonifacio put a stop to No Fear's bid for history? Or will No Fear make history by becoming the first (or firsts) 5 Division World Champion ever? Will Bonifacio use his size advantage to beat on the smaller fighter? Or will the Smaller man use his skills for history?

Ernesto Bonifacio Career Highlights :

W MD 12, L UD 12 CyruS "Pretty Boy" ViruS - win over the future world champion
W TKO 8 Catalina Cruz - for the Featherweight Title
L KO 10, W UD 12 CyruS "Slanger Jr." ViruS - avenges loss
W UD 12 Rafael Vasquez - for the Jr. Featherweight Title
D 12, W UD 12, D 12 Fernando "Cochulito" Montiel - win over 3 division world champion


No Fear Career Highlights :

L UD 12, W UD 12, W MD 12 Bobby Pacquiao - avenges loss over the future world champion. wins strawweight title in 3rd fight.
W UD 12, L KO 9 Kieran "The Pikey" Conway - win over the future world champion
L KO 2, W KO 1 Andrei Sokolnikov - avenges loss over the former world champion
W UD 12 "Awesome" Awesome - wins Jr. flyweight title
W UD 12 Byung-Joo Lee - win over the undefeated contender
W UD 12, W UD 12 Thurman "The Mexican Assassin" Hayes - wins jr. bantamweight title
D 12, W MD 12, L MD 12, W UD 12 Frankie "The Brit" Skipton - avenges loss over the 4 division world champion
L UD 12, W UD 12 Kindred "Spirit" Cole - avenges loss and wins bantamweight title.


Great matchup without a doubt.

Bonifacios punch is underrated, so Im going with my man by KNOCKOUT!
Atleast you're going for your own man unlike Maxy, can he still do that? laugh.gif
No Fear loses in his bid to become the first ever 5-Division World Champion when he lost the fight via Majority Decision. No Fear has asked Bonifacio to give him another chance immeditely to make history. The ball is in Bonifacio's court now.
Frankie "The Brit" Skipton, who also failed to win a 5th weight world title, was quick to praise the effort of his old rival No Fear declaring, "He came closer than I did didn't he? Full respect to the man, he's a bloody good fighter and a bloody good bloke. If he goes for it again I'll be ringside and I'll be cheering him on."
No Fear offered his condolences to Skipton who failed in his attempt to become a 5-Division World Champion. No Fear was quoted as saying "You've seen me Skipton, I have suffered over 2 handfuls of losses but somehow I've always came back to accomplish something people thought I couldn't. I know you will come back, and you will comeback stronger than ever. With that said, I want to offer an invitation to you to join me in my corner as the 2nd man to my head trainer CyruS if I get this rematch with Bonifacio. I hope you accept."
Since Montiel and Roger apparently will fight each other, Ernesto is still available, so he accepts the rematch.
Montiel said that he would like a fight with Bonifacio next. There is unfinished business there.
Frankie "The Brit" Skipton has revealed he is delighted to have been offered the chance to help work the corner of No Fear's next attempt to make history.

"I'll be there to help you train and I'll be there to lend a hand in the corner. I want you to do this so bad mate and I'm fuckin over the moon that you have offered me the chance to be part of what will hopefully be an historic night above all others."
QUOTE(No Fear - 4 Division World Champion Grizzled Veteran)
I am thrilled that Skipton has accepted my offer. Skipton is a good friend of mine and a great fighter, with his help I'll have a bigger chance to achieve what is deemed impossible. I truly look forward to training with you Frankie. As for me, I have been an under-achiever much of my career until recently, I have dreamed and hungered to make a mark on the sport and I was this close to it when I lost by majority decision against Bonifacio. I understand Bonifacio does not have to give me a rematch if he did not want to, he doesn't really owe me anything but I want to thank him personally for this rematch oppurtunity. You are a good man, and honorable man Bonifacio to do this for me. In our rematch, we will find out who is the better man.
No Fear drops another razor thin Majority Decision to Bonifacio. After the fight, No Fear repeatedly asked for another fight but realized it's all in Bonifacio's hands. No Fear said if he can't get the job done in a third fight he will give up his quest to beating Bonifacio for a 5th division title. It's all up to Bonifacio.
Frankie "The Brit" Skipton broke down in tears after seeing his good friend No Fear fail to win a 5th world crown again. Skipton, who was in No Fear's corner for the fight may have landed himself in trouble after he was seen to headbutt one of Bonifacio's entourage when the decision was announced and later at the post fight press conference he said, "The occasion definitely got to me. I thought No Fear should've got the nod and when I saw one of his people dancing around like a fuckin' ballerina, my emotions got to me. I'm sorry for head butting him and breaking his nose but I wanna say to everyone who can hear me...No Fear deserves another chance!"
Well since Montiel obviously wants to fight Slanger Jr., a fighter who just got his ass kicked for 6 rounds and knocked out in the 7th, this fight doesnt seem to be a opportunity for Ernesto. So he accepts No Fears challenge. The two fights were definitely very close, but Bonifacio feels he deserved the wins.
No Fear is excited Bonifacio is giving him yet another chance. It will be last time No Fear challenges Bonifacio.
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