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Full Version: Roy Jones Jr: "Deep Freeze is running scared!"
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Roy Jones, fresh of his dominating performance over "Prince" Malik Abu-Husson, called out Deep Freeze after the fight.

"He dont want none of this speed and power! He fought me when I was a kid on the come up! Try fighting me now as a former champion with alot more experience! He don't want none of this!"
Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn is unsure whether he will ever fight again after witnessing Allan Green knock out the only fighter he wanted to face, Richard "Dick" Butkiss.

When asked about Jones Jnr, Deep Freeze said, "I can't make super middleweight anymore. I came back for Butkiss but now, I don't know if I wanna fight anymore....I'll go speak to my camp and see where I go from here."
Jones: "He calles himself the greatest Super Middleweight of all time...maybe he is...but he should prove it against me! This is the fight the public demands! buttkiss just got layed out! Deep Freeze cant handle my speed and power! He will get KNOCKED OUT!
Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn:

"I regret puttin' on that weight Roy...I did it to prepare for Butkiss but now he's lost I feel in no-mans land....I don't know what to do but the fact is I cannot make super middleweight....I'm way above the limit for that division now and at my age I can't lose the weight. Roy, it ain't gonna happen man...I ain't ducking you, I just can't make the weight. Don't disrespect me man...I'm just stating the facts."
Jones: "We are going to meet sometime! And when we do, I'll knock you out! Pensacola in the house! Whats up Pensacola! I told y'all that first fight was a fluke! I told y'all!"
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