Johnson has been putting on alot of pounds and might be a 126 pounder after his next fight. He feels that he is now a complete fighter and he will definitely be more of a threat than Gamboa's last few opponents.


"Gamboa's been on a bum-of-the-week tour. Who are these clowns he's been fighting? He's only fought two real fighters. One was Montiel and the other was Sin.
Let's see what he's got against an old vet like me. I am naturally bigger than Montiel and I have just as much skills. And now my power has improved tremendously..if he fights me without respect, he will be in for a surprise. I am 20-17-0 and I've fought all the best guys. Montiel, Gorres, Conway, Skipton, Mayweather, Singo, Choo, Moran, and Supreme. Thats a hell of a list, even though I lost most of them. Now that I will be a featherweight soon, I am aiming to upset Gamboa. I feel I can win a decision or maybe knock him out late. I am very experienced. Let's hope he doesn't duck me."