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Full Version: Hearns losses to Simms.. and is being offered big money to fight Terry Norris next.
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Hearns tried his best but fell short against Travis Simms.

After the fight however Norris handlers came up to Hearns and asked him if he was interested in fighting Norris.

Terry Norris destoryed contender Tyrell Hudson in 1 round again to end the trilogy.

Hearns showed great interest and also said that it would be his last fight. "They asked me about fighting Terry...their offering me my biggest payday to date.. I might just do it. I've had a long rough career and I don't know if I'm HOF worthy...but I was a worthy champion for sure. Frankly, I feel like I deserve this type of money. Nothing is certain though. I will talk with my team and advisors."

Some people think Hearns might just be looking to cash out against Norris.
Hearns is a middleweight who should never have gone down to light middle. Jowett Pipes says he was right all along, Hearns is running scared of him!
It's not his weight, but Hearns is being offered alot of money....

"Reports from the post-fight press conference say that he did not look very confident in himself when Norris starred him down. A writer would go on to say "He seemed intimidated. Hearns is a very confident and proud champion...but he seemed a bit shaken up when Norris called him out. We are not used to seeing Hearns like that."
Looks like hearns will get assassinated by Norris
Hearns should box the same way he did against The Hoodlum. If he does that he surely has a chance?
I don't know...Norris stats are absolutely crazy right about now...he has Jones speed and skills but alot more power behind his punches. He might be too much for hearns.

Norris is literally Nas x2.
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