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Full Version: Carlos Maussa - Hall Of Famer?
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Carlos Maussa biggest wins:

KO 4 Zab "Super" Judah - Win over legend.
TKO 8 Jabdiel Judah - Wins Junior-Welterweight Title. Win over another HOFer.
KO 7 Rock Allen
KO 10 Freddie "The Finisher" McPheerson - Win over former Lightweight Champion

Definitely...mostly for his persona and life story....anything that involved Maussa was very entertaining, and his character has left more than a few unforgettable memories in this League.
Fighter wise, Maussa isn't near the same echelon of fighters such as TOS, Gorres, HWG, Wexley.

However, Character wise and significance to the league he can't not go in.

I vote yes because of his character being written with much entertainment by C.E.O.

Fuck anyone who says differently....laugh.gif

Besides, Zab runs the league and he has connections...Maussa is getting in for sure. laugh.gif
Well Maussa is officially in.
(Ghost's "We Made It" is playing in the background)

Thank you, guys....and I'd really like to know who voted I can hunt them down and kill them.


We made it, Carlos.

I'll work on his presentation this week....
Maussa-Cotto-Judah was the biggest draw ever, so I also voted yes. Maussa wasnt a p4p fighter, but he did a lot for the young sport.
I'll get to writing up the usual and post it up in the HOF thread.
I'm close to retiring Tera Patrick and Jesse Jane. If Carlos Maussa is in than they should have no problem getting in
Both are HOFers for sure...
QUOTE(CyruS @ Feb 20 2008, 03:21 PM) [snapback]379469[/snapback]
I'll get to writing up the usual and post it up in the HOF thread.

Thanks for the concise write up, C...a huge presentation detailing his exploits throughout his career wasn't just adds to his would have been very entertaining...but there's really too much to cover...

The Life and Times of Carlos Maussa was something to behold......and all of us pioneers witnessed it firsthand from the beginning...he was an integral character in The Golden Era of our League.
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