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Full Version: Judah expecting a big performance from Chad...
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Apparently, reports are that Chad's been enjoying the party life too much again. Zab made a trip over to Krumbstanchers gym and just straight scolded him. Zab warned Chad that if he continued to fuck up, he would have to embarrass him infront of his friends. Zab did just that. "Win or lose, I want you to train your ass off...I want this to be a bootcamp, knowmsayin?.....*grabs Chad by the ear* you hear me!?". Judah told the press that he loved Chad like a son and wants him to go far.
Maxy Krumbsnatcher has been delighted by Chads training regime for this fight with Tyson. Krumbsnatcher said he found it amusing to see Zab scold him like that but promised Judah, and all of the Dawson fans that Chad is in the best shape of his life.

"He didn't enjoy the work ethic in the build up to the Alexeev fight and there were a few problems getting him ready but this time, for Tyson, Chad is on fire. He's hungry and he really believes he can win this one. I have personally promised Zab that Chad will not let him down and if he does lose it won't be because he's trained lightly. We are quietly confident that Chad will become champ on Sunday."
Apparently Judah's presence was felt at Krumbsntachers gym and several young fighters asked for his autograph after he scolded Chad.

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