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Full Version: Zab Judah gets battered vs. Cotto...and announces retirement..
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Judah said he would be bringing 100 pure brooklyn heart and would give it his all...he did just that. Judah was dropped in round 3 and again in round 11 but banged with Cotto until the end. Round after round Judah was getting beatdown to the body but showed an incredible heart throughout the fight, banging with Cotto and never clinching....just going inside him all night. Judah howeve announced his retirement and gave Cotto respect and props at the end.

Judah took over 100 injury points in this fight and lost a point in conditioning...meaning he still has freak power/speed. laugh.gif

JJudah's comments after the fight:

"I knew after round 4, it was along night for me..knowmsayin...I was feeling the effects of the punishment..knowmsayin...but I aint no bitch..youll neva see Supa Judah stop trying...knowmsayin...I promised Brooklyn and Puerto Rico a show and me and Miguel gave it to them...i knew i was down on the cards but i aint stop tyring to knock his head off..knowmsayin."

Since Judah took over 100 JP in this bout, he was immideatly sent to the hospital.
QUOTE(Miguel Cotto - 5 Time Jr. Welterweight Champion Of The World & Former Lightweight World Champion - Via Interpreter)
Zab Judah is a great fighter. It was an honor to give him his last fight. Although the scorecards were lopsided in my favor, it was one hell of a fight, one hell of a show. It was indeed an honor to be apart of the festivities tonight. I'll be visiting Zab in the hospital later on to make sure he is ok. God bless Zab Judah.
Can Judah have his spot in the HOF now...he's earned it. Just check his record.
i'll write up the usual when I wake up from bed. It's 4 am and I have yet to go to sleep. laugh.gif
laugh.gif is the pic were using...
Somehow its a bad moment that Zab retires, but that was definitely the perfect fight to end his career. Zab for sure is a legend in the young sport.
Zab Judah is a fighter after my own heart...he went after any and everyone.....and when he stepped in that ring, he came to DROP BOMBS...and was NEVER afraid to take them in return...

He will go down as one of the few Legendary Beasts of this League....


Judah is a boxing enthusiast and loves to box. He personally wants to conintue but doctors, family, friends have adviced him to retire or he might end up punch-drunk....or worse. Judah has taken vicious beatings from Miguel Cotto, Freddy McPheerson (knockded down a bunch of times before being taken out), Floyd Mayeather Jr, Mike Taylor, Running Man, Malvador Manchez, Carlos Maussa, and has always come back for more.

Cotto is the "fighters fighter" but Judah certainly fought all the top 140 opponents in his era and has given it 100 percent everytime.

Judah was a pioneer of the sport and did his best to please the crowd everytime he stepped in the ring.

Cotto buys land in Puerto Rico... For Zab Judah!

News of the day is, reigning 5-Time Jr. Welterweight Champion fresh off his UD victory over the now retired and newest Inductee into the Hall Of Fame, Former 2-Time Jr. Welterweight World Champion, Zab "Super" Judah, has bought a gigantic amount of acres in Puerto Rico and has given the deed over to Zab Judah! The Land is located next to Cotto's Paradise, which is Miguel Cotto's private paradise home on the island. Cotto was quoted as saying via interpreter, "Zab is a great competitor, a great rival. It was my honor to battle him in the last match of his career. Despite his promotional antics, Zab is a very good friend of mine. I bought this land for him to show that people and fighters care for all the things he has done for our sport. We're neighbors now Zab, welcome to Puerto Rico."
I think Zab should fight on but credit to him. It's hard to carry on when you lose IP's. My biggest regret is that apart from Pavel Molotov (when he was at the Crackheads gym) I never had a fighter in a position to fight Zab. Its amazing when you consider he boxed anyone and everyone. I guess I've only just started getting fighters at his weight but its too late to share the ring with him.

Great fighter though and its fghters like him that make the league. He's already well on the road to being a HOF promoter as well!!

"After being released from the local hospital in Puerto Rico, Judah made his way to view the new giant rural of himself in the popular HOF "room". Inside, there were large pictures of legendary fighters such as Cyrus "Tough Of Sleep" Virus, Wexley Gawn, Cyrus "here We Go" Virus, Z Gorres, and the late great Carlos Maussa. Judah would view the Rurals/acoomplishments of TOS, Maussa and the rest. When Judah got to his giant picture though though, he stopped and observed it silently. After a minute past, Judah would shed some tears. He admitted that he had flashbacks of when he was 1-6-0 crackhead bum and couldn't believe that he had made it this far in his career and life. Judah hopes he serves as an inspiration for fighters on the low, such as Bugsy Gawn."
I'm very emotional over here........this League is fucking me up.

Judah reflecting on his career and breaking down in front of The HOF Mural could bring a tear to a glass eye.
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