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Full Version: Norris batters Hearns into retirement..
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The younger, more athletic, more powerfull Terry Norris battered former 2-division champion Terry Norris and stopped him after 5 rounds. The fight was stoppped due to to damage done on Hearns face.

Hearns, however, was just about done after 5. Hearns fought Norris the same he fought Simms. Hearns was heard saying that he wanted to quit ibetween rounds 4 and 5.

"He was getting hurt in there and it looked like he just wanted to take his cash and leave..said a ringside expert. The doctor stopped it for him but Hearns told his trainer that he wanted out of the fight."

Hearns was viciously battered throughout the fight.

"It's a shame. Hearns was supposed to be the next big thing after he beat Harold Grant and Manuel Cortez. Now look how he's career has ended. He was getting destoryed in there and wanted no more of Norris. You could see that he was beaten mentally in there. Norris took his soul. It was just strange seeing such a proud champion get beat like that." said a Ringside Expert.

Norris has officially called out Travis Simms and Jowett Pipes, saying that he will fight either of them after 1 more match.

Hearns on the other hand has announced his retirement in his dressing room. He refused to be interviewed after the fight.

Note: This is the 2nd straight time hearns failed to make weight. He did not train much at all for this fight."
Pipes will fight him anytime he wants it.
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