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Champion: Miguel Cotto

1. Mike Taylor
2. Luis Collazo
3. Roland Navarette
4. Floyd Mayweather Jr.
5. Jimmy Jack Judah
6. Cyrus "Running Man" Virus
7. Paul Malignaggi
8. Buddy Shine
9. Buddy McGirt
10. Sigmuund Kraab

Freaking stacked division!

As Cotto apparently wants a Taylor fight, Collazo is calling out all the other top 10 fighters for an eliminator. Collazo doesnt have a great win in his record since losing to Lights Out, but that one was competitive, Lights Out is a Super Welterweight now and Collazo feels he fought a stupid fight and could have beaten him.

Or how about a tournament? Cotto or the Cotto-Taylor winner could be allowed 1 or 2 easy defenses, while the top contenders finally decide to face each other. It wouldnt be to big because there are so many 36 and TOS fighters, although Taylor might very well beat Cotto what would change that situation.

The facts:
- Collazo just lost a fight, but he dominated 147 before
- Navarette fought to 3 draws and one loss in his last fights
- Mayweather deserves a shot, but is a Chambers or TOS fighter
- Jimmy Jack has only beaten Kraab so far and is a 36 fighter
- Running Man just got a nice victory over Shine but is a Chambers fighter
- Malignaggi beat some contenders in his last fights, but these also include two losses
- Shine just lost against Running Man
- McGirt deserves a show because of his draw against Cotto, but he also lost to Juan Miguel previously
- Kraab lost to some other contenders, but at least went 1-1 against Paulie
- Other fighters are JoJo who is 18-0, but hasnt beaten anyone so far and Reilly who is 16-1 and probably not ready yet; he also hasnt beaten anyone so far
140 is the most stacked division in the league. Come to think of it, I think 140 has always been the most stacked division in the league period. Cotto being champion is stopping the growth of all my fighters that are in that division. And I got quite a few fighters at the top that can go laugh.gif

Cool thing about a Cotto-Taylor 2 match is the fact that Taylor is the linear 140 lb. champion

which would mean, Cotto-Taylor 2 will crown the first Undisputed 140 lb. champion and the result will shake up the division.
Jojo is too small for 140...she will move down to 135 to fight Guzman, De Lo Santos, Quintana, Patrick.
Collazo wants Running Man come Sunday!
140 is real hot right now.

Cotto wants to defend his title against Mike Taylor.

Mike Taylor wants Running Man for the real title.

Running Man wants Cotto for the Undisputed Title or possible defend against Luis Collazo.

Luis Collazo wants Running Man or Cotto for either title.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. (of only built 4 tos) is bitching because Cotto hasnt moved out the way to let him rise above and win the title.

Jimmy Jack Judah is still in the mix.

Roland Navarette cannot be forgotten.

Zab Judah is back.

Paul Malignaggi is a threat to beat anyone on any given night.

Buddy Shine can beat anyone on any given night aswell.

Juan Miguel Cotto is still around.

Muckles Reilly is on the come up.

Sigmund Kraab & Buddy McGirt are always in contention.

140 is just to hot right now!
Judah is certainly back but he is not really after Cotto, Taylor, or Running Man. Frankly, he doesn't see any point in a 4th fight because Cotto is 3-0 against him without any controversy. And he fought Taylor and Running Man 4 times each.

Collazo, Running Man, Floyd, Taylor, Jimmy Jack, Juan Miguel Cotto, Shine and the hard workikng Malignaggi are all serious threats.

Buddy McGirt laugh.gif He's always upsetting someone when you least expect it. LOL...

Kraab is still a great fighter.
Champion: Miguel Cotto
1. Cyrus "Running Man" Virus
2. Luis Collazo
3. Mike Taylor
4. Floyd Mayweather Jr.
5. Zab Judah.
6. Roland Navarette
7. Paulie Malignaggi
8. Buddy Shine
9. Muckles Reilly
10. Juan Miguel Cotto
Floyd Mayweather Jr. is getting fed up with the politics going on between Only Built 4 TOS and 36 Chambers Of Death.

He's running around talking about he wants justice for the travesty that is happening to him. laugh.gif laugh.gif

edit : Mayweather just called out Mike Taylor. He said Mike Taylor walks around calling people has-beens and Floyd just called Mike a has-been himself. laugh.gif
BigG guys better arrange the fights already before the auto-scheduller does...
Collazo is trying but except Juan Miguel Cotto theres no one willing to fight him sad.gif

Wheres Jimmy Jack? Wheres Running Man? Floyd would price himself out anyway ...
My proposed match ups to the super hot 140 lbs. division. Note, some of these matches have already been made. Anyway, what does everyone think?

Miguel Cotto vs. Luis Collazo - World Jr. Welterweight Championship - THE REMATCH!

Mike Taylor vs. Buddy Shine

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Muckles Reilly

Running Man vs. Juan Miguel Cotto - Linear Jr. Welterweight Championship

Roland Navarette vs. Paulie Malignaggi

Zab Judah vs. Sigmund Kraab

Jimmy Jack Judah vs. Buddy McGirt - The Rematch

Does Running Man really want to step in with Miguel's cousin, the beast known as Juan Miguel Cotto?

Well, he doesn't hit as hard as Zab and he isnt as fast as well so Running Man might have a great chance at winning.
Running Man is smoking alot since winning the lineal championship. He thinks he can beat anyone laugh.gif
Anyone except Zab Judah. Running Man used to have Judah's number..but times have changed.
Times have changed, Running Man is on top of his game once again and Zab wants no part of him.
Cyrus, Zab will knock Running Mans teeth out and make him look his daddy Leon Spinks in due time. laugh.gif

Zab just lost an ability point he will never be able to gain. He wants tune ups. He will beat Kraab, knock out Paulie in 1 round, then we will discuss matchcups.
Zab is scared to fight this prime (18/18) Running Man. Running Man says he can hear Zab's air forces shaking in fear. laugh.gif
Cyrus, you of all people should know that Judah isnt scared to fight anyone. He even challenged Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn and Richard Buttkis to catchweight fights one time. laugh.gif

Running Man will get a 5th and final fight...and he will up on his back.

Zab is going to give it to him BK STYLE.
Running Man promises to retire Zab! Running Man has said to have been heated for being used like garbage when he was working for Zab in his gym/promotion.
Judah will NEVER retire! Judah is forever.
Running Man wants to defend his title against Roland Navarette!


Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Muckles Reilly

Jimmy Jack Judah vs. Buddy McGirt
And Cotto vs. Collazo aggressive.gif

Since Malignaggi will take on Zab, Cotto-Collazo III should happen, right?
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