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Full Version: Montiel: "I wanna become a 6 division world champion!"
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Fernando Montiel has issued a challenge to Ernesto Bonifacio for the 122 pound belt if he beats Kindred Cole.
He said that if a 4th Bonifacio fights happens and he wins it, he'll quickly move up to 126 to go for a 6th world title.

The champion at 126 is Yuriorkis Gamboa (31-0-0).

Fernando Montiel also said that he would like to fight Cyrus "Here We Go" Virus too.
As Ernesto Bonifacio has already stated he would definitely like to fight Montiel again. He knows that he could very well have lost to Montiel back when they fought for the Super Bantamweight crown, but he thinks that he could get an undisputed victory next time.

Gamboa: "I like his plans, I just see the problem there that hes not good enough to accomplish anything of it. But whenever he comes up to Featherweight, Ill be there for him. Hes been doing some talking lately, I would like to shut him out this time."
Montiel BROKE Gamboa's tooth and shut his eyes last time..even though he'll be at a huge weight disadvantage, he'll mess up Gamboas face again.
The only guy around 122 and 126 that can beat Slanger Jr. is Gamboa....he's probably P4P Lil' Slanger has moved down to 122...

and he could knock out Montiel AND Bonifacio on the SAME NIGHT.

Speaking of which...wasn't Montiel wanting some next week?
Well, Montiel has to defend the title against his mandatory, Kindred Cole. Slanger can fight Bonifacio/No Fear winner in 2 weeks....Montiel respects Slanger Jr. and will let him take his pace. BUT if Slanger does knock the winner out (he ain't winning a decision..he's either getting KO'd or knocking the winner out laugh.gif) then Montiel would LOVE to fight him.
Gamboa: "If you ask me, Montiel doesnt want anything of Slanger Jr. Slanger is a very underrated fighter who has developed very well over the last weeks. Just because he lost to me, to arguably the best P4P fighter in the world, people tend not to give him enough credit just like they did with Simone Sin.
Ya know, it will be interesting to see how they will do at 122 and 130. I see them doing very well, although I have every believe in Bonifacio being able to keep his title at 122."
Fernando Montiel:

"First of all, Kindred Cole callled me out, and he is my mandatory. If he stepped aside, I would have fought SLanger Jr. in a second. And I will fight you. There is absolutely no talent in the division you are in. You basically beating bums week after week after week with the exception of Slanger. If my mandatories were fighters like Erik Morales, Rocky Juarez, and Wilfredo Gomez, I could be a dominant champion too. I am one of the most high profile fights for you, and despite ME starting at 105 and you starting at 130, I will be the one making the step up in weigh because I want to be great. I have no problems fighting anyone 115-126."

"I respect you Gamboa. You are top 5 in the world. But we will meet.."

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