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Full Version: Holmes and his people insults Maxy "Ice Cream" Gawn
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"I will go ahead and beat this sorry ass punch drunk fool into retirement."

"Look son, You wont be getting visits from the Easton Assassin when your laying on your hospital bed."

In the press conference for the fight Holmes and Gawn had a staredown and Holmes and his people started laughing at Gawn. They were chanting "Punch DRUNK!". A few people in the crowd boo'd Holmes and insisted that he show some respect to the former CW champion. The cocky Holmes would go on to say that "Gawn just signed a contract for a beating. I am going to punish him and outbox him.

Maxy Gawn is the sentimental favorite in this bout although he will be a huge underdog.

A writer who attended the press conference would say this: "Maxy has always been a pretty good fighter. Don't forget that he was a CW champion at one time. But he is the underdog in this fight. I don't think he's ever recieved this much support from a crowd before....their rooting for him. And I'll admit, I'm rooting for him too.!"
Ice Cream may well be a sentimental favourite but he's at the Crackheads gym for a reason. I'm afraid he just can't cut it at the highest level anymore, especially since he lost a major AP not so long ago.

He's had a very good career, a career somewhat overlooked because he is totally overshadowed by the likes of Dipsy , Wexley, Deep Freeze and Lanky but he does have some very impressive scalps on his resume.

Take a look...

W UD 12, W UD 12 Tyrone "Soup Bone" Sloan
W KO 10 Jean Pascal
W UD 12 Aleksander Alexeev
W UD 12 "Bad" Chad Dawson
W UD 12 Solid Snake

The last two were achieved with that AP loss..

All but one of the above went on to win a world title so Ice Cream deserves some respect from Holmes. Of course he's not expected to beat Holmes and I don't think he has the style to do it anyway but I'm hopeful he can make a fight of it and go the distance.

Ice Cream said, "Holmes has disrespected me and my family and he walks around talking like he's the best thing since sliced bread when in actual fact he hasn't achieved absolutely anything in this sport yet. He's like that other loudmouthed character Roy Jones whose another fool who regards himself as something special but in honesty ain't really shit."
Maxy Gawn had a hreat career and I thought that he might end up a bum early in the career after losses to Max Kellerman but he might have actually passed Kellerman in terms of legacy.

I'm afraid Holmes doesn't respect any Heavyweight. Holmes is an absolutely classless bully and might be the biggest sore loser too.


"This fight will just serve as a reminder that I'm the baddest Heavyweight today and of all time. Fuck Cyrus "Iron" Virus . Fuck Dipsy. Fuck Lanky. Fuck Kellerman. And Fuck TOS."
Holmes claiming he is the best HW ever is ridiculous. He isnt better than Dipsy or Lanky. Everyone of those guys has a better resume than Holmes. Holmes is the eternal also ran.
Holmes speaks:

"People can think what they about my standing in hisotry...but facts are facts. Only TOS and Dipsy beat me. Dipsy pulled it out BARELY and was tired in the end. Lanky took a beating from me. Dark Heaven was outboxed and embrrassed against me. Roper, Bowe, Kellerman were schooled. "Giant Man" was KNOCKED OUT in 2. I've proven myself to be AT LEAST a top 3 heavyweight of all time. And when my career is over, you best believe that I will be far and away the greatest Heavyweight champion in history.

I also see alot of clowns in the rankings..Enigma, Aaron "Death" Cole, and The Prince. I look forward to fighting and embrassing the new era of Heavyweights, much like I did the old.

This fight against Ice Cream, is like my fights against Holyfield and's a tune up fight. When I retire, I will be in the Hall Of Fame."
You have to beat legendary fighters to be a legendary fighter. By the time Dipsy is done he may have 20 plus defenses. Even if you win a title soon, I dont forsee you keeping it for that many successful defenses. You are no doubt one of the top HWs of our time, but you are Joe Frazier to Dipsy's Ali.
Dipsy-Larry are made for each other. Two highly skilled, cocky Heavyweights who are both highly accomplished. It will go down as a legendary fued.

Alot of people felt Holmes went a little too far with all the disrespect in the press conference. Maxy "Ice Cream" Gawn is a pioneer of this league and a highly respected fighte.


"Ice Cream called me out for one reason and one reason alone. He is a fighter at heart. This is the only thing the man is good at in life. He's been in plenty of ring battles and people, including his brother, Wexley Gawn, say he is a little punch drunk since losing an ability point. He wants to get back on top. I respect that. He ain't in this for the money. He's in this for the legacy and he KNOWS he needs to beat me to get back on top. Beating Chad and Snake was just a good start. He ain't on top yet. He ain't top 5.

I know the man stunk up the join vs. Snake in fight 1...but he made for it in fight 2 by fighting a great exciting fight and pulling it out vs. kid..that's why he's got a fight schedulled with me. He's been in plenty of good fights...Pascal, Kellerman, Alexeev 4 times, Snake.

And although me and my boys disrespected him in the press conference, I respect the fact that he called me out. Not many people wanna get in there with Larry Holmes. Now let's be real about many people in the top 15 are calling me out even though I'm at the top

You have to understand where I'm coming from when me and my balls yelled "punch drunk" at Ice Cream. I do things for publicity. I say things to get hype and PPV buys. And I also have a history of getting into people's heads before fights.

I wont boast as if I beat a legend in his prime if I beat Ice Cream..I know the man is old. His heart and will won't let him retire...even though I know his family wants him to. Now he in there with me and I'm going to go all out. His fighting heart will be his downfall."
Maxy "Ice Cream" Gawn has vowed to box on whatever the result is against Holmes declaring, "I've got a lot of fight left in me and I'll be causing upsets for a long time yet. Nobody thought I'd beat "Bad" Chad Dawson and likewise nobody thought I'd beat Snake in that rematch...Holmes is regarded as the 2nd or 3rd best heavyweight in the world and he's in his fighting prime so it would be huge if I won it....but it won't deter me from boxing on even if he gives me a beating. I've proved I can come back...Alexeev took a lot out of me in those fights but I came back didn't I? I'll give Holmes the best I can on the night and if father time says I ain't got it at that level no more I'll be knocking on his door next time trying to prove him wrong."
LOL..I believe Snake-Ice Cream are developing a classic rivarly as headed youngster vs. the old underdog veteran.
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