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Full Version: Jason Litzau-Robert Guerrero
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Jason Litzau is going to upset Robert Guerrero tonight. He's a big underdog, but he's such a talented fighter, and we'll see the best of him tonight. I dont expect him to showboat tonight, and he's going to fight a disciplined fight. Most people are picking Guerrero, but based on what. Guerrero got beat by Diaz and Salido. He may have a long reach, but so does Litzau. It's going to be a big night for MN boxing when Litzau gets his belt. Should be a great fight.
Litzau's gonna get schooled tonight. Ghost by late stoppage.
dj necrogenic
Guerrero is going to knock Litzau's fucking block off tonight
QUOTE(dj necrogenic @ Feb 29 2008, 05:28 PM) [snapback]380679[/snapback]
Guerrero is going to knock Litzau's fucking block off tonight

Litzau is extremely overated IMHO he is the epitome of a steping stone for a legit prospect/contender.
I personaly don't like Litzau's personality. But he is obviously skilled. He should have won his fight that he got KOed in. I was actually happy when he got stopped. He wasn't listening to his corner and was practically asking to get stopped. Hopefuly it has toned him down a bit. I will be rooting for Robert, but expect to see Jason take the victory. Like him or dislike him, the kid is very gifted.

On a side note: Showtime is kickin ass with the combat sports this month. They have this fight on a friday, then the winner of FOTY last year and possible FOTY this year tomorrow. Then a potential FOTY next week as well. And ALL nonPPV at that.
I understand the predictions of Guerrero by stoppage, but Litzau will not be schooled. This man is so skilled and talented. It has the makings of a good fight, and I personally think Guerrero has been a tad bit overrated since his KO victory last November. He's an excellent fighter, but Litzau is more talented. Guerrero is better fundamentally, but if Litzau is focused and keeps that left up, then there will be a new champ tonight.
Jack 1000
Round by round thread is up!!! Should be a war! Please post all comments and spoilers within it.


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