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Full Version: UFC 82: Middleweight Supremacy: Silva vs. Henderson
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Jack 1000
Follow all of the exclusive coverage of UFC 82: The "Middleweight Supremacy" showdown between Sliva vs. Henderson for the Middleweight Championship of the word in this thread!


My God this is a fucking Fight Night!

This and the Marquez-Vasquez rubber don't get much better than that...


Someone keep us posted....please...

Anderson is "The Truth"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jack 1000

I put this in the wrong forum because I was so busy covering Marquez-Vasquez III. I will move this to the MMA section.


Heath Herring fought an excellent fight and defeated Kongo. Wow, Herring looked like a new fighter!

But they call it a split decision.....and you wanna know why? Because Cecil Peoples is the WORST judge in the history of MMA. They have to get rid of this guy! There is no doubt that Herring won the fight, but Cecil as usual, was watching something totally different. Damn him!

They were saying the Konog-Herring winner would be the # 1 contender...were they serious? If so then the UFC HW division is just as bad as boxings.
Buffalo, I thought you were joking with the "Sensei Cecil Peoples" stuff, but he has a WEBSITE!

Here is one of my favorite quotes:
"When I earned my Black Belt: I received my black belt in September of 1971. I started competing as a black belt in May of 1970. "

No wonder he has difficulty judging, his math skills are off.

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Hmmm, he has "Facts about Sensei" and "About Sensei" I'll bet his organizational skills are a bit off, that or his short term memory is shorting out.
"now what fight was I watching?..."
So silva now wants roy jones or a current champ in a boxing match. I think his head is getting big.
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