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Full Version: Zab Judah is crazy...
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Zab Judah has just infromed everyone that seeing Running Mans huge upset win has inspired him to make a return.

"Don't do it ZAB!" is what the gym is yelling right about now.

But Zab is a crazy crackhead motherfucker....he wants to throw it down again. laugh.gif

He doesn't particularly want a title shot. He just wants to fight for the love it....
QUOTE(Running Man - 2 Division World Champion & New Lineal Jr. Welterweight Champion)
I DID IT! I told everyone befo da fight that I dedicated it to all of St. Looouuuieeeee. This victory was for all da pioneers of da game that get disrespected by these cats who never came up with us. We taught them new guys a lesson! Don't disrespect the pioneers! ST. LOOOUIEEEEE STAND UP!
I don't know about would be horrible to see a living Hall of Famer like Judah end up like Maussa....

but then again...we'd probably witness something that we've never witnessed before...

The return of Zab Judah... ohmy.gif

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