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Full Version: The Official Allan Green vs. Jeff "The Genesis" Ghusson Thread
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Come Sunday it will be time for another HUGE FIGHT at 175 pounds in the Light Heavyweight division. It will be Allan Green who just beat Butkiss twice against the former king of the division Jeff "The Genesis" Ghusson.

Boxer quotes:
"Ive never sparred with a bigger punch than Allan, hes a phenomenon." - Jaidon Codrington
"Hes the best fighter at 160+ pounds, I dont see anyone beating him." - Yuriorkis Gamboa
"Ive seen him a lot in training. Ive also sparred with him. Hes the biggest puncher at Light Heavyweight, but he can also box with pretty much everyone." - Travis Simms, P4P #1
"Hes so good, he could compete at Heavyweight. Sparring with us big guys is no problem for Allan." - Alexeev
"He will rule Light Heavyweight as long as he is in his prime. NO ONE CAN BEAT HIM!" - manager Ahmed Íner

Allan Green (21-0), reigning and defending Light Heavyweight Champion with one defense so far, career highlights:
W UD Richard "Dick" Butkiss (keeps his title in the rematch)
W KO10 Richard "Dick" Butkiss (to become the champion)
W KO11 Otto "The Fatty From Cincinatti" Blatty (eliminator bout)
W KO4 Briana Banks (Green down three times!)

Jeff "The Genesis" Ghusson (29-6), two time Light Heavyweight champion including 9 successful title defenses, career highlights:
L UD Otto "The Fatty From Cincinatti" Blatty
L UD Terrence "Ten-Count" Tunney (twice, first loss was hist latest title bout)
W UD Bobby "Tick-Tick" Boome (four times)
W UD Jaidon Codrington
W UD Timberwolf Johnson
W UD, W KO10 Tyrone "Soup-Bone" Sloan
L UD Richard "Dick" Butkiss (three times, two title fights)
W UD Jean Pascal
W UD Larry Johnson
W UD Roy Jones Jr.
W KO12 Briana Banks
W UD Lebron Puba
Green by UD...
Al Hata

Big fight. I got the Genesis by surprise 4th round stoppage.
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Mar 5 2008, 12:19 PM) [snapback]381270[/snapback]
Green by UD...

Vote for it G! Its 1-1 right now clapping.gif
Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn added his insight into the bout telling the media, "Green is strong and he's very rounded as a fighter but I ain't seen nothing from him that makes him stand out at this time. He's got the style and the strength to beat a guy like Butkiss, as he proved twice, and he will beat Ghusson IMO but I do think he's overrated. He does remind me slightly of Alexeev and it doesn't surprise me that the two of them have had some competitive sparring but his reign won't last for more than 10 title defenses. I'll put money on that."

Bugsy "Long" Gawn has recently made it known that he is gunning for Green telling anyone who'll listen, "I'm 3 fights away from getting a shot at him and when that time comes I'll knock him out. I know I can beat him and not only beat him but destroy him. Right now my claim might seem laughable but I'm gonna do it and I won't quit til I have!"
1) Green should win this fight handily as Ghusson is shot (kinda like a WeBl version of Holyfirld, he can beat the mid range guys but not the top guys anymore).

2) Bugsy "Long" Gawn is a bum was got beat up alot in his early career and is not padding his record with bums. He is about the same as Too Sharp in that category.
QUOTE(BigJuicyHog @ Mar 5 2008, 12:01 PM) [snapback]381289[/snapback]
2) Bugsy "Long" Gawn is a bum was got beat up alot in his early career and is not padding his record with bums. He is about the same as Too Sharp in that category.

His resume is littered with defeats but he has boxed everyone who is anyone throughout his career and been overmatched in a huge number of fights. If he loses 95 or more IP's he will lose an AP and I just want him to have a fair crack of the whip.

Your comments about him are insulting.

QUOTE(Richard "Dick" Butkiss - Former #1 Pound For Pound Fighter In The World @ Former 3-Time Light-Heavyweight World Champion : Including 2 Undisputed Light Heavyweight Championship Reigns)
I've been in the ring with both of these guys. I simply believe Green has to much power and skills for Ghusson to overcome. Although, in my second fight with Green, I did show he is beatable, maybe Ghusson can pull it off but I'm betting $300,000 on Green by KO.

The former champ weighed in .... at $300,000 large! ohmy.gif
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