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Full Version: Miguel Angel Judah (10-0-0, 10 KO's) vs. Rick "Judah Killer" Jones (13-0-0, 4 KO's)
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Rick "Judah Killer" Jones issued a challenge to the young prospct, Zab's adoptive half Puerto Rican brother, Miguel Angel Judah. Miguel quickly accepted.

Note: There will be a very legendary and intimidating figure in the audience that goes by the name of Zab Judah. If Rick Jones happens to win, we might see Zab "Super" Judah vs. Rick "Judah Killer" Jones next sunday.


BJH's gym should start fearing for "Judah Killer's safety.
Rick "Judah Killa" Jones
I got this nickname in the Amateurs when I knocked every Judah around my weight class. This Miguel Angel Cotto aint got no class or skill and it will show on Sunday. Your padded record will not help you at all. Im sure that Zab remembers back in the days in Brooklyn when I used to take his milk money. Im the reason he is so tough today....because I smacked that bitch around when he was a child. All the Judahs are put on notice.
Being the promoter of 9-3 140 pound prospect Junior Witter I know Miguel Angel Judah is for real and his punch is unbelievable. But Jones already has 3 more wins in his pocket and a tighter defense than Witter has, so I see the young Puerto Rican Judah losing here. But this fight is something that should be repeated sometime in the future.
Zab Judah:

"Yo Rick! Wassup man! I remember u from back in da day foo! You sure started yo career late...talking about padded records! LOOK WHOS talking foo! Motherfucka! I want my milk money! that was 5 dollaz every week that could have gone to fresh milk and chocolate cookies instead went to yo pockets fool! If miguel dont beat u u will have to come see big brother ZAB!!!! i dont play fool! im a straight gangsta!"
I told you there was a reason they call me the Judah killa. I had to take you to school to show you the ways.
Man I must have actually killed the Judah...he hasnt responded with shit.
If Rick Jones is REALLY the Judah killer...lets see him take on Jabdiel Judah laugh.gif
BJH...I'd be careful with Rick Jones if I were you...the original "Judah Killer" or "Judah Family Destroyer" as he was better known...was the late, great Carlos Maussa...

and guess what?...a JUDAH ended up killing HIM....the greatest Judah of all...Zab Judah.

Have Jones take the win and move on, my friend....because if you LIVE by The will surely DIE by The Judah.


I'll just say this.

There are 20-30 of Judah's relatives who never made it...

There was Zab Judah's son, who had his potentially great career ruined by Carlos Maussa.

There is Miguel Angel Judah who is coming up..

Jabdiel Judah a former champion..

Jimmy Jack Judah, undefeated contender.....

then there is ZAB!

Zab is the lord of the Judah's..and is a whole different ball game...WHEN he is focused that is.
I dont mind fighting other Judahs at or below my status until im status 18, then I would fight Jabdiel, Zab whover. I wanna kill as many Judahs as possible and take their milk money.
Jab Judah (12-9) (9) would like to fight Rick at 147!
What weight class does Jab Judah usually fight in?
Hes a natural welterweight.
Come Sunday Rick "Judah Killer" Jones (14-0) will take on Hermes Franca (13-7) now!

Franca was retired for a few weeks, but now hes back and hes got vicious knockout power. And look who he lost to ... Cotto, Collazo, Skye, Berto, these fights werent fair matchups. The only loss Franca suffered against a similar opponent was against Lucy Thai and he avenged that one for the Super Welterweight title, now hes at 140. Thats gonna be one hell of a fight!
Yep, should be a good one.
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