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Full Version: Moe from The Three Stooges...PUNISHING his best friends.
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No remorse at all...

I've been going through old Stooges' flicks on You Tube...CRYING's been a long time...

Moe was the epitome of devious and demeaning....and my personal favorite Stooge.

Fish Hookin' and Paint Brushin'.

So no Stooges fans?...I grew up on that...watched them and The Little Rascals everyday......wait...I forgot I'm older than most here....y'all were probably raised on Barney or The Wiggles..or some bullshit like

The kids shows in the '70s were the best....Mister Rogers....Captain Kangaroo...
Aww come on Fitz, don't be such a grump!


Yeah, I grew up with Mister Rodgers and Sesame Street...but I still saw the stooges on reruns.

I never really got the humor of them until more recently...those poorly timed foley sounds are freakin hilarious!


I blame it on the digital age, and a whole generation suffering from ADD.
QUOTE(Fitz @ Mar 8 2008, 09:20 AM) [snapback]381546[/snapback]
Don't take it personal that nobody replies. You post with a bunch of boring guys, lol. I too have posted some quality stuff and like get no replies. I pretty much have stopped posting anything good I come across here and just post them on other boards where it's appreciated, lol.


I hear ya....a bunch of antisocial fuckers on here...depriving themselves of quality banter and entertainment...

I rarely start new when I do, I make sure they're good....expecting action...but noooooo...people wanna shut me out...when I went out of my way to try and brighten their day...


Seriously though....there's really only a handful of us that have the balls to if that TOOK balls... dntknw.gif
Just seen the vid....hahahahaha...

Love the 3 stooges.
Bazooka Limon
I love the three stooges and Iggy Pop and The Stooges.
The want was there to like the Three Stooges after somewhere between elementary and junior high, but by senior high all the love I once had was gone. For me, it wasn't hard to let them go because they were just -- well -- too silly for me to enjoy. It was more like just plain goofiness, opposed to being humorous. After a point, there was just not the same appreciation that I could use for that as there was from me towards other ones, such as the Little Rascals, the Marx Brothers, or even Laurel and Hardy. When I think about it, they were just three grown men acting like idiots, without the benefit of as great the punchlines, background stories, and things we could laugh at because they were simply close enough to the craziness of our own lives -- things the other shows carried. Like Eddie Griffin's Sammy Davis Jr impression, or Jim Carey doing Fire Marshall Bill, the stuff from the Three Stooges gets old too fast; whereas even today, the other shows are still just a bit more fun.
I hear you because I strayed from them as well....but if you open your mind and forget responsibilty for a moment, I'm sure you will appreciate them again...

and I disagree about them being too silly....yes, sometimes they went too far....but the dialogues in their full shorts were often witty and very funny......I feel they were avant garde comedians whose humor has stood the test of Barry White...they got "Staying Power".
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