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Full Version: Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Jimmy Jack Judah
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Wednesday March 12, 2008 is a match up that shouldn't even be taking place!

Straight out of the Only Built 4 TOS Gym, TOS Trained, Virtually Undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. (22-1-0 12KOs) steps into the ring with 36 Chambers Of Death Fighter, The Undefeated Jimmy Jack Judah (26-0-0 21KOs)

Only Built 4 TOS and 36 Chambers Of Death have an agreement in place since the conception of the Only Built 4 TOS gym, to not match up superstar fighters from both gyms but that has been thrown out the window for this bout. No one knows why this bout has taken place, not even the promoters.

Who the hell is actually going to win this match up????

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Career Highlights :

W KO 12 Zab "Super" Judah - KO win over the HOFer.
L SD 12, W SD 12 "Sublime" Buddy Shine - reverses loss against the former world champion.
W MD 12 Buddy McGirt - win over the top contender.
W UD 12 Sigmund Kraab - solid win over the top contender.
W UD 12 Jesse Jane - solid win over the 3 division world champion.

-- --------

Jimmy Jack Judah Career Highlights :

W TKO 7 Carlos "El Apostle" Maussa - KO win over the HOFer now deceased.
W MD 12 Buddy McGirt - win over the top contender.
W KO 11 Sigmund Kraab - becomes the only other fighter to ever KO the top contender.


Who you got??
Let me just say that that wasnt the real Zab Judah in the Floyd fight.

Judah had to drain 5 pounds and washeavily into illegal substances that night...

In other words that fight was some BS. Judah would KO Floyd in a rematch anyday of the week
Thats why I only have a bum gym in addition to my real gym. I wouldnt know what to do with that one. But I guess thats what happens when you keep ducking everyone else at 140 unsure.gif
Floyd didn't duck anybody. He wanted to fight Muckles Reilly. Floyd is offended by you. laugh.gif
I hope Jimmy Jack at least gets a draw because I like these unbeaten records. But I think TOS and The Chambers see more potential in Floyd so if it wont be a draw, it will be a Floyd win!?
QUOTE(Floyd Mayweather Jr.)
This fight is gonna be easy work! I am the prettiest fighter of them all. Jimmy Jack Judah ain't no match for Money May! I knocked out a Judah before, in Hall Of Famer, Zab Judah. I'll knock out his southern cousin no damn problem. I'M PRETTY!

Mayweather-Jimmy to be ruled a No Contest?

A report has surfaced. Due to the hours long delay of fights, it seems the delay had something do with last minute negotiations between 36 Chambers Of Death and Only Built 4 TOS for the Jimmy Jack Judah and Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight. Apparently, Floyd Mayweather was called into a locked room with CyruS and Touch oF SleeP for hours on end. After exited the room, reporters confronted Mayweather and was asked what the meeting was about. Mayweather responded "If it makes dollars it makes sense!" moments later the big fight began and Mayweather Jr. refused to fight. Jimmy Jack Judah ended up with a shut out win and now the commission is looking to turn the fight into a no contest and fine Floyd Mayweather Jr., Jimmy Jack Judah, Touch oF SleeP & CyruS. Fight fixing is nothing to be proud about.
Jimmy Jack Judah and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are scheduled to fight again.... laugh.gif
The auto scheduler is really taking over this week biggrin.gif
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