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Full Version: Haye vs. Maccarinelli:Round by Round/Post Fight (Spoilers 8:15 CST)
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Jack 1000
Comment on this much anticipated Unification Cruiserweight World Title Match here! And follow all of the drama on our Round by Round Update Page here:

Coverage begins LIVE on Showtime at 8 PM CST with replays later on tonight. Please keep everything about the fight in this thread.



The Showtime guys are doing an unusually good job of hyping this up. I'm almost afraid to switch to HBO for the Diaz-Campbell fight at 8:30.
Haye was the better fighter and the result is no surprise really.
Don't worry about switching over... the fight is over!!!
Sorry double post
gods son

Byrd Man
So what happened? Haye by KO?

Is Warren on the unemployment line now, with the dudes from The Full Monty?
Haye TKO 2
Nice right hands from Haye-really looked CRISP in there. That right hand counter was a beauty. Don't know how well he'll do as a heavy though.....
I think he is too small. That was awesome what he did, but I really want Steve Cunningham to get his shot. I think it is kind of corney of him to dump the belts just when the division is getting really hot. If he's doing it because he can't make the weight anymore, that's cool, but if it's just to make bucks getting his block knocked off, then that's stupid.
Haye has great power and speed, but he needs to work on his defense or else he might get starched himself one day.
Expected an early KO from Haye....He's got very good speed, big power, and Enzo just lacked defense.

Cunningham is a better fighter then Enzo though.
Glad Haye got the job done.

I had a horrible feeling Enzo was going to catch him....glad I was wrong. Haye just looked different class. He hit Enzo with 3 or 4 BIG right hands in 5 minutes. For a world champion, Enzo shouldn't have been hit with them. Everyone knows the right hand is Hayes prime punch, so surely Enzo should've been expecting them? His retraction of the jab was a little sloppy when fighting a quick puncher like Haye.

Wonder how David will fair in the heavyweight division?

I just can't see his chin standing up to Peter and Wlad.....although his fast and slick enough to outbox and cause trouble. Plus, I'm sure he'll carry his power up to certain degree and he sure does bang.
Man, I give Haye a shot at any of the Heavyweights champs.

Peter and Maskaev looked pathetic.
I give Haye a chance at the heavyweights! (except Wlad) Last night was only the 2nd time I saw him fight and he has really good speed! I think he hits hard enough to sting some of those Heavyweights. That counter right hand he caught Enzo with in the Second round was awesome. When I saw that I was like "Jesus, what the heck just happen?" BUt He needs to work on his defense before he steps up!
GREAT right hands....."Detonating on his opponent's face." is the appropriate way to describe them...but look who he was fighting...

He'll make a little noise at Heavy....but I don't see him being a force there...
Enzo did catch him in the first round with a hook that shook Haye a little. However, Haye looked really impressive, and that right hand is a thing of beauty. I hope he doesn't move up to heavy, since it didn't work too well for Jirov. I know Haye and Jirov are in different categories, but still. I'd love to see Cunningham-Haye for the undisputed title. That would be an amazing fight, and a fight I think Cunningham would win.
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