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Full Version: Terrible day for my gym...some retirements...
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Montie lost..he is clearly past his prime.

Jones lost to a fighter he had no business losing to. Jones has that bad habit of not training and taking his opponents lightly..ala Abu-Husson fight.

And Judah lost because I forgot to give him a fight he threw 9 punchers per round and got outworked. laugh.gif

I think its time to retire the old fighters (except Judah) and focus on my new ones...

Basically my roster right now is:

Kimbo Slice (2-0-0)
Jojo (20-0-0)
Anakim Skywalker (13-0-0)
William Joppy (22-3-0)
Solid Snake (18-2-0)
Raiden (18-1-1)
Terry Norris (20-3-3)
Roy Jones Jr. (29-8-0)
Zab Judah (24-14-3)
Paulie Malignaggi (23-6-0)

Thats pretty much my roster right now....kind of crappy.
That aint a bad roster really but you definitely need some more fighters. I don't think Montiel should quit because he's still good and will still win titles and saying that Jones lost to a fighter he shouldn't have lost to is a disservice to Pipes.

Pipes ain't as good as he talks but he's not a bum.
I honestly retired alot of my guys because it's kind of hard managing all those fighters.

Those are the guys I'll be working on.

Montiel is done.

HOF thread for montiel
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