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Full Version: Now I did not expect this...
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Williams Joppy beats Mr. P4P himself, Travis Simms...

My gyms been on the down and this was a great victory for us. This was a pleasant surprise..

Joppy, a natural 147 pounder, was supposed to be a tune up for Simms rematch vs. Tony P....looks like Joppy just spoiled the plans.

Guess what, Zab has a 1st round KO over current JMW champ....Zab is such a legend laugh.gif


That is a great win and a really big upset vitory.

Finally Simms has been knocked off his perch as P4P no.1. laugh.gif
Who wouldve thought my man William Joppy would be the one to pull it off? Joppy rules!


Blayde has to be pissed. laugh.gif
You should complain about these judges robbing Simms again. Simms doesnt want any of these to ever score a fight with him again, but unfortunately these damn three judges score every fight that ever happens ...

Actually sources who claim they got infos from inside the Simms camp said Simms was thinking he might lose against Palomino and that he would end his career if that should happen. Eventually Palomino was lucky to get the draw and Simms had no more thoughts about retirement and now that biggrin.gif It can happen in a close fight, Simms wants to beat Joppy decisively in the rematch.
It's just hillarious that Zab KO'd Joppy in 1.

Blayde, you mind if we skip a week so Zab can move up to 154 and KO Joppy to become the undisputed 154 champion? laugh.gif
Lineal 154 pound champion is touch of sleep laugh.gif who is the first and last undisputed 154 lb. champion.

Impossible to become undisputed at 154.

But..... if Zab can win the 154 lb. title, does that make Zab a shoe in for 2008 comeback fighter of the year...... again?? laugh.gif
Well if Zab moves up and wins a first round KO over Joppy, he has to be inviestigated for corruption. Dont think thats a good idea. And TOS is no champion of anything.
TOS is your champion. He is everyone's champion.
QUOTE(BigJuicyHog @ Mar 16 2008, 12:40 PM) [snapback]382807[/snapback]
And TOS is no champion of anything.

For that unprovoked and totally uncalled for diss I suggest TOS comes back and whips on whoever BJH deems to be his best fighter!

Well actually Simms wants to get the title back from Joppy. So no, he wouldnt like Zab knocking out Joppy.
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