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Full Version: The Official Slanger Jr. - No Fear World Jr. Featherweight Championship Thread
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Sunday March 23, 2008 is another chance for a history making night in the Jr. Featherweight Division.

Former Featherweight World Champion and the reigning and defending 3-Time Jr. Featherweight Champion Of The World, CyruS "Slanger Jr." ViruS (26-12-1 25KOs) of Insanity International Gym makes the 2nd defense of his title against 4-Division World Champion (some fans would say 5-Division) the grizzled veteran CyruS "No Fear" ViruS (26-12-3 7KOs) of the 36 Chambers Of Death Gym.

Can No Fear finally make history against his former gym mate? Or will Slanger Jr. arguably pound for pound the biggest puncher of all time put a stop to No Fear's quest to make ultimate history?

Slanger Jr. Career Highlights :

L KO 2, W UD 12, W KO 11 Bong "Your Girl`s Baby`s Daddy" Dizon - avenges loss. Wins Jr. Featherweight title in the 2nd fight.
W KO 8, L KO 3, L KO 3, L KO 1 Jesse Jane - first man to knock out future 3 Division World Champion Jesse Jane.
W KO 10, L UD 12, W KO 5, W TKO 10 "Bandito De Culo" Ernesto Bonifacio - avenges loss of the 2nd fight. wins Jr. Featherweight title for the 3rd time in fight 3.
W KO 12, L UD 12, L KO 5 Simone Sin - first man to knock out undefeated Simone Sin, wins Jr. Featherweight title for the 2nd time.
W TKO 4 Ren N Stimpy - knocks out Jr. Featherweight Champion @ featherweight.

No Fear Career Highlights :

L UD 12, W UD 12, W MD 12 Bobby Pacquiao - avenges loss over the future world champion. wins strawweight title in 3rd fight.
W UD 12, L KO 9 Kieran "The Pikey" Conway - win over the future world champion
L KO 2, W KO 1 Andrei Sokolnikov - avenges loss over the former world champion
W UD 12 "Awesome" Awesome - wins Jr. flyweight title
W UD 12 Byung-Joo Lee - win over the undefeated contender
W UD 12, W UD 12 Thurman "The Mexican Assassin" Hayes - wins jr. bantamweight title
D 12, W MD 12, L MD 12, W UD 12 Frankie "The Brit" Skipton - avenges loss over the 4 division world champion
L UD 12, W UD 12 Kindred "Spirit" Cole - avenges loss and wins bantamweight title.
I think No Fear will finally do it this time. Slanger is a puncher but No Fear is pretty solid and has way more skills so I see him becoming the first ever 5 division champion via a unanimous decision.

However, he'll have to do it without the help of Frankie Skipton cos ever since the Brit went to help him train, his own career has gone down the pan!

No Fears getting knocked out in this fight I think..
QUOTE(Maxy @ Mar 17 2008, 02:46 PM) [snapback]382964[/snapback]
However, he'll have to do it without the help of Frankie Skipton cos ever since the Brit went to help him train, his own career has gone down the pan!



After this match up No Fear will help out with the training for Skipton.


It's the least he can do with all the help Skipton has given him. Thanks to Skipton's sparring, No Fear was a tremendous shape in his 3rd fight with Bonifacio where many thought No Fear had actually become 5-Division champ.

No Fear owes Skipton.
I think those losses to Mayweather might have damaged Skipton....lets put him in with Montiel in a HOFers past-their-prime matchup!
You settin' it off early, C...what is it..?...Monday?...laugh.gif

Lil' Slanger is on a violence spree and is very excited about this fight.....which is very bad news for No Fear.

I figure my boy will Slang and Bang for 11 and knock him out in the 12th.
Yeah, I figured we could hype the fight extra early, I mean history WILL be made an all..... laugh.gif

No Fear is going for it all sunday!

Skillz vs. pure power.

......... watch this shit end up like 115-112 No Fear, 115-112 Slanger, 114-113 Slanger...... laugh.gif.....

Yeah...maybe Chen will go our way for once...laugh.gif

but check this out...I just now had to guide Slanger off the podium in the press room...he was GOIN' OFF on No Fear, bro...snapped at ME too...I've never seen him like this...

He's ready to fight right now. I'll be working hard all week...teaching him how to focus on and channel all that anger and aggression into his performance.
No Fear when asked of Slanger's comments towards him at the preliminary press conference said "I don't know why Slanger is going off on me. I have shown nothing but respect to Slanger since our days at the 36 Chambers together. As always, I won't get into a war of words with anyone. I'll let the fights speak for itself. I am ready to go to make history, I am feeling good, I am simply ready. And..... if there is a chance for a knockout, I will take it."
Tough call because Slanger is just unpredictable. He can cause cuts and shut your eyes badly biggrin.gif But somehow I think No Fear will win this one.
No Fear makes history by becoming the first ever 5-Division world champion with a near shutout win over previous champion Slanger Jr.
Congratulations....BUT...Lil' Slanger will throw more punches next time....which means No Fear won't last 12.
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