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Full Version: The Official Running Man - Paul Malignaggi Lineal Jr. Welterweight Championship Thread
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Sunday, March 23 2008 is a major match up in the red hot and deep 140 pound division. (WORD!

A Top Pound For Pound Fighter(THAT'S RIGHT!), 2 Division World Champion(I LOVE GOLD), the reigning and defending Linear Jr. Welterweight Champion(THE REAL CHAMP! YOU BETTA RECOGNIZE!) CyruS "Running Man" ViruS (25-12-4 0KOs) (St. LOUUUIEEEE!!!!) defends his title (DA REAL BELT! YA HEARD!) against top 140 contender and Former Lineal Jr. Welterweight Champion Paul Malignaggi (23-7-0 8KOs) (FUCK MALIGNAGGI! ST.LOUUIEEEE STAND UP!)

Will Running Man who is riding a 8 fight win streak including a 4 straight victories over top 10 competition continue his streak? ( YEAH I WILL!) or will Malignaggi stop the streak and regain the lineal title? (HELL NAAAAHHH!!!

Running Man Career Highlights :

W MD 12, W SD 12, W UD 12, L TKO 6 Zab "Super" Judah - 3rd fight for the Jr. Welterweight Title. (THAT 4TH FIGHT WUZ BULL! BUT ZAB MY MAN THOUGH!)
W UD 12 "Terrible" Tariq Wheeler Jr. - defeats the #1 pound for pound fighter at the time to win the welterweight title (BIGGEST WIN OV MY CAREER! I WAS DA MAN! STILL AM!)
W UD 12 Garcia Marquez - solid win over top contender
L UD 12, W UD 12 "Sublime" Buddy Shine - got revenge on the former world champion (HE MY MAN AND ALL, BUT I WHIPPED HIM!)
D 12, W UD 12 Carlos "El Apostle" Maussa - solid win over the former world champion (R.I.P.!)
W UD 12 Buddy McGirt - solid win over the top contender. (YEAAAH BOOYYYY!)
W UD 12 Mike Taylor - to win the lineal Jr. welterweight title (Easy as 1-2-3! Easiest fight of my career! ST. LOOUUUUIEEEE STAND UP!)
W UD 12 Juan Miguel Cotto - solid win over top contender (EASY SON!)
D 12, L KO 11, W UD 12 Roland Navarette - gets revenge over the 2 division world champion & former #1 p4p fighter. ( I GOT REVEANNGEEEE!!! YEAAAHH BOOOYYYY!!!!!!!)


Paul Malignaggi :

W UD 12 Junior Do Prado - gives the first loss to future world champion Prado.
W SD 12 Von Kaiser - gives the first loss to Kaiser in a battle of prospects.
W UD 12 Smooth Eddie Chaplin - gives the first loss to future world champion Chaplin
W KO 6 Pavel "The Spy" Molotov - knockout win over the former world champion
W UD 12 Buddy McGirt - solid win over the top contender
W UD 12 "Sublime" Buddy Shine - solid win over the former world champion
W UD 12,L KO 5 Mike Taylor - wins the lineal jr. welterweight title in fight 1.
L KO 9, W UD 12, W UD 12 Sigmund Kraab - gets revenge over the long time top contender.
W UD 12 Roland Navarette - solid win over the 2 division world champion & former #1 p4p fighter.


Man these boys have some resumes.

W UD 12 "Sublime" Buddy Shine -

"Yo, yo, yo, ALL US BROOKLYN KIDS ARE REAL! Me and my mans Zab are the two best fighters at 140 back to back! Yo Running Man, I'm gonna beat your ass......not BK beatdown style....that's what Zab does...I'll give you a taste of the sweet science...I'm the Magic Man! BROOKLYN THIS IS FOR YOU!"
Running Man has definitely become P4P material lately. So Im picking him by decision. Its hardly a championship fight though ...
QUOTE(Running Man - 2 Division World Champion & Lineal Jr. Welterweight Champion)
There was no mo top contenders cuz errrrone was booked up. And due to da new promotional alliance, they want top fights. This was the available top fight fo me, DA REAL CHAMP! As far as you sayin it aint a championship fight, ITS DEEEEEEE Championship fight! Im da REAL CHAMP! NOT COLLAZO! ST. LOUUUUIEEEEEEE STAND UP!
You think youre anything because you beat Mike Taylor? Youre nothing, Running Man. Taylor vacated the real title, its that simple. When he fought you, there was NOTHING on the line. You cant be recognized as the number 1 forever without taking on the best. Youre fighting good contenders, but youre fighting these who are not good enough to earn a shot at the REAL title. The title I hold. Im the champion at 140 and Im also the best, the number 1.

"Yo Running Man, Brooklyn is giving me mad love! I'm gonna whoop your ass!"
QUOTE(Running Man - 2 Division Champ & Lineal Jr. Welterweight Champion)
Did Taylor ever lose his jr. welterweight title in the ring before he jumped to welterweight? NOPE. So while Cotto was fighting for the jr. welterweight title, Taylor was still technically da real champ cuz he never lost it. Until his ass came back down and I whipped him. So if I beat the man, that makes ME da MAN! IM DA REAL CHAMP! YOU JEALOUS! Ive been betta quality 140 lbers than YOU HAVE! YOU MAD!?
QUOTE(Running Man - 2 Division World Champ & Lineal Jr. Welterweight Champion)
"Brooklyn showing Paulie Malignaggi love before his big fight vs. Running Man!"

Several fighters from Team Judah and other Brooklyn gyms have all wished Paulie Malignaggi luck in his fight this sunday vs. veteran champion, cocky Cyrus "Running Man" Virus. Some comments..Apparently this fight is HUGE over at Brooklyn and it's almost as big as a Judah fight ohmy.gif

Terry Norris: "Bring it home Paulie!"
Jabdiel Jduah: "Do it for Brooklyn!"
Darth Maul: "Do it for Lord Judah"
JoJo: "We love you Paulie give it your best for Brooklyn!"
William Joppy: "Hey meng, we got your back. Get em' Paulie"
Juan Miguel Cotto "I wish Paulie luck. Running Man is no easy fighter to beat."
Kimbo: "Do it for the hood Paulie!"
Roy Jones Jr. "Lil' Paulies gonna do it! He's been waiting for this moment! Get em Paulie!"

Zab Judah gives his 2 cents:

"Y'all know Running Mans is my man..u knowmsayin? I consider Paul my italian lil brother..knmomwsayin...I just wanna see a good fight..Paulie got mad skillz..Running Man got mad skillz...but Running Man has dat experience knowmsayin..he been in there with Supa Judah 4 timez..knowmsayin...when u in with the fuckin TRUTH 4 timez...u gotta learn something..knowmsayin...i toghened da muhfucka up....Aint no one harder then me in BK a straight pick is DRAW knowmsayin...i aint kno....where my fuckin grill at..i aint even training for my fight knowmsayin ima hit the club....BROOKLYN stand up...knowmsayin.."
Dont forget Luis, he would love to support Paulie sitting in the first row, if he didnt have to take care of his own business for the real Junior Welterweight Championship.

Collazo: "As much as Id like to end Running Mans winning streak myself, Paulie has got all the tools to get that done. I see him getting a unanimous decision."
Poor little Paulie wants to get back at Cotto for all the times Cotto beat him up in sparring..Cotto even gave him a facial fracture once..


Man, who keeps choosing Running Man to win by KO? Is that you Cyrus? Running man has never won a fight by KO and it will probably never happen.
QUOTE(Running Man - 2 Division Champ & Lineal Jr. Welterweight Champion)
I'll show you, you'll see! angry2.gif
Paulie by DECISION!
The streak is over! Running Man gets knocked TKOed in 9 rounds by Malignaggi! Malignaggi has now regained the lineal championship.
Paulie is just a nice kid with a sweet heart..

Comments from gym:

Jojo: "OMG I love u Paulie!!!"
Jabdiel Judah: "I'm proud of you Paulie!"
Zab Judah: "das how we get down in BK yo!"

Paulie was simply hungrier then Running's Paulie's time now.
Jesus Christ...I didnt know Paulie had it in him. Check out this out.

Running Man can't remember which corner is his. He has his left eye swollen shut. He has his right eye swollen shut. He has bleeding below his left eye. He has a gash over his left eye.

Malignaggi doesn't need to rest.

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