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Full Version: The Barbarian Boetsch vs Matt Hamill
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Now i know Boetsch is relatively untested, and i dont want to make the same mistake i made with houston alexander. But i still think this will be a very interesting fight

Both guys have strong wrestling pedigree's, which may negate eachother and see this become a stand up battle early on. I think boetsch is the superior striker though, and i expect him to dish out punishment before hamill has enough and tries to make it a ground fight.

I havent seen the barbarians ground work yet, and this should be the litmus test for that aspect of his game. I want to go with boetsch, but hamill has more experience and is a strong competitor who should have got the nod vs Bisping. Its a tough call

I hope boetsch doesnt make the same mistake as the assasin alexander, and works hard on his jiu jitsu. A jiu jitsu fighter is the achilles heal of most wrestlers, and whilst hamill is not a JJ guy, boetsch will have to face one at some point.
I can't wait for this fight.

I would usually say on record that Hamill will win a fight, but this one is different. Boetsch looked like a beast in his short notice UFC debut. If he puts a whoopin' on Hamill, then this guy is going to be a huge force in MMA.
I'm a bit pissed its not a televised undercard match, from the looks of it. Hopefully someone in the main card gets laid out in the first round so we get to see it. Otherwise i will have to download it seperately.

Boetsch is bringing back the under utilized front kick. Better than a jab, a good kick in the guts really hurts and makes your opponent take a few steps back and think twice about coming forward.

"Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women"
Conan the Barbarian... LOL
Alexander is on the same card is he not? I quite like Alexander as he is vicious but gasses quickly.
He's on there, hopefully he has picked up some ground skills in the meantime. Look for whoever is facing him to try and take him down to the canvas early.

Would like to see his fight also, but again he is an undercard that may not get aired. Looking forward to this card, the line up looks good.
Funny, in one of the video's at Matt Hamill is talking about training while wearing a snorkel, or a nose clip to limit his breathing. Trying to simulate the oxygen deprivation you get training at altitude.

Thats something ive never hear of before
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