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Full Version: Revisiting Casamayor-Campbell
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The fight took place 5 years ago, and it was pretty good and competitive. It was a 10 round fight.

I had Campbell winning the first 3 rounds, but then Casamayor started to take over, solving Campbell's puzzle. Casamayor began to outland Campbell with quick, sharp shots throughout the fight. Nearly every round was close, but my scorecard read 7-3 for Casamayor at the end of the fight.

What were your thoughts, and how did you score it?
I had don't remember every single round nor did a write it down like I do now, but I had Campbell by 1 point(could have easily been Cassamyor or a draw) with Campbell banking much of the first part of the fight but Cassamyor coming on strong in the late rounds to rally but coming up short.

That fight always stuck with me about Campbell, that was his first title shot and had only been boxing a few years and he gave Cassamyor(who was in his prime) ALL he could handle for a good part of that fight and showed toughness, heart and desire..He never ran from Cassamyor either, he stood and fought it out, which probably benefitted Cassamyor's sharp accurate counterpunching style...That's how I recall the fight, I'd like to watch it again since it's been a while and my memory might be a little fuzzy..
I found it interesting that Casa totally dismissed Campbell tonight for a potential showdown. He wants to make big $$ is JC kidding himself? Very few people know who the eff he is. So he calls out Barrera, Morales, & Pac. lol

Gonna have to dig this bout again-but I had it closer than 7-3 going from memory.
Casamayor and Campbell have never respected each other.

Casamayor says no to a Campbell rematch now, but there might be more money in it than he thinks. That, and there might not be anyone else to fight.
I feel the fight will happen, I think campbell is going to piss Cassamyor off enough to get him to sign the fight..

Post Fight Conference. Campbell makes an appearance. Security removing him was kinda funny.

Campbell wants the fight badly. Casamayor should take it.
Tha Docta
QUOTE(Imperius3 @ Mar 24 2008, 07:08 PM) [snapback]383729[/snapback]

Post Fight Conference. Campbell makes an appearance. Security removing him was kinda funny.

Campbell wants the fight badly. Casamayor should take it.

this fight has to be made. who else is casamayor gonna fight? manny, barrera & morales fights are NEVER going to happen. nobody is clamoring to see casamayor against any of those guys. and at his age, casamayor is never going to be a big name in boxing where he can command those huge paydays. he has to keep grinding it out against tough guys and earn his money by getting alot of fights. hes not gonna cash in on one huge fight, i just dont see it happening for him.

ive never liked casamayor because i consider him one of the dirtiest fighters in the game. his style is also not too crowd pleasing, but the guy is tough as hell and is never an easy out for anyone.

i did like campbells hat though, he looked like a gangster straight out of the 20's
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