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Full Version: The Official Luis Collazo - Floyd Mayweather Jr. World Jr. Welterweight Championship Thread
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Sunday March 30, 2008. We get a double shot of Floyd Mayweather! He fights in the FHWeBL and at Wrestlemania against the Big Show laugh.gif laugh.gif

A Top Pound For Pound Fighter, Former 2-Time Welterweight World Champion and the reigning and defending Jr. Welterweight Champion Of The World, Luis Collazo (33-3-3 7KOs) puts his title on the line against an on probation for fight fixing, TOS trained, Top 140 lbs. contender, Floyd Mayweather Jr. (23-3-0 12KOs) actual record being (23-1-0-2NC 12KOs)

Will Collazo shut the loud mouth Mayweather up? Or Will Floyd Mayweather finally win the world title?

Luis Collazo Career Highlights :

W UD 12 Welter Skelter - solid win over the former world champion
W UD 12, W KO 12 Garcia Marquez - For the Welterweight Title
W KO 7 Malvador "Malvado" Manchez - solid win over the former world champion
W SD 12, L KO 12, W SD 12, D 12 Brittney Skye - wins over the former world champion. Regain the Welterweight Title for the 2nd time after losing by knockout.
W UD 12, W UD 12 Floyd Mayweather, Jr. - solid win over the former world champion
W UD 12 Zab "Super" Judah - solid win over the former world champion
W UD 12 Ronald Hearns - solid win over the future 2 division world champion
W MD 12 Maxy KoKaine - solid win over the contender
W UD 12 Jabdiel Judah - solid win over the 4 time world champion
W UD 12 Juan Miguel Cotto - solid win over the contender.
L UD 12, D 12, W KO 12, W UD 12 Miguel Cotto - avenges defeat to the legendary 2 division world champion.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. Career Highlights :

W KO 12 Zab "Super" Judah - KO win over the HOFer.
L SD 12, W SD 12 "Sublime" Buddy Shine - reverses loss against the former world champion.
W MD 12 Buddy McGirt - win over the top contender.
W UD 12 Sigmund Kraab - solid win over the top contender.
W UD 12 Jesse Jane - solid win over the 3 division world champion.
W UD 12 Roland Navarette - solid win over the 2 division world champion and former #1 p4p fighter.


Is Jimmy Jack Judah ducking a title shot until he gets a favorable matchup. The guy needs to do something already.
I guess with Malignaggi being called that lineal "champion" Cyrus wants Floyd Mayweather to fight for the real title and Jimmy Jack to become the lineal "champion".

It isnt too bad though ... the division is that stacked, I dont have a problem with a super champion and a regular champion. Because Ngoudjo is going after the Jimmy Jack/Malignaggi winner if Collazo stays champion aggressive.gif
No way, Malignaggi WILL fight Collazo WHEN he beats Jimmy Jack. Paulie's been waiting for that belt.
No problem, Malignaggi wants the REAL title and of course he will get his shot if he beats Jimmy.
Jimmy Jack isnt ducking his world title match with Collazo, I got it so we can build up to the first ever undisputed jr. welterweight championship match.

Winner of Collazo/Mayweather will face winner of Malignaggi/Jimmy

then again, if Mayweather AND Jimmy win, there cant be a match laugh.gif
Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins a controversial UD win to lift the jr. welterweight title from Luis Collazo.

Mayweather is now in line to face Malignaggi who just took the zero of Jimmy Jack Judah, for an undisputed Jr. Welterweight Championship Match.

Collazo and Jimmy Jack will fight each other to setup a the winner to face the winner of the undisputed title match.
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