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Full Version: The MSNBC UFC special
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Did anyone catch the Dana White lovefest the other night? I listened to the Rich Franklin section, but I couldn't stomach hearing any more about how Dana White was a poor Southy, and he brought UFC back from the dead. They did mention the two (loaded) brothers that really own UFC, but only to mention that Dana is thier longtime friend.

I wonder if he paid them to report what they said, or if they came to those "conclusions" on thier own?

I forgot all about it.

Sounds like it was extremely PRO-Dana White. Outside of that, how was the rest of it?
It could be broken down into a few parts:

Dana White on the UFC
Dana White on Dana White
The Franchiti Bros on Dana White/UFC
Rich Franklin
The Tapout "face" people (what a bunch of lucky pricks-get to train and live the fight life while getting paid)
Bob Myerowitz (who said he wasn't sorry he sold the UFC, yet I'm betting two minutes after the interview he started this new cage challenege league that Buffalo is moist over)
and The Randy Cocture saga. Dana claims Randy was his best friend. Hmmm, didn't he say that about Tito?

Was it good? If you watch UFC and know it's history-not really. If you just started watching it with Spike's TUF show-yeah it makes you want to buy stock.

Is Tapout a publicly traded company? if so, I want in.
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