Unimpressed with turnout for the Jones chat...there were only like 10 people in there. The good news is that I got to ask multiple questions though. LOL.

Anyway, here's what you missed...

QUESTION: Hey Roy, I've read that you're currently in negotiations for a possible fight with Anderson Silva. Is that true and if so, are you currently negotiating with the UFC or is it strictly just talks with Silva's manager Ed Soares? How close is that fight to becoming a reality?

JONES JR: It's more than just talk. We're trying to talk to the UFC first and see if we can do it. I thought it was a brilliant idea for him to challenge me. With Floyd going into the wrestling ring, that's a big event so me and him is more of an event because they could make more money in my arena. I don't take it as disrespect. I just take it as a guy wanting to see how good he could do against a world class boxer.

QUESTION: RJ what style adjustments have you made following the 3 back 2 back loses and what round do you KO Silva in? Thanks champ.

JONES JR: I made adjustments in that. I had to go back to being myself. I had to go back to being an entertainer. I don't know what round I would knock him out in. I know it would be an entertaining fight, but I know I would get to himn eventually.

QUESTION: Roy when your training for your upcoming fights, is weight training a big factor if so, when lifting weights what style do you go for, heavy weights and low reps or lighter weights and higher reps? thanks man your by far the best fighter of my generation long may you reign.

JONES JR: When I did do it, it was lower weights and higher reps. It's not a normal part of my training though.

QUESTION: Roy how bad wasyour bicep injury during the Trinidad fight and will it effect your training for your next fight?

JONES JR: It was pretty bad during the fight because it just happened. It's feeling good now because it's healed. I don't think it'll affect my upcoming fight. It was just so fresh when it happened and that's what made it so hard for me.

QUESTION: Roy, welcome to the chatroom. Great to see you in here with us. Iíve been a fan of yours since I was in high school in the mid 90s. You obviously have an interest in a fight with Anderson Silva in the UFC. In boxing, we got the Showtime light heavyweight tournament coming up. We got Hopkins/Calzaghe. Youíve mounted a nice little winning streak since the third Tarver fight. Having progressed nicely since then, what are your goals for the remainder of this year into let's say mid 2009? God bless!

JONES JR: My main goal is to first fight Silva, then move on to fight the winner of the Hopkins-Calzaghe fight. If it's Calzaghe, I could make the fight. If it's Hopkins, he don't really want to fight me. And then maybe I'll fight the winner of the Showtime light heavyweight tournament next year. I also heard Danny Green gave up his title and I might be in the running for that right now too.

QUESTION: After you are finished boxing do you think you will become a trainer? Would you change your style to face Silva? You are the best fighter ever, period...

JONES JR: Thanks a lot man. I wouldn't change my style for him one bit. I would probably become a trainer. I'm already doing part-time training now.

QUESTION: Thanks for being here with us Roy --- I know you have Andre Ward under your wing a little bit what kind of advice are you giving him and what advice would you give to a young boxer in general

ROY JONES JR : Andre Ward, he's kind of hard to give good advice to because I don't want people to think I'm overstepping my boundaries. I give him any advice he asks me, but he's working with Goossen. I would tell the young fighters to build their foundation at home and then move outward.

QUESTION: you seemed to box really well against trinidad but you couldn't assert your power.. on tv it seemed like trinidad was a bit stronger than any of us expected... based on that it seems like Kelly Pavlik would be a little too much to handle... what do you think?

JONES JR: If you look at Pavlik, the whole city is behind him. It would be very fitting for him to fight in Ohio if he would. With Bob Arum, I don't know if he'd do it because he could get more money fighting in Vegas or the Duddy's in the Garden. Nobody is too much to handle for Roy Jones Jr at 168. My left bicep was torn and that's the only reason I didn't stop him. I dropped him twice so I know I asserted my power. Tito did look better than he had looked in a long time, but that's why he challenged a fighter like me because he knew he had to bring his super a game and he did.

QUESTION: What happened with the Taylor fight, why isn't it on the radar anymore?

JONES JR: Taylor was on the radar and I was trying to fight him. He wouldn't take the fight and he chose to fight somebody else.

QUESTION: Roy!!! Mando here. I am a big fan big fan, the first fight I saw was you and J Toney.. Hell of a fight me and my dad saw you HBO Main Event, even though I heard of you before the fight, I was hooked on seeing you, well my question is, I saw you fight Tito and then I youtube your toney fight, My questions is when you were in the ring facing tito how does it differ when you were looking a Toney? as far as what were you thinking (plan of attack, etc.)

JONES JR: James was a bigger man. Against Tito, I was the bigger man. James has a sneakier style. With Tito, I could see everything coming.

QUESTION: How do you fuction through pressure and fear, when you want to tell yourself to stop

JONES JR: I don't worry about fear. When I see pressure, I want to turn it up harder. Pressure is something I attack. That's why I don't walk on tall buildings. I know if I jump, I'm going to die and I don't like to be afraid of nothing. I attack my fears.

QUESTION: Roy, in a prior interview, you said you didn't even know Silva's first name. Have you ever seen footage on Silva before? If not, why would you be willing to fight him and if so, how do you plan on dealing with his height, his reach and the fact that he's a southpaw?

JONES JR: I've seen him now. I didn't know him at first, but I did research to know who he was. The way I'm feeling, it don't matter who he is and what they bringing.

QUESTION: roy who do u think wins with hopkins v calzaghe?i think calzaghe every day of the week and twice on sunday as g leon says,i think he knocks you out too my man,

JONES JR: I like Calzaghe for the work rate, but he's got to be really careful because Golden Boy is promoting the fight and if it goes to the cards, anything can happen. But Hopkins is smart now and he's good at exposing guys weaknesses. That's why he don't want to fight me because he knows I ain't got many. I don't like to go out and pick fights. I think Zab and Shane is interesting. Floyd-Cotto, same thing. Woods-Tarver will depend on which Woods shows up. If Woods shows up like I know he can, he's going to beat Tarver. Tarver's only chance will be to knock him out. I like Margarito's style over Cintron. I know he learned a lot since the first fight, but I like Margarito's style.

QUESTION: do you think dawson will win against johnson and how would a fight between you and dawson play out? personally i think you would destroy him.

JONES JR: It would be a big, huge, wonderful fight. I think he'll outbox Johnson, but he better be careful because Johnson won't stop coming and I don't know if he's seen that kind of fighter before.