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Full Version: Mikkel Kessler pulls out of Mirand fight
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Byrd Man
*waiting for someone to be surprised*

*still waiting*

A May 24 super middleweight showdown between former unified titleholder Mikkel Kessler and brash puncher Edison Miranda imploded Tuesday when Kessler withdrew from the fight.

Miranda promoter Leon Margules of Seminole Warriors Boxing and promoter Lou DiBella, who brokered the deal on behalf of Kessler's Danish promoter Mogens Palle, both were at a loss to explain why Kessler pulled out of a fight that Showtime had already announced on its Web site.

The sides agreed to a deal March 14 and were finalizing the paperwork when, according to Margules, Kessler agent Michael Marley informed Showtime on Tuesday that the fight was off.

"I have no idea why he pulled out. He must be afraid to fight Miranda," Margules told "We gave them everything they asked for. Showtime gave them everything they asked for."

Margules said Showtime, which agreed to pay $1 million for the fight and beat HBO's offer, wanted the fight so badly that it even agreed to change the date of its "Showtime Championship Boxing" telecast from May 10 to May 24 to accommodate Kessler, who felt he needed additional time to train.

"The Kessler people haven't given me an explanation," Margules said. "They're acting like we're [messing]with them. I'm outraged. If their explanation is that we didn't meet their deal points, I have their points in writing. Everything was in the contract that they asked for. They wanted it to be a 10-round fight. We gave them that because they wouldn't even discuss a 12-rounder. They insisted on all sorts of things and we gave them everything."

Among other concessions given to Kessler: The bout would not take place on Native American property or in Florida. Seminole Warriors Boxing is a Native American-operated promotional company based in Hollywood, Fla.

Also, Kessler was to be paid 400,000 Euros (approximately $600,000 U.S.) and Palle would retain lucrative television rights in Scandinavia, Germany and other territories.

"They took the fight and then they backed out," Margules said. "We had a deal in writing, and although it was not signed yet, we all said, 'We have a deal.' Showtime even had the fight on its Web site. Everything was worked out and my fighter was in camp. And then, no fight."

Margules said Marley didn't even bother to call him and that he found out from Showtime that the fight was off.

DiBella was also disgusted with Kessler and his team.

"I was dealing with Mogens Palle and Mike Marley. I should have expected no less," DiBella said. "I found this fight for Kessler at the request of Mogens and I spent a lot of time working on it. We sent them a contract reflecting everything they asked for. But then Mike wouldn't take my calls for a week and Mogens has been ill. No one ever came back with comments on the contract and then Mike called [Showtime's] Ken Hershman directly and blamed me, saying the contract didn't reflect the deal. Then Ken asked him why they never came back with comments on the contract and Mike changed his tune and said that Kessler had some other opportunity for a world title fight. Which is it?

"The way in which this was handled is preposterous. If they didn't want the fight, just say so. I made an unbelievable deal for the Kessler side but they are too stupid to see it."

Marley didn't return a telephone message or e-mail from seeking comment.

Miranda, who is 2-0 since moving up to super middleweight in the wake of his May 2007 middleweight title elimination loss to Kelly Pavlik, who would go on to win the title, wasn't all that surprised that Kessler withdrew.

The trash-talking Miranda had goaded Kessler into the accepting the fight in the first place.

"I didn't get my hopes up because I know Kessler is afraid of me," Miranda said. "We gave him everything he wanted to make this fight and he still wouldn't take it. In fact, the only thing we didn't give him is the opportunity to tie my hands around my back while we fought. But at this point I'm willing to even give him that because I know if I yelled 'boo' at him in the ring he'd turn and run. I said it before and I'll say it again -- he should be ashamed to call himself a 'Viking Warrior.'"

Kessler (39-1, 29 KOs), of Denmark, hasn't fought since losing his two belts via lopsided decision to Joe Calzaghe in a Nov. 3 unification fight.

Miranda (30-2, 26 KOs), of Colombia, is one of the biggest punchers in the 168-pound division. Both of his losses came at middleweight, a controversial decision in Germany to Arthur Abraham in a 2006 title bout and the loss to Pavlik.

Showtime has not decided what it will do about its May card.
Tha Docta
i got the feeling right from the start that kessler wasnt really interested in this fight. thought he was kinda pressured into it. but i dont understand why. after seeing what pavlik did to him, and knowing that showtime is putting up good money, why back out??

something tells me that he sees something in miranda that he just doesnt like.
Looks like Kessler may fight Garay for Greens WBA Light Heavyweight Championship ...

Man, how great would a knockout win over Miranda on Showtime been for Kessler ... Somehow Miranda is way more interesting than Garay for US TV, so thats just a bad choice by Kessler if its true.
Byrd Man
Miranda is calling out Lucian Bute now. I think Kessler should get fined and suspended if there's no legit reason for backing out.
Miranda's freakish power would have anyone worried.

Kessler on paper looked like an easy pick but you never know.
Kessler has a lot to learn, and he knows it...he's a B fighter...if he wants to be a champ again soon, he can't risk losing to the equally overrated, yet dangerous, Miranda...all it takes is one of those bomb right hands...I think Kessler is being cowardly/shrewd in my opinion....
Actually that makes a little sense, if he does fight for the WBA title. If nobody heard, Danny Green retired from boxing 2 days ago. He was the WBA champion at light heavy weight. If he is gunning for that title, it doesn't surprise me.
Fight Miranda in a 10 rounder or fight for a WBA title?
Also that would mean he would have to move up to light heavy.
QUOTE(Fitz @ Mar 27 2008, 03:08 AM) [snapback]383996[/snapback]
Fight Miranda in a 10 rounder or fight for a WBA title?

Id say fight Miranda because you got your US TV exposure guaranteed.
QUOTE(piper the great @ Mar 26 2008, 06:12 PM) [snapback]383944[/snapback]
sound like some hoe shit to me.

At least we some people around here that will call it for what it is....
U.S. Champ
QUOTE(kidbazooka1 @ Mar 26 2008, 06:05 PM) [snapback]383969[/snapback]
Miranda's freakish power would have anyone worried.

Kessler on paper looked like an easy pick but you never know.

Good point, could Kessler avoid that right hand for 10 rounds I don't think so
I think kessler would beat Mioranda and would honestly rather see him fight Pantera..Who the hell is Garay?
Hmmm.... A title shot or a 10 rounder???

Seems like a no brainer, and considering that he was going to fight miranda until something better came along i can't see how people can whinge that he's a bitch
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Mar 28 2008, 03:35 AM) [snapback]384069[/snapback]
I think kessler would beat Mioranda and would honestly rather see him fight Pantera..Who the hell is Garay?

Not sure exactly who he is. But he was Danny Green's mandatory for the WBA title. Green was supposed to fight him in about 3 weeks time, but Green retired from boxing early this week. So I suppose if it is true, that Kessler will fight him. Kessler ditched the fight, moving up to 175 and perhaps try get a fight for the vacant WBA title.
Miranda isn't as good as his promoters want everyone to think he is. Kessler will make good money fighting in Austrailia and beating Mundine again and regaining a title. He's really an international draw and has made a lot of money without having to fight on TV. Plus now Miranda's getting a rematch with Abraham, a better fight for him.
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