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Full Version: Winky Wright Chat Transcript - March 26
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What do you know...Winky's a bigger draw than Roy...20 peeps showed up.


Anyway, here's what went down...

WRIGHT: What's good Boxingtalk!

QUESTION: I understand that Pavlik may be interested in fighting you later, who would you take in between. any tuneup, or would you wait for a huge fight?

WRIGHT: Whoever would make the biggest dollars would make the most sense. Bob Arum ain't never gonna let Pavlik in there. He knows.

QUESTION: Winky will you consider a tune-up fight if nothing big turns up by then of the Summer? HOw about roy at 175

WRIGHT: I ain't really trying to fight at 168. If Miranda wanted to do something at 160 and HBO wanted it, cool. Arum don't want to make the fight because he knows I'll win. Golden Boy and me offered $4M to fight him in his backyard and his father Bob said no. What I gotta do to get him in there? Me and Roy ain't never going to fight.

QUESTION: Hey Winky, I know you wanted to fight Pavlik, but I think myself, as well as a lot of other fans, would enjoy you fighting Roy Jones Jr. even more. It sounds like an even bigger fight than a fight with Pavlik. You both hold wins over're both from makes the biggest dollars so doesn't it make the most sense? A lot of other fighters don't mind fighting their friends if the money is good so why not fight Roy? You both need a fight, you're both looking for a big name, you both just did chats on here...why not give the fans a mega-fight and face Jones? Also, Miranda is looking for an opponent now...why not fight him?

WRIGHT: Like I said, I'd fight Miranda at 160 if HBO waned it.

QUESTION: Do you think you will hang it up if none of the big names don't fight? Don't leave the game needs you.

WRIGHT: That could be what happens. I want to make the biggest and best fights for ya'll, but Pavlik's father Bob doesn't want to make the fight. I was trying to fight Oscar, he went the other way. I ain't trying to leave, but if they don't step up to the plate and fight, I ain't going to have no other choice.

QUESTION: hey so without a pavlik fight what who do you want to see

WRIGHT: Oscar, Floyd, Sturm, the other champion from out there, Pavlik, the best out there. You know the names.

QUESTION: Hello Winky Wright, How do you feel when Bob Arums and Pavilk ran away from you? I will like to know when will you come back to fight? Who do you want to fight next? Thanks Mr. Winky Wright from East L.A.

WRIGHT: I don't have an exact date yet, sometime in the summer. They ain't doing what's right for boxing. Everyone knows that me and him makes the most dollars at middleweight and Arum is trying to make easy money for himself instead of real fights for the fans. I ain't trying to take no tune ups. They've offered me tune-up fights before and I ain't trying to hear it. I need fights that get me motivated. If my opponent doesn't demand my respect, ain't no point in me fighting him.

QUESTION: What's up Wink? 1st question is - Did you think some shady business was going on with Golden Boy when that referee never took points away from Hopkins for fighting you SO DIRTY? Regardless, I still had you winning that fight by two points man. 2nd Question - Do you now regret moving up to 170 for that fight because it seemed as if extra weight did affect your agility and stamina somewhat. Thanks bro and good luck getting Pavlick to step up to the plate.

WRIGHT: I still don't think I lost that fight either, so thank you. I don't regret nothing that I've done. Everything happens for a reason and I've learned a lot from my experiences in the game.

QUESTION: Winky, I've been a fan of yours for a while, props for taking time out to chat with your fans mayne. Aside from all the talk of your next fight, who are some of your favorite fighters to watch today, and why?

WRIGHT: Pacquiao, Marquez, them little guys that fought on Showtime, Vazquez and Marquez. Roy, James Toney; there's a whole bunch.

QUESTION: Winky, what's up with Winky Promotions? When are you guys going to run your first card? When are you going to be taking applications for your Events Manager position? I got that on lock. Do you ultimatley hold the key to beating Floyd becauase your jab is so good?

WRIGHT: Right now we're looking to lock in my next move. We've been keeping our fighters busy on other shows, but once I'm done with this boxing game, which will be soon, I'm going to focus all of my time to my promotional company. Floyd don't want nothing to do with me and he never has.

QUESTION: winky if not pavlik, or one of the big names you mentioned earlier there must be a second list of fighter you would take on... who is your next realistic fight, and you need tune-ups if these fighters dont wanna fight you? you got to stay busy to keep sharp. second i picked you to beat hopkins, and i thought you pulled it out... if he stays in the game what are the chances of a rematch? and 3rd... what is your thoughts on chris henry?... he's a southeast texas boy!!! 4th who is your pick on mosely judah?

WRIGHT: That's a question for Bernard. I ain't got no problem fighting him again and he knows that. I don't think it'll happen though. He knows what he was in there with that night. It's going to be a great fight with a lot of excitement, it's too tough to call. It could go either way, it depends on which Zab shows up.

QUESTION: Why is Ms. De La Hoya so affraid to fight you? And why is she concidered a great fighter when she's LOST ALL of her big fights? She's 38-5, 5 big fights and she's LOST them All! Is her legacy going to be built on the fact that she fought everybody regardless of the fact that she still LOST? Winky stay at 154 you are unbeatableat that weight. Daniel Telley Colorado Springs, CO my Bible of boxing.

WRIGHT: Thanks for your support homie. I can't make 154 no more, no way.

QUESTION: I guarentee you HBO would want you and Miranda SO MAKE IT HAPPEN. Anyway, Winky how about fighting your boy Vernon Forrest? 2 big names looking for somebody with a name to fight. When Vernon gets done destroying Mora Why not?

WRIGHT: Vernon and me are people. That's why we ain't fight after he beat Quartey. If there's enough money in the fight, anything can happen, but I don't think it's a fight that either of us is trying to make.

QUESTION: Winky, my lil girl and i are HUGE fans of urs...although u beat the hell out of my all time fave, Tito Trinidad!! when can we expect 2 see u in thering again, and against who?? also, we would LOVE 2 see what bhop can do against u at 160. 4get that "catch weight" mess!! i think u'd whoop his tail at 160. sorry 4 the repetitiveness, but they asked the same question i was going 2 ask,and i didnt have time 2 think of another. lol... and GOOD LUCK, Wink!!

WRIGHT: I would have loved to fight him at 160 when he was the middleweight champion, but I don't think Bernard will ever fight that low again.

QUESTION: winky when did you come to puerto rico again? did you eat "alcapurias" with tito? if miguel cotto move in weight class to 160 did you fight him?

WRIGHT: What are those? If Cotto made it to middleweight and I was still around, I'd fight him. But his father Bob will treat him like Pavlik and not let him anywhere near me.

QUESTION: Thanks for taking quetions Winky. You were Hopkins last opponent... how does he do against Calzaghe? Would you consider Mayorga as an oppenent at 160 or 168? What's the lowest price you'll fight for these days?

WRIGHT: It's going to be a tough fight for both guys. Joe throws a lot of shots and Bernard is very tricky. Mayorga would be an opponent for 160, but I don't think Don King is interested in doing any more business with me after what happened with Tito.

QUESTION: You have probably the best boxing technique out there right now. But I am sorry, but your fights are not entretaining. Would you consider changing your defensive style (Kind of what Juan Manuel Marquez did) to a more fan appealing (aggresive) style in order to get that big fight you want?

WRIGHT: I ain't trying to hear that. I'd like to know what fights you're watching. I don't take no backwards steps and I'm throwing punches. I just win most of my fights without any trouble so it looks one sided, but that's not my fault.

QUESTION: Winky who do you think you should fight now since Pavlik is not going to fight you

WRIGHT: I think I should fight whoever HBO is willing to pay the most money for.

QUESTION: winky big fan love your fights.. what was the reason behind the kessler fight not happening??? when we getting your clothing line??

WRIGHT: Your boy is fresh out of sinus surgery just for my boy G. Leon and my boxing fans on Boxingtalk and I've been telling Greg to get me back in so I'm happy to be here talking with you guys. We'll see what they're trying to do now that his fight with Miranda fell apart.

QUESTION: Who's going to win Hopkins-Calzaghe? You should fight Roy Jones, I think you could beat him. All the best Winky!

WRIGHT: Thanks for the support, like I said, me and Roy ain't never going to fight. He's done a lot for my career and I don't think he's considering me as an option either. Thanks for having me on. I'll be back soon, hopefully with an opponent to talk to y'all about.

That was it. Winky contradicts himself and continues to be a "chooser" even though he's really a "beggar". Basically, Winky says he's willing to fight a rematch with Bernard Hopkins above 160, but he's not willing to fight Edison Miranda above 160? He's waiting to see what super middleweight Kessler might do now that he pulled out of his fight with Miranda, but again, he'll only fight Miranda at 160. Despite the fact that he and Vernon Forrest are "people", he might be willing to fight him if the money is right (although neither guy is really looking to fight each other), but he'll never fight Roy Jones Jr. He still wants the fight with Oscar. A lot of crying over spilled milk about Arum and Pavlik, even though he won't get the fight no matter how much crying he does. Really sad to see Winky going this route. He needs to just fight whoever he can get in the ring.

So anyway I was wondering who ya'll think he should fight. Obviously he won't get Pavlik, so who else do you think he should fight. I think Miranda or Kessler make the most sense (at 168 that is), but a fight with Jones is the only big fight that I think is PPV worthy. Besides, both of those are begging for fights right now so why not?
I guess all of the good questions left when those damn monkeys left the site?
Miranda or Taylor at 168...Lorenzo or Abraham at 160.
Byrd Man
QUESTION: Why is Ms. De La Hoya so affraid to fight you? And why is she concidered a great fighter when she's LOST ALL of her big fights? She's 38-5, 5 big fights and she's LOST them All! Is her legacy going to be built on the fact that she fought everybody regardless of the fact that she still LOST? Winky stay at 154 you are unbeatableat that weight. Daniel Telley Colorado Springs, CO my Bible of boxing.

WRIGHT: Thanks for your support homie. I can't make 154 no more, no way.

Winky showed his class right there. Some dude comes in with that bullshit question, and tries to get him to say something, and Winky just keeps moving.

Winky's too classy to fall for these little bitches.
QUOTE(JD @ Mar 26 2008, 07:05 PM) [snapback]383987[/snapback]
Miranda or Taylor at 168...Lorenzo or Abraham at 160.

In my opinion,

Taylor KO's Miranda at 68'. Abraham destroys Lorenzo at 60.

QUOTE(CreDog @ Mar 27 2008, 11:59 AM) [snapback]384050[/snapback]
In my opinion,

Taylor KO's Miranda at 68'. Abraham destroys Lorenzo at 60.

LOL...I meant that those were two options at each weight for Winky.

Taylor - Miranda at 168 is a tough call, though I lean toward Taylor because Miranda's chin is a question mark to me. Abraham over Lorenzo at 160 all day...I like Arthur Abraham a lot.
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