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Byrd Man
note: I brought this up in the Hype Q&A thread, and figured I didn't want it to get lost in there, and forgotten about, so I wanted to create a new thread and include all the conversation pertaining to this idea. Feel free to weigh in and give your opinions on this. I personally think this would be a great way to share and build up our fight collections.

what about starting up a TRADING thing on here.

People can trade dvds through the mail. No charging, just straight trades, or B+P's (send blanks and postage).

And we can have a thread where the inevitable bad traders names will go, and people will know not to trade with them.

that would be easier than setting up a torrent system or taking hours to upload files, only to have them reported.

I'm on a site called and there people trade bootlegs of concerts (audio and video).

If anyone is on that site by the way, let me know and I'll hit you with my username and we can look at each other's lists.

What ya say Hype?

edit: we can have a separate sub-forum set up JUST for that. Have one where people can post up what they have, and then one where everyone can chat with each other about what fights they want, and what they have to trade.

QUOTE(thehype @ Mar 26 2008, 04:21 PM) [snapback]383902[/snapback]
Actually...that's not a bad idea. I'd like to get Jack's input on the subject.

QUOTE(Jack 1000 @ Mar 26 2008, 06:15 PM) [snapback]383949[/snapback]
I think it could be something we might look at. But it would really have to be a separate form that we could screen to keep out the infomercial solicitors and Viagra ads, shit! We have been getting more of those than usual. Keep it boxing and MMA only.

That would be a cool idea. The only thing is, I read one of the things above with regard to keeping track of a "bad trader." You don't want to do that on an open forum! That leads to spaming and trolling. And we should have a disclaimer that Fighthype as our company assumes no responsibility or liability for trades that may not work out. Something happens in a trade between the parties, one believes he got gypped, and comes to the board to flame the person, even if something happened unintentionally. That would be the only thing that I wouldn't want to happen.

To guide against something like that, we should make the trade forum PRIVATE where the long-time members of the community know the Fight Hype family where trust has long been established and maintained.


QUOTE(Byrd Man @ Mar 26 2008, 06:20 PM) [snapback]383952[/snapback]
Well the bad trader thing would be maintained by a moderator or admin. The situation can be mediated between the two parties and if one doesn't respond, or is proven to have tried to fuck over another trader, than the Admin can add their name to a locked thread that lists bad traders.
You could make that section private, and everyone who applies to have access to that section has to agree to a sort of T.O.S. that states that you realize that you're doing this on the honor system, and that it's possible that the other person could possibly screw you over. And there should be someone set up that will volunteer to mediate between the two parties. Any taking it to the forums to flame them or anything, will get them kicked out of the forum after a single warning.

Do it like the other sites that have that (not necessarily boxing sites, just trader sites) and if someone proposes a trade, THAT person has to send the dvds off first. Once the other person gets the dvds, then you can ship out their dvds.

Maybe have each person who's sending the dvds out chip in an extra buck or so when shipping so they get the confirmation thing, where it has it stated that the person signed for the DVDS so they dont' say "well they must have gotten lost in the mail."

also to add to that, if any member is found to be trying to get people to PAY for fights, should automatically be kicked out of that forum and banned from that section for good.

That's a good idea, but it really doesn't bother me, as it would be too much of a headache to trade tapes overseas with someone. I have traded some fights with Stevenski before, as he is down in Australia as well and makes things easier.
Byrd Man
I've traded tapes (music/dvds) overseas before. Only problem for me is it sometimes takes longer to get them back, and you have to go to the post office to send them off.

Don't know about what it's like in Australia though.
Byrd Man
anyone else have any thoughts on how we could do this?
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