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Full Version: Campbell/Casamayor Chat Transcript - March 27th
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Well, if you missed the Boxingtalk Nate Campbell chat, here's what went down. Just a lot of talk about I want to fight this person for a big payday, I want to fight that person for a big payday. Not much of note, but again, I got to ask a couple of question which was pretty cool. Casamayor is supposed to be coming in next, but we're all still waiting for him. You guys should jump in. It's pretty dead in there and I'm sure some of the guys over here can come up with better questions.

QUESTION: Yo Nate...Valero just got his license in texas...are u willing to fight a risky fight??

CAMPBELL: Risky? I don't think he's a risky fight at all. He's never beat nobody. He's a 130 pounder. He's fought very safe opponents and I don't feel it's a risky fight at all.

QUESTION: What up Nate much love, I love your style of boxing. Talk about your future a little. After you dust up Casamayor do you plan on fighting PacMan. I want you to move up to fight Hatton.

CAMPBELL: I feel like fighting....yeah. Thank you very much. I really want to fight Casamayor next and Pacquiao is definitely in the future if he wants the fight. I'm willing to fight the very best fighters out there. If Pacquiao comes to 135 and is successful, I'd love to make the fight. I only want to fight the best.

QUESTION: If you go to the other sites you will see that Juse has stood by you the whole remind me of smaller hopkins being you had to learn your craft on you own...I just wnat to give you credit for winning me some money .

CAMPBELL: Thank you. I think I'm just a regular sized Nate Campbell, but I do thank you for the compliment. Go to a real nice restaurant with your girl on me.

QUESTION: Congratulations Nate on your career-defining win. Hypothetically speaking, if Casamayor chooses to fight someone else, who else is on your immediate radar? Will the Pacquiao/Diaz winner be next in line for full unification?

CAMPBELL: Yes it would be. It would be something that would be really nice to do, fight the winner and have all of the belts. Fighting Casamayor is the only fight in the division right now. To fight the winner of Pacquiao-Diaz would be a great fight.

QUESTION: Nate, It's your buddy Jay from Ft. Lauderdale. Remember what i told you to say to Casamayor when you park him (if you two fight)! Get his floaties ready for him. Always best of luck champ!!

CAMPBELL: It'll be a long float home. Thank you, I did remember.

QUESTION: How do you think you would fare versus Ricardo Torres in his hometown of Colombia? I seen him fight Cotto and Kendall Holt and he looks pretty tough.I think that would be a good match up for the boxing fans. Congratulations.

CAMPBELL: Why would I have to fight him in his hometown? Why couldn't he come to the States? I feel as though Kendall Holt was winning the fight and why would I go over there and have to worry about getting hit in the head with a bottle during a boxing match. But we could fight somewhere neutral like Mexico.

QUESTION: Nate, congrats on your win. I knew Baby Bull was suspect, and you fought the perfect fight to beat him. What are your thoughts on the pac vs diaz fight, who you think will come out ahead? I'm from the Chi and think that diaz is not getting the respect he deserves nationally. Could be real motivation, dont you think?

CAMPBELL: He's got to fight more. I like David Diaz as a person and as a fighter and that's one of those fights that is going to be a good fight. If you're pulling for the best guy to do the job, that would be Diaz because he's never gotten his just due. Manny Pacquiao would be who I want to win for the payday. I just hope to fight the winner no matter what to unify the division and then go from there.

QUESTION: Since Pacman has a dance partner with Diaz already, how about you and Juan Manuel Marquez since he is looking to get a Pacman rematch @135? I think that would be a great fight (If you dont get Casa).

CAMPBELL: Why does everyone try to keep picking bigger guys or smaller guys? Why can't we stick to guys in the weight class? Juan Manuel Marquez is too small; he's smaller than Pacquiao. He's a great fighter, but who thinks he can take a punch at 135 when Pac dropped him?

QUESTION: Would u give Juan DIaz a rematch? When are you planning to fight again. And give me your taught on up coming fights Calzaghe-hopkins,,cotto-gomez Margarito-Cintron, mosley-judah

CAMPBELL: Without a doubt. Anytime he wants to, he can get it. Stop making Don King be the reason. Don King didn't hit him with one punch the last time. I will fight him any day of the week. As soon as possible is when I plan on fighting again. I'm pulling for Bernard because that's my dude and I like the fight. Cotto without a doubt. Margarito is still a beast and Cintron still has to deal with the fact that he's going to be getting hit. Shane is already in great shape and he's the bigger puncher. It depends on what Zab Judah shows up though.

QUESTION: Nate how is boxing different at 36 then say at 25? it's rare to see fighters peak at 36 but you seem to be doing just that. Congrats Champ!

CAMPBELL: Thanks man. At 25, I was still learning my way. I'm still learning, but I know a lot more now than I did then. My body is always in great shape and my age has nothing to do with my skills because I take care of myself so well.

QUESTION: Nate, you made a believer out of me...sorry for bringing it up...but i HAVE to you still get crap from your friends and relatives for putting your hands down and clown PEDEN before he knocked you out??

CAMPBELL: First of all, I got knocked down. I got up. The people that make statements about that fight and keep bringing that fight up don't really mean much in my life. I learned from it and if they can't get over it, I just keep it moving.

QUESTION: Nate how much does making the lightweight limit affect your body? And I just wanted to know if this rumor was true. That you were training in the same gym as Tarver and you and him almost got into it. I heard nothing happen but it was because you made Tarver bitch out. You were about to tear him up, that's what i heard? Is it true. You are the Man.

CAMPBELL: 135 pounds is very easy for me. I don't give up more than 12 pounds without running. I can make the weight in three weeks. Me and Tarver did have a dispute, but Buddy prettty icksnayed the whole thing. Everybody knows I don't fear anybody and I'm sure Tarver doesn't either, so Buddy squashed the whole thing and we went separate ways.

QUESTION: mayweather jump from 135 to 147 with sucess, in the future did you do the same? are you scare of miguel cotto or ricky hatton?.... i think your dirty and ugly fight don't work with bigger and better guys

CAMPBELL: First off, thank you for the compliment from a Diaz fan. My fight was neither ugly nor dirty. I'm sure you missed the low blows and headbutts I took. In case you forgot, this is professional prizefighting and it's for men on the highest level, but at the end of the day, I'm unified and the other guy is not. As far as 147, I would tear anybody's ass up who they put in front of me if we were in the fight.

QUESTION: If fighters know the history of Don King why do they stick with him? Besides money...and how hard will it be to get Casa in the ring..that's the fight we want to see.

CAMPBELL: First of all, I don't know anything Don King has done wrong to me. We speak of those things that we have seen, not those that we have heard. Don King was the only one of all these promoters who was willing to pull out his checkbook when the others were talking. Anybody who has something to say about Don has never dealt with him probably. I have nothing to say bad about him. That may change in the next 20 mins, but as of now, he's done nothing for me but keep his word

[b]QUESTION: So let's talk opponents at 135, how does Amir Khan sound as a future opponent? Many people are saying he's one of the brightest contenders at 135, and some are even saying he's the future of the lightweight division. I don't agree on that point, but would you be interested in fighting him in the future?

CAMPBELL: I sure would love to fight everyone of these guys coming up, every one of them.

QUESTION: Against Diaz, you beat him at his own game (his style). Would you beat Casamayor with his own as well?anything different? He (Casamayor) was all butt hurt when you confronted him after the fight.

CAMPBELL: I can fight any style so it doesn't matter how I fight. I'm going to do better than the last time no matter what because my skill level is so much higher than the first time around. There's no way he can beat me now because he can only fight me one way.

QUESTION: Hi Nate. Great win against Diaz. You've come a long way since that first fight with Casamayor. In interviews, you've said that you don't think he's the same fighter since you guys fought. How would you say the two of you have changed since then? What are you doing better and what do you think he's doing worse?

CAMPBELL: I think I'm boxing better. I'm punching better. I'm not looking for the KO as much. I know what I'm supposed to do and what I'm not supposed to do. What he's doing better? He's holding better, he's getting better decisions from the judges and he's butting better. But he's definitely not fighting better.

QUESTION: nate, you seem like a real grounded guy. down to earth. doesnt it kill you to see guys like casamayor run their mouth and have that put them in the forefront rather than the standup guys that shut their mouths and put in work. I know its entertainment in some cases, it just sucks that guys can be stand up and be overlooked.

CAMPBELL: No. It doesn't honestly. At the end of the day, my momma always told me the cream always rises to the top. No matter what, the cream rises to the top.
And here's Casamayor. It was fairly boring. He didn't really answer any questions specifically about his next opponent. Just said he'd fight anybody. Oh. And he said fuck Nate Campbell.

QUESTION: Joel what is holding you back from a Nate Cambell fight? the firt one was close. Why not fight him again?

CASAMAYOR: I'm waiting for my promoters to get back to me with the fight offers. Right now we're looking for the biggest match and that's what my promoter is doing, their job. I did mine last weekend and now it's time for them to make the best fight for me.

QUESTION: dont u think u should retire u are starting to slurr your words and cant even understand what u say in post fight interviews. And whats up with your translator does he even know how to

CASAMAYOR: That's your opinion. People can't understand and some people who have been around me for a while. I stuttered as a kid. Obviously I shouldn't retire after the performance I put in last weekend.

QUESTION: were you suprised that katsidis got up twice in the first round? And why didn't you try to finish him?

CASAMAYOR: I did try to finish him. I was surprised he was able to finish the round, but the kids got guts and he's a warrior. He came to fight.

QUESTION: who would win? Roy Jones, Jr. or Wanderlei Silva? And would it be a big blow to Boxing if Roy Jones lost?

CASAMAYOR: I don't know about it being a big blow, but I don't think Roy would lose a boxing match.

QUESTION:joel non boxing related is it hard to bite your tounge when people try to get a rise out of you for example rockys comment

CASAMAYOR: Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. Sometimes I get more of a kick out of it when people talk shit. It gets personal in the ring and then the shit talking stops.

QUESTION: Joel do you think because your composure never changed and Santa Cruz' did, he changing to southpaw and missing punches gave you the decision since judges look at body language so much?

CASAMAYOR: 100% and that's one thing that came up when people talk about the decision. If he was so effective, why was he switching? COmposure has a lot to do with everything.

QUESTION: Campbell personally told me to tell you to step up to the plate and dont bitch out. Are you planning on fighting Campbell next, or do you plan on making an excuse. Campbell is the biggest fight, since it's for the undisputed lightweight title, something you never have had. Plus it's history. The boxing world wants you to fight Campbell next. What are your plans now? Who do you want to fight more PacMan or Campbell? Talk about your future

CASAMAYOR: Like I said, my plans are to sit back and wait with my family. I had a great victory last weekend and we're waiting to hear back from the promoter. I've been fighting the best and if they make an offer and, I don't know how the promoters will get a long, but I will give Nate another loss no problem. If that's what TV wants most, that's what'll happen.

QUESTION: Any chance of you enticing Freitas out of retirement for a rematch?

CASAMAYOR: It's up to my promoters. Freitas had his shot.

QUESTION: Joel, what did you make that "i smell a bad fart" look for when Nate Campbell confronted you in the ring after the fight with Katsidis? Describe how a rematch would go down?

CASAMAYOR: My ugly face was for the ugly $12 pimp suit he bought in Vegas. On top of it, I didn't jump in the ring in Cancun to make a fool of myself. The fight would play out like the first one did except I would stop him late this time once he started running.

QUESTION: whats up Cepillo, whats the biggest diffrence between amature boxing and pro boxing? Whos the best fighter you have fought as a pro

CASAMAYOR: The difference is the increase in rounds and the head gear is off with smaller gloves. It's a big difference, but amatuers are always the base. Diego Corrales is the best fighter I've ever fought.

QUESTION: I just would like to congratulate you on your win..I bet 200 dollars on you.You're one of my favorite fighters to support. I think that was great you trying to help those cuban boxers who defected. I'm sorry that we keep hounding you about this but there is no other fight we wanna see other than you and nate...we don't want to see you fight Pac yet...maybe the winner but not now...are you just trying to get paid before you quit or do you think that is the fight the fans want?

CASAMAYOR: We fought the biggest our whole career, whoever they put in front of us we'll fight. To me Katsidis is tougher than Nate Campbell. If they put Nate Campbell in front of us, we're knocking Nate Campbell out. There's no question about it. Don King is not the easiest person to make a deal with and my promoters would have to try and work something out with him,

QUESTION: Whats boxing training like in Cuba and with the death of Fidel Castro do you see a possible change for the better in boxing for fighters from Cuba. Congratulations champ! El Cepillo rocks!

CASAMAYOR: 100%, but that's not my place to say. They've done interviews with me before and I've never wanted anybody to die. Here you can do whatever you want. Over there, they tell you when to run and what to do. If Cuba was a free land, I think there would be at least ten world champions in the pros, maybe more. I hope for it because then I would have family that would come here also.

QUESTION: joel you call paquiao that is a smaller guy... why you don't call hatton? what did you feel when you get out of the ring in your last fight?

CASAMAYOR: We've called Pacquiao and one of the other names we mentioned, but he doesn't like fighting southpaws and he's fighting Juan Lazcano and then Malignaggi. I'd love to fight Hatton. I'm going after the biggest fights, not the guys, the biggest fight. Smaller or bigger or the same weight doesn't matter. I want to make the biggest fights I can.

QUESTION: did you watch the pac vs jmm fight? do you think the decision was right or a gift for pac?

CASAMAYOR: I thought Pacquiao did enough to win. The only thing is, he didn't throw as many punches as he usually does. Marquez only came to counterpunch.

QUESTION: joel what do you want people to rember you by

CASAMAYOR: A great fighter who's won four different titles in two different weight classes. I've never been knocked out. I think I've solidified that I'm a Hall of Fame fighter.

QUESTION: What is more of a concern for you? Fighting for history or fighting for money. Because when fighting for histroy it gives you long money as to making the quickest biggest payday. Beating Campbell a second time is going to make you more money in the long run since that fight is for history. Dont let the promoter get in the way because that just sounds like an excuse already.

CASAMAYOR: It's not an excuse. Everybody knows I've done a lot of talking and that didn't get me any fights. I'm talking with my hands now. They put Nate Campbell in front of us, I knock Nate Campbell out. If they put him in for July, we'll knock him out then. If later in the year, we'll knock him out then. Let Don King put up the money and back Nate Campbell and we could fight. He gets knocked out twice by Robbie Peden, now I'm scared if I dont fight him? Fuck Nate Campbell.

QUESTION: Who you got in the following: Hopkins-Calzaghe, Mosley-Judah, Tarver-Woods, Dawson-Johnson, Cintron-Margarito, Cotto-Gomez, Mayeather-De La Hoya 2

CASAMAYOR: Hopkins. Mosley. Tarver's doing a lot of talking so I'm pulling for Clinton. Glen. Cotto. De La Hoya.

QUESTION: What was the hardest part about fight Diego Corrales?

CASAMAYOR: Knowing that Diego can finish the fight with every punch he landed. Nobody else I fought can I say that about. I want to thank Boxingtalk for having me and keep it here for El Cepillo all the time.
Big Slim Sweet
Actually I liked reading both those chats. Campbell is a pretty introspective dude for a boxer, and Casa gave some straight answers as well. Much better than the usual Floyd chats you read from time to time.

Thanks for sharing.
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