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Bill The Butcher
Saw Into The Wild back to back nights. Good movie. I have never read the book, but researched a little bit about the real guy. Sort of cool what he did, but at the same time, really stupid, selfish, and inconsiderate.

If you haven't seen this movie, worth checking out.

If you seen it, what did you think about it?
Thought the book was a very good read, I actually read it all the way through in one 8 hour sitting. The movie did the book can go on youtube and see footage of the bus where he ended up dying. I thought it is was kind of creepy that the actual bus was still there, that site seems to get a decent amount of visitors too.

As far as what he choose to do, I didn't see it as being selfish. It definately took a lot of something for that kid to drop everything and pretty much just walk the earth like kane from kung fu........the average joe doesn't make it through 10% of the things he experienced in his life as "the supertramp"....not saying it's what I'd do but very interesting story none the less
Bill The Butcher
Yeah, I hear you. Makes me want to go visit the "Magic Bus." Also makes me want to read the book.

I heard the natives and Rangers from that area think he is an idiot. I heard if he had a map of the area and a compass he would have found out that there are Lodges with emergency supplies just three miles from the "Magic Bus." Also, if he would have hiked 6 miles from where he crossed the river, there is a Tram that takes you across the river. Some people think he commited suicide, but the movie makes you feel that he was ready to leave his Alaskan adventure and head back. If that is true, that sucks big time. He went all that way, and experienced all of those things, then turn around and make a minor mistake with eating the wrong plant.
Yeah he caught a lot of heat from the locals, everyone pretty much thought the kid was an idiot for going out into that part of alaska with some half ass hiking boots, a backpack, and 20lbs of rice. To each their own I guess.......if you look at the lifestyle that he choose to live it's pretty obvious that making a pit stop at REI before going into the alaskan wilderness goes against the whole reason why he wanted to go out there in the first place.

Everything you heard was pretty much true.....he missed both the cabin and river crossing tram by about a few miles.....I read that the cabin that had all the food/supplies was found broken into and found with the food and radio destroyed leading some people to think maybe he really didnt want to make it out of there.
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