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Byrd Man
SportsNation Dan Rafael: Greetings Fight Freaks! Slow weekend for boxing, but we've got lots coming up and this weekend's Mayweather-Big Show match on WrestleMania, which I will be watching! Big notebook coming today and there was plenty of news and three blogs this week, so check 'em out. Make sure to check my updated fight schedule also. Let's get right to it.

Ali (Dearborn, MI): Dan, just got outta the Floyd chat. He says he would love to send Oscar and Hatton into retirement more than anyone else. Hatton also mentioned another Floyd fight in England next Spring. Why is Hatton still on the radar for Floyd?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Simple answer: Easy, easy money and a lot of it.

Daniel (Valdosta, Ga): What did you think of Devon Alexander's performance last night?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I watched it and Devon won easily. He's a good fighter, very skilled. My only complaint is he seems to lack power and is not a finisher. He had Callist badly hurt tons of times and could never finish him, but Devon will beat a lot of guys.

Rui (Nutley, NJ): How did you score Spinks/Phillips?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I thought Spinks won the fight. I had it 8-4. I could see him winning 7-5. I can't see Verno winning.

Matt (Wynnewood, PA): Did you catch the Mayweather chat?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I haven't read it yet, but I will read it after I am done chatting today.

Wil (Toronto): What did you think of the webcast in general? Do you see King charging for these in the future or trying to garner advertising for the shows but keeping them free?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I thought aside from a few glitches it went well. I can see DK charging in the future.

Rich (Chicago): A couple of people asked Floyd about Cotto and said that Miguel had never asked for the fight. Looking back I don't think he has. Will Cotto ever call out Floyd-it just doesn't seem like his personality to do so?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I think he will eventually.

Joe (NYC): Buy or sell March '08 as the best boxing month of the last two decades?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I'd have to go back month by month but it's been pretty special, that is for sure.

Justin (Sactown,CA): DTM, WOW! Before I even came down off my Nate Campbell buzz Brian Vera with an unbelievable upset. Where does this leave Lee and his future with HBO?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Bob Arum told me yesterday he still wants to sign Andy and wants to put him off tv when Pavlik fights in June. He wants to build Andy the right way and still thinks he is a prospect, as do I. Too soon to write him off after one loss.

Charles (Philly): DTM, props for saying ?not so fast? on Andy Lee all along (despite Steward?s hype). But the upset surprised you. Do you think Lee got exposed, or was it just a bump in the road?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Probably a little of both. Maybe Andy isn't as good as many of us thought, but it can still be a bump in the road. Have to see how he mentally handles coming back. He's a great kid and a hard worker so I think he will learn from the experience and move on.

Biff (Philly): Ouma or K-9, who you got winning tonight? And do you think it will be an entertaining bout?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I think if Ouma is on his game he wins in comfy fashion. Should be a solid fight.

Tom (Danbury,CT): I must say i left Mohegan Friday Night with my jaw-dropped in shock after Lee lost.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Imagine how Andy's jaw felt.

Justin (Sactown,CA): DTM, hopefully for Andy Lee the ink already dried on that HBO contract. I thought it was an appropriate stoppage, what say you?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I thought it was a proper stoppage, can't complain. Andy never had an HBO offer on the table.

Steve, Sac, Ca: Dano, notebook today?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: In the immortal words of our broadcast her: Definitely.

Biff (Philly): You also have to give credit to Vera, he has a world class chin and he could have easily mailed it in after getting knocked down in Round 1.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Agreed. Vera showed a lot of heart and he obviously was in tremendous condition for the fight. All credit to him and I wish him the best. He will get another good fight out of this. He's a nice guy too. I had a chance to meet him at the Contender finale last fall and like most of the guys, he came off very well.

sosmoney nyc ny : hey dan do you know who hbo has covering the cotto fight? if its max kellerman can you call him and ask him should cotto win would he like to fight floyd mayweather?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Larry will work the Cotto card.

Steve, Sac, Ca: Dano, Have you heard of any reason for Kessler's pullout?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: No. Kessler's camp refuses to give answers. They really did their man a disservice the way they pulled out.

Chris (New York): The Miranda line about being willing to fight Kessler with his hands tied behind his back is an absolute classic. He is by far the funniest trash talker in boxing.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Agreed.

Tom (Danbury,CT): Winky was quoted recently as saying that he would fight Miranda at 160. Is there any chance of this happening?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: You never know. I'm not sure Miranda can make 160 so if it happened it might have to take place at a heavier weight. I wouldn't mind seeing that one.

Aaron (Hartford): Am I assuming that the Froch- Inkin rescheduled fight will not be on US tv now ?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Wrong. It's going to be on ShoBox along with Junior Witter-Tim Bradley. Showtime is working on the deal as we speak but I believe it will get done.

Tony(Tampa): Whats up Dan, Jaidon Codrington easily disposed of Brian Vera in the 2nd rd of the Contender series. Since Codringtion is a fringe 168 pd. contender what does this say about the "phenom" Andy Lee who was just battered by Vera?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: It says that there is a difference between 168 and 160. And keep in mind that Jaidon is a great puncher. He catches anyone and he can knock them out.

Tim (Lincoln): Buy or sell: Katsidis is THE premier must-see action fighter in the sport.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Sell. He's great to watch but there are others who are also like that and better fighters -- Cotto and Pacquiao, for example.

Feddy (Detroit, MI): Dan correct me if i'm worng, but if Wlad and Sam fought tomorrow, according to The Ring wouldn't the winner be THE Heavyweight Champ?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Yes, the winner would be because I believe they are ranked 1 and 2 and that would fill the vacancy.

Geoff, Burlington, ON: Steve Molitor fights next week...if he wins again is he ready for the big guys in the division?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: He's already ready in my opinion. He's a very talented fighter.

Biff (Philly): Dan what do you think of Judah asking for Sugar Shane to submit to blood testing? You think this is all mind games?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Head games mostly. Shane admitted to using something before the Oscar rematch, which he swears was inadvertent (and I believe him). It's all gamesmanship.

jrod Indiana: Dan, just wondering if Vera was signed to the Tournament of Contenders? And if not, I bet they are regretting that, he totally personified Contender with his heart last Friday.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Yes, he is with them.

Migs (NY, NY): D-Nice, When Iread Ponce De Leon is fighting Juan Manuel Lopez. Ihave to admit I was surprised. Do you think he's ready for Ponce?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Yes.

Victor Ortiz: Where the hell am I?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: You are in a dispute with your management that is close to being solved. Stay tuned.

Rudy (Oakland, CA): For Kessler, what other big $$$ fights are out there at the moment besides Miranda?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: For big money, I don't see any at the moment other than maybe a Winky fight.

Charles (Philly): Kessler's promoters once again look amateurish, just like when their man was MIA for the promotion leading up to the Clazaghe fight.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: They are amateurish and classless.

Eduardo, Miami, Florida: Casamayor vs. Juan Díaz any time soon?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Certainly possible, especially now that Diaz is signed with Golden Boy. It's a fight Golden Boy has already mentioned to me as possible.

Biff (Philly): If Guerrero, Linares, and Luevano all fought each other in a round-robin style tournament, do you think anyone would emerge 2-0?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Linares.

Migs (NY, NY): Excited that Valero will be fighting on US soil. Who do you think will be his first big fight against?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Little birdie told me MAYBE a fight with Jesus Chavez if he comes through his comeback fight in April.

Ringo (LA): I liked Mosley's reply that he was fine with drug testing as long as they tested for "other" substances as well.

Pat (NY): Do you think we might see a JMM/Valero fight in 08? Down in Texas that would be huge I think.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I would love it. Could happen.

Michael Groves, Philly : Dan new to the freaks, but I would have to say I would disagree with you on the Marquez VS. Pac scoring. Marquez controlled that fight. Great fight though

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I'm not sure where you've been but I had Marquez winning the fight dude.

Justin (Sactown,CA): DTM, any Allan Green sightings?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Talks of him facing Jeff Lacy on the May 31 Mosley-Judah undercard.

Tom (Danbury,CT): How the heck did Versus get the budget to put both Hatton and Paulie on the same show?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: They decided to invest in the show and aren't spending a crazy amount of money.

Steve, Sac, Ca: Dano, I heard Wlad was fighting Thompson in July, any truth? By the way, thanks or all the blogs this week! Solid work!

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Thompson is the likely opponent but there are some issues because Wlad has two mandatories in two organizations. Once some of the minutia gets worked out, I think we will see the fight announced next week.

Zach (Mpls,MN): Dan, What happened to the donaire vs hussein fight i have not heard anything?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Check out the notebook today, but the fight and the whole card in Dubai on April 18 is off.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: NOTEBOOK IS UP!

Notebook: I'm up, Please read me....

Michael (Toronto): I may have made some headway in converting my father and brother to freakdom by inviting them over to watch Casamayor-Katsidis...but it was really hard to explain that Joel was the real champion and Katsidis had a crappy interim trinket. Made me hate the sanctioning bodies even more.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Just tell him Casamayor is the champ. Period.

Sean Richmond VA: With Marquez-Pacman 2 doing right at 400K (biggest small fighter PPV ever), it almost seems like fight #3 is inevitable right?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I think it will happen. Be patient. It won't be next but it could be after that.

Aaron (Dighton, MA): didn't get a chance to read your blog about boxing on the networks. Can you sum it up in a few sentences (aside from telling me to read it myself)?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: You are treading on banishment and I know Banishment is hungry today.

Tim (Lincoln): Huge props to ESPN Classic for buying up Showtime's classics. Should be great for building freaks out of casual fans on cable.

Steve, Sac, Ca: Dano, being a realist, how much of a shot does Lockett have against Pavlik?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Lockett has a good heart it seems and decent power and he's hungry. I would say he'll make Pavlik work, maybe have a good moment or two, but ultimately fall.

Sean Richmond VA: I was stoked last night to see Corrales-Castillo on ESPN CLASSIC, Even More Stoked after reading the notebook!!!!!

Ty (Detroit, MI): Casamayor HOF worthy? He's fought everyone at 130 and 135 in their prime and had some classics with Corrales.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I actually was thinking about that this week. I think the way he won against Katsidis has finally convinced me he is worthy. I was always on the fence about him. But when you look at his record -- wins over Corrales (twice), Katsidis, Campbell, debatable losses to Castillo and Corrales and Freitas, he's got an impressive resume. Not to mention a gold medal in the Olympics.

Daniel (SF): All the buzz seems to be a push for Casamayor vs. Campbell 2. How likely is it?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I think it's unlikely at the moment given the promotional situations of both -- one with Golden Boy and one with King -- and the fact that it is not a huge money fight and neither guy is a draw.

Remy Ma, (Bronx,NY): I just read an interview where Kessler said that he pulled out of the Miranda fight so he could fight Mundane for the WBA SMW title. He said that he's not scared of Miranda but that he offers nothing to the table

SportsNation Dan Rafael: If he said that, he's full of it because Mundine with fighting Sam Soliman in late May. No reason Kessler couldn't fight in May also and then go for Mundine.

Geron: I'd have to admit...I didn't think Casamayor had it in him to fight a fight like the one he had last week.

Clay (Indy): Dan, how are our Yankees going to do this year? Do you plan to visit the Stadium before it closes?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I hope so.

Jackson (IA): Best thing to happen so far in Miranda's career...Kessler pulling out?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: That's funny thing -- I thought it was a fight Kessler would win.

Dan (Nutley, NJ): Are you friendly with Michael Katz? It looks like he took a little swipe at you in his piece this week when talking about Andy Lee: "Meanwhile, let?s not believe the hype, especially when it comes from Emanuel Steward and is fanned by Dandy Dan (aaah, the Love Child!)."

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Mike is a friend. He rips because he loves.

Rudy (Sacramento): How about a Dan Rafael "Freaks Chat" t-shirt!?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Go make one.

Mario (Bell Gardens, CA): So Danaconda, since Mayweather and De La Hoya will likely fight in the Fall, is it a done deal that Cotto-Margarito will also meet in the Fall if they both win?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: They will meet in July if they both win. That is the plan. The winner of that fight would have another fight in the fall.

Chris (Los Angeles CA): D$ - Why not Miranda and Andrade at 168? Irresistible force vs. Immovable object!

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I absolutely love that match and was going to mention exactly that in a blog next week.

BIG SHOW (WWE): Any advice Dan?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: You can't hit what you can't catch. Good luck big man.

Berndawg: Any closer to a second HBO televised fight on 5/3?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Several possibilities, but nothing firm. Probably not Linares it seems.

Rick (SpringTown ca): Ever since hes moved to 168 Andre Ward has looked a lot stronger KO'ing all he opponents. How do you see him doing in the next few years and do you think he can be the CHAMP?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I watched his fight with Williams and I thought he looked good against a dead man. Andre has a lot of talent. They will move up another level again and I still have belief that he can be a meaningful fighter in the sport. This is an important year for him and so far it is off to a good start.

R (Yay Area!): What happened to the talked about grudge match between Miranda and Pascal? What happened to Pascal, period?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: After Pascal's pedestrian performance in his last fight, some of the air went out of the match and the TV networks were not too interested but it could still happen down the road.

Remy Ma (Bronx,NY): Hey Dan, How do u feel Pavlik would fare against Andrade?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: He's faster, more skilled and throws straighter punches. I think Pavlik would dominate him.

Brian (DC): Buy or sell: Pac-Marquez III happens within the next 12-18 months.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Buy.

Steve, Sac, Ca: Dano, I was watching an old HBO review following the first Lewis/Holyfield fight where Lampley and Merchant threw the WBC,WBA,IBF titles in the trash following that horribe decision. I thought it was funny, did you happen to ever watch it?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Of course. It was a beautiful moment.

Joshtinpowers: Dan, will Mayweather-Big Show be on your Weekend Scorecard Monday afternoon?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: You will just have to click on it to know for sure!

Big M (Atlanta): Dan, a belated happy anniversary to you and your wife.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Thanks. Mrs. DTM appreciates it too.

jack, fort collins: if floyd beats the big show this weekend in convincing fashion, would that cement is all time great status?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: From what Floyd tells me, he is already the greatest of all time, so it should not impact it at all.

Tom (Danbury,CT): Does Elvin Ayala have a chance against Abraham this weekend? I mean he did fight to a draw with the Latin Fake

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I give Ayala zero chance.

Jaime (Laredo, TX): What about Miranda facing Alejandro Berrio, to see if he can rid him faster than Lucian Bute?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Would be exciting and Berrio would go to sleep.

David (Houston): Floyd fighting the big show is a joke. He just needs to fight for real. Makes me sick.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Maybe it does but I am psyched for it and can't wait to watch it on Sunday.

Taylor (Salt Lake City, UT): Dan, funny you had Spinks 8-4; I had Verno was just one of those type of fights. But who was that doing the commentating? It sounded like it was coming from someone being paid by a check with Don King's signature.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Col. Bob, who does all of King's cards and has called more title fights than anyone who ever lived had a horrific night on the mic. He was on another planet calling the fight. He's a great guy who had brutal night.

Franklin (Arizona): Dan Abraham is not that good and in the spirit of March Madness, I smell upset at the hands of Ayala. Ayala drew with Sergio Mora who is a great boxer and undefeated. You ready to take me up on this?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: He didn't deserve the draw with Mora and Abraham is a different kettle of fish than the Latin Fake.

Justin (Sactown,CA): DTM, I am intrigued by the idea of a Casaymayor vs. Barrera fight, any chance that happens and who do you like?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I have no interest in that.

Sergio Mora: I'll fight Miranda in Memphis

Doug (NY): Dan, out of curiosity, are there any other WM 24 matches that you are at least somewhat interested in seeing, or is your interest mainly for Floyd?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I'm buying it to see Floyd, but as long as I'm watching how can you not be interested in the Triple Threat match?????

Carl (Baltimore): Thunder Dan. Happy anniversary to you and Mrs. Thunder. I know I am dreaming but how good would it be for JMM to drop to 126 and Izzy to come up to 126 for a great "keep it in the family fight"?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Would be pretty cool, Sort of like a "revenge of the brother" promotion like the Klitschkos have done.

Mark (WI): Buy or sell Junior Middleweight as the worst division in boxing?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Sell. Strawweight ain't so hot these days either.

Sean Richmond VA: Also, the end of an era as it will most likely be ric Flair's last match....WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Good call. Flair is a legend.

Marc (Philly): I'm part of last night's broadcast was Steve "USS" Cunningham being announced before the main event

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Please step away from the keyboard and put your hands up. Nobody is going to hurt you.

Ban Me: If PBF loses to B Show is he still undefeated?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I've had that exact same thought. I am struggling with the implications.

Evander Holyfield: Flair is almost 60. That gives me an age to shoot for retirement for.

Macho Man Randy Savage : Ooooo Dano! Am I your favorite wrestler of all-time brother?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: No, that honor belong to the one and only Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. Go to youtube and watch this at about 5:30 of the clip. It is pure legend.

Josh (Lincoln, NE): I heard the IBF dropped the welterweight restriction to allow Big Show to become their #1 contender so they can collect a fee for the fight.

Jeff: I thought this was about boxing not wrestling must have wrong chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Taylor (Salt Lake City, UT): Dan, why can't you do a 5-10 minute webcast on every know and again with news interview and weekly highlights...something a little different from the FNF format?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I'd love it.

Jose, Cali: Whats on tap for Andre Berto?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: June 14 on HBO BAD. Probably Miki Rodriguez, WBC elimination.

Greg(Los Angeles): Dan I know there are talks about Lacy-Green but are they just preliminary or are they serious?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: They're talking.

Rowdy Roddy Piper (Hollywood,CA): I want floyd next!

Brian (DC): Dan, if Cotto-Mayorga happens in the Fall, will it be at a catchweight? I don't see how Mayorga can get down to 147...

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I would think they would insist Mayorga make 147. But it's way too soon to think about that.

Marc (Malden, MA): Love the Classy Freddie Blassy quote. Snuka off the top is great, not as great as Foley being thrown off the top of the Cell, but great.

Mike (New York): Will there be a 2nd televised fight w/ the Berto fight on June 14

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Yes, but it has not been decided what it will be. Lou DiBella is working on a variety of possible fights.

Spoiler: Just when Big Show has Floyd up in the air for the choke slam, Donald Trump crawls from under the ring and kicks big Show in the back. Floyd then punches a stack of hundred dollar bills so hard they turn back into a tree and Floyd is rescued by Ricky Fatton and Mary Poppins

Choco, New Jersey: What about Yuri Gamboa against Monty Meza Cley or Jorge Lacierva??

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I have heard Lacierva's name mentioned a possibility.

Steve, Sac, Ca: Dano, What's next for Ding?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Ding-A-Ling Man probably will get a fight in Europe against Firat Arslan for one of the cruiserweight titles. The fight is in discussions.

FREAKS (USA): Aaaahh the Love Child

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the Love Child. My son Joel Julio should be hard at work training for his fight next month with Ishe Smith.

Thomas (New Orleans): Dan, you come across as hypocritical, being so pumped for a fake wrestling match which is designed for nothing but financial gain of a boxer, yet you constantly trash sanctioning bodies whose very belts allow fighters to make more money than they would without them. Defense?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Someone needs to learn what fun is about.

Charles (Philly): DLH has been keeping a pretty low profile lately while training for Forbes; any chance he makes a cameo on Sunday night?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: No. The WWE came to Oscar first for him to participate in the event and he turned them down. That's when they went after Floyd.

Michael (Toronto): Wait -- Ding loses to BJ Flores but it's Ding who gets the title shot?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Exactly. It's a screwed up sport.

Vince Mcmahon (right hand side of God, Heaven): Next Wrestlemania will be Big Show vs Ivan Calderon. I'm a genius

bill (pgh): Should I have my hopes up about future fights on Versus?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: It looks like there is reason for hope after they stepped up to buy the Hatton fight. Fingers crossed.

Mike (Chicago): What's next for Abner Mares?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Golden Boy probably is going to bring him back to fight on the May 31 Mosley-Judah PPV undercard. He was very impressive on the Pacquiao-Marquez undercard and they want him in another high profile spot.

Louis (Montreal): At least the WWE acknoledge that their titles are fake. The WBA calls them regular champion

WBA: Ding has lost his last fight, which makes him an obvious number 1 contender for our sanctioning body.

Dan (Nutley, NJ): If David Haye fought Hasim Rahman, who do you think would win?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Would be a good entry to heavyweight for Haye. The fight was talked about several months ago. I think you'd have to lean to Haye, but Rock is still strong and Haye is unproven as a heavyweight and his chin had trouble at cruiserweight. I'd like to see that fight.

jake (Arl hts, il): Danimal, i must say, Casamayor was very impressive last week. I watched that knock -down about 20 times. Maybe one the best i have ever seen.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Let's not get carried away freak.

Tom (Danbury,CT): How excited are you for the return of the one and only Sven Ottke?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I'm asleep already.

Jeff LV: Possibilty C Spinks leaves th p4p top 20 now?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: In the immortal words of our broadcast hero: Absolutely.

Justin (Sactown,CA): I think somebody has to break it to Thomas that wrestling is FAKE. Its like appearing on a soap opera only with TONS of roided freaks.

Remy Ma (Bronx, NY): Thomas from New Orleans needs to rediscover LIFE!!!!

Darren (Miami, FL): Senor Dan, any word on the next opponent for Celestino Caballero?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Nothing at the moment since the Ponce rematch didn't come off.

Brent, Toronto: I hear Segura is finally getting a title shot - against Brahim Asloum. True?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Hopefully. The WBA called for a purse bid but gave the sides extra time to make a deal because they were close to one.

Michael (Roxbury, NJ): Dan do you realize that your prediction for Mayweathers win on sunday could possibly be so accurate that you ruined it for all the freaks who watch it?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: If my scenario was true, I need to be a scriptwriter for WWE because I have absolutely no inside info on the way it will go.

John (Grand Rapids, Mi): Impossible question. Less legitimate belt? WBC 'regular' title or WWE intercontinental championship?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Draw.

Justin (Springfield, NJ): Is Showtime considering a new fight for May 24th?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Not at the moment. It will likely be dark for a big card in May.

Courtney (Atlanta, GA): Why not Edwin Valero vs. the winner of Barrios/Juarez? I think that would be a great US debut fight.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Tremendous fight. Good call.

Rudy (Oakland, CA): Super Judah will KO Mosley

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Drugs are good in Oaktown I see.

Brian (DC): Worse night... Bob Sheridan or Cancun ring announcer?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Ouch. They both were awful, but I think I have to go with Col. Bob because English is his first language.

Nigel (Ohio): Dan, has anyone seen Johnny Gonzalez as of late?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Jhonny fought recently in Mexico and won and he will be back next month on a Telefutura undercard.

Adrian (Chicago,IL): Hey DTM, What's the worst prediction you ever made?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I picked Corrales over Mayweather by knockout.

Steve, Sac, Ca: Dano, my buddy and i were wondering what the rule is if a fighter is knocked out of the ring last week when it happened to Casamayor. Is it a standard 10 count?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: If the fighter is knocked onto the apron, like Joel, he has 10 seconds to get back up like a normal knockdown. If he gets knocked out of the ring to the floor, he has 20 seconds.

JP (Columbus, OH): Spoiler alert - here's how it ends: Floyd wins by pinfall via outside interference. Whoever interferes with the match is who Big Show will "feud" with until the next pay-per-view.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Not very original, but surely possible.

Dan (Champaign, IL): What is 18EEEEEEE?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: A really large shoe size like Big Show has.

Steve, Sac, Ca: Dano, thanks for that. Have you ever seen anyone knocked out of the ring onto the floor and make it back? I like to see that on youtube

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I have seen it happen before. It's not common but it has happened.

Nigel (Ohio): Dan, what is more likely to happen: Juan Diaz v. Cassamoyer or Diaz v. Kastidis?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I think both are in the mix.

dusouljah, baltimore: juan diaz/ katsidis whenever it happens is automatically FOTY candidate

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Agreed.

Dan (Nutley, NJ): What if The Big Show beats Floyd? Will we see The Show vs. Cotto by the end of the year?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Probably because Big Show won't duck Cotto like Mayweather.

Micah Yonk, Binghamton: As for the HOF; if Ken Norton, Ingemar Johannson, Jess Willard and Curtis Cokes can get enshrined, how can you not induck a great fighter like Casamayor

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Because three wrongs don't make a right. But I do think Casamayor deserves to be in at this point.

Justin (Sactown,CA): Wow 20 second count? LOL... Have you ever seen someone get KO'd out the ring and get back in and fight?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Yes, but I can't think of them off the top of my head, but it has definitely happened.

Devmann (College Park, MD): Hey Dan, I am an Indonesian and have been frustrated for a while as I cannot see Chris John fight the best fighters here in the US. The Filipinos have Manny Pacquiao and the Puerto Ricans have Miguel Cotto who have been fighting the best fighters out there in their weight classes respectively and have become 'loved' by everybody. Any idea when he will be coming here or is he coming at all? Last year Golden Boy was trying to bring him here right? What's wrong?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Chris John makes a ton of money in Indonesia, where he has sponsors. There is no reason for him to leave the comfort of his home to come and make half the cash.

E (Omaha): D$$ - Better actor? Floyd or a potted plant?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Floyd.

Dougie Fresh: DC: Thanks for the Snuka clip; that brought back some sweet memories. Caught the Iron Sheik putting Backlund in the camel clutch to win the title. Rock on. Peace.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Classic.

Courtney (Atlanta, GA): Will Grady Breweer ever fight again?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: He wants to come back but he is rehabbing from a serious knee injury and surgery.

Gary (Madison, WI): If memory serves, Antwun Echols knocked Brian Barbosa out of the ring on Tuesday Night Fights and he got back in.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Good memory. That is one of them.

dusouljah, baltimore: dannomite, what's in store for the winner of zab/mosley?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Not sure who they'll fight but the winner will be right there for something big. They both would like rematches with Cotto. I can see a Cotto-Mosley rematch happening more than one with Judah.

Jim (Tacoma, WA): Is Joachim Alcine promoted by Don King? If so, do you think there is a chance for a unification match with Verno Phillips?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: No, Alcine with Yvon Michel in Canada. He has a mandatory due this summer with Daniel Santos, who is with King.

Mike (Chicago): I know its a ways a way, but any word on who Top Rank is putting on the Diaz-Pacman undercard?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: It is too soon, but I would not be surprised if Luevano made his next defense on the card.

John (ATL GA): Abraham wants to build a name for himself in the US. Does that mean a late 08 showdown with Pavlik may be in the works?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: That is a fight that has been discussed. Before it happens, Abraham needs to come here and get some exposure in at least one fight.

Mario (Bell Gardens, CA): My Kessler bobble-head invited me to dinner tonight and then cancelled last minute....

Justin (Sactown,CA): DTM, it must be fun knowing you are in a small way immortalized being a featured judge for Castillo vs. Corrales I. Do you recall your card prior to round 10?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I had Castillo ahead I believe by one point going to the 10th.

JKGaucho: (DC): Thanks a bunch for the King Kong note. It is about time. What do you think of the fight?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: It will be nice to see Agbeko back in action. Him and William Gonzalez will be an action fight but I would pick Agbeko to stop him.

Cory (Fargo, ND): Why does Abraham need exposure in the US if Lockett didn't?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: First, Lockett was twice on ShoBox. Second, Locket it being a paid a ham sandwhich to fight Pavlik. Abraham wants big money. To get the big money, you have to help generate it.

Jim (LA): What's been the worst cut you've seen in boxing?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Gatti's against Manfredy was pretty bad. Vitali's against Lewis was horrific.

Jim Lampley HBO: Join us tonight for the premiere of Big Show/Mayweather 24/7!!!

Sick and demented: Would you drink Tommy Morrison's blood for a million dollars?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: No, but I will kick you of the chat for nothing. You're banned.

Fletch (Pittsburgh, PA): BTW You predicted Corrales by KO over Mayweather? Ouch, that has to be one of the worst predications ever haha. Still love ya DTM.

Josh (Lincoln, NE): Don't forget Lujan's ear against Margarito flopping around!

SportsNation Dan Rafael: That was pretty sick too. Looked like a lobster tail hanging off his head.

Court (Little Rock): Is there something holding up the Peter-Vitali announcement, or are they just ironing out the details?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: They're negotiating the fight.

Mike (Stockton, CA): who wins: Fernando Montiel vs. Cristian Mijares

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Terrific fight. A real toss up. I think I would lean to Mijares, but too close to call.

Banishment: Even I won't eat sick and demented

Chris (Rotterdam Junction, NY): Buy or Sell...Verno Phillips reign lasts one fight.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Depends who he faces.

Bryon: How involved is a fighter in a fight negotiation?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: It all depends. Every one is different.

William (Pittsburgh): C'MON DAN, I'm goin out for lobster tail in a couple hours! Maybe I'll just have the fish......

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Sorry bro.

Zo (AZ): Peace DR. Paulie Malignaggi vs. Devon Alexander within the next year and half?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Interesting fight but I doubt it happens any time soon.

Mike (Chicago): Froch-Inkin and Witter-Bradley is not a bad card for Showtime last minute

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Agreed. But it's 100 percent set yet for Showtime.

Tom (Danbury,CT): Any idea of how long Raheem will be out for after his accident?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Just taking a week or two off from training.

Sergio (El Paso, TX): Dan,do you give Juan Lazcano any chance of beating Ricky Hatton in May?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Yes.

Rich (Stamford CT): Anything on the horizon for Herman Ngoudjo?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Possibly an elimination bout with M'Baye. There is a purse bid in a few days.

Justin (Sactown,CA): DTM, I still remember when as a last question of a chat I asked you to "start the drumbeat" for Marquez vs Vasquez. You said it would be a great fight and that there was talk it could happen. How right we were...

Chris (Columbus): Any beef with the Katsidis stoppage?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Not really.

Justin (Sactown,CA): DTM, after watching Castillo vs Corrales last night on ESPN classic, I realized that neither fighter won a single signifigant fight after that... Left it in the ring I guess.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Well Castillo did knock Corrales out in the rematch and that was a significant fight despite the weight controversy.

Dan (Nutley, NJ): Inside info. This is why the guy broadsided Raheem: He saw Zahir in the car next to him, was reminded of his fights with Freitas and Cruz, and fell asleep.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Great line.

Michael (Roxbury, NJ): Beer drinking contest: John Daly or Ricky hatton?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I like Daly, but close.

Greg(Los Angeles): WHats the deal on the Clottey situation?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: No deal, no situation. He's fighting Cruz on Versus on April 3 and then he'll be sitting there to fight for a belt that likely become vacant this summer.

R (Yay Area!): Better KO of the year so far, the David Banks see-saw act - the Enzo wreck - the Katsidis crumble? Or fill in your own

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Right now it is clearly Miranda-Banks.

Rui (Nutley, NJ): Has a replacement been found for Gamboa's next fight?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Not yet.

Fletch (Pittsburgh, PA): Two best divisions: Welterweight and Lightweight?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: They are two of the best. I also like cruiser, super middle and junior bantamweight right now.

Rudolph (Richmond, VA): LOL me and my friends all call you Dan the MMA Hater because you're always bashing MMA.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Blah blah blah, Go away.

Pat (NY): Do you know if they are going to broadcast the Mijares/Soto card in the U.S? I believe it's May 17th?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Yes, on PPV.

Tom (Danbury,CT): Is there a rematch clause for Spinks?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: No, it was a mandatory.

M. Kessler (Copenhagen): I demand that a bowl of M&M's (green ONLY) be made available in my suite at all times, and replenished as needed.

Nigel (Ohio): Dan, any word on Linares fight on May 3rd? Is Dib a quality foe or a protected brit?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Whatever happens with Linares, it won't be against Dib, thank goodness. Dib is such a stinker.

Sean Richmond VA: Where does Cory Spinks go from here?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Away.

JKGaucho: (DC): Dan, the Kessler demands weren't at all insane. If you have seen the demands that musicians and actors make for things in their dressing rooms and trailers you would laugh.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: They weren't insane and they were all agreed to and he still pulled out.

Jason (Las Vegas): To follow up on another post, Humberto Soto is on the Mijares card?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: He is supposed to be.

Rich (Chicago): Great piece on the Kessler contract, any word from his camp on why he dropped out?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: They're ducking the press like Kessler is ducking Miranda.

Tomas(Texas): What's up Dan. March was an amazing month for boxing, dont you think?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: Did you read my blog yesterday?

Odin (Valhalla): We have banned Kessler.

Justin (Sactown,CA): DTM, ESPN Radio ever do any boxing shows?

SportsNation Dan Rafael: I am going to be on the ESPN Radio station in Omaha in about 10 minutes.

SportsNation Dan Rafael: OK,Freaks, thanks for a great chat. Enjoy the nice fight on ESPN2 tonight (Ouma-Bundrage) and WrestleMania on Sunday. Check out today's notebook and this week's blogs, too. Talk to you next week. Peace.

Wow. I can't believe so many people actually think Dandy Dan knows something about boxing.

Byrd Man
DTA, Danimal, Dandy Dan....dude has more aliases than Apollo Creed. lol
I am an Insider subscriber (I joined primarily for NFL, etc), but obviously have access to all the boxing chats, blogs, Rafael fodder etc.

It is one of the biggest bamboozles going on in the sport right now that so many main streamers think boxing stops and stars with Rafael. Him and his "Freaks". Dude is fooling nobody. All of the best boxing content is coming from the Boxing websites. Not Not Yahoo Sports. Sure as hell not It's coming from sites like this, Max, B-Talk, Bxg-Scene, Ringside, B-Conf, etc.

Im not trying to dog Dan, as I think anyone who is hardcore like us, and has dedicated their profession to the sport s good for our sport, I just think it's funny that this guy is actually starting to act out accordingly for his groupies. I guess all the power to him. I just think its kinda funny...

Regardless, if any of you want any of that Insider content ever, not that it's the Holy Grail of info, PM me.
dude has more aliases than Apollo Creed


He does. These guys get all gitty about how creative they are too. It's funny. Its really not a bad way to burn 02 minutes during your Friday day.
Byrd Man
yeah I'm on the Insider as well.

I tend to post the INSIDER stuff as it pertains to Boxing on here, because I know a lot of people don't have it.

I like the one Jake from MaxBoxingScene coined

They sit in there and try and one up each other with them. It's kind of amusing.

I've tended to notice that Marc Abrams rolls in there religiously to pump up Steve Cunningham, whom I believe he is managing now (or handling in some capacity). I've never confirmed it with Marc myself that its him, but every Friday a Marc (from Philly) is in there and all he does is spout SS Cunningham, and he gets railed by all those freaks, and then banned.

Fucking funny.

Those guys fucking worship Rafael.
Byrd Man
was thinking that he was involved in some kinda controversy or something with USA Today or something.

I remember Saraceno got in trouble over allegedly plagiarizing something (not sure of the details).
Yeah, you' right. Someone did. I forget who. Don't think it was Dan, though, but I could be wrong. I just don't see why ESPN would hire him if that were the case...but then again, it's not like the cornerstone of the ESPN franchise is boxing.
Byrd Man
I just did a quick google search and didn't come up with anything but some Boston Globe sportswriter was suspended or fired for plagiarizing.
Not Kimball, was it? Did Ron Borges used to write for the Globe? Might have been him. George Kimball does a really good job covering boxing for the globe. I'd put him up there at just behind Fernandez and Katz as my favorite traditional print journalists covering the science. ' Course I'll feel really stupid if you google Kimball and it's him.
yeah, i've always though dan rafael was a tool. i remember the first fight he covered live, and only because he was on camera, unshaven with a horrid beard, and some jc penney suit that was off the rack and like 3 sizes too big. dude didn't know to class himself up a bit for his television debut. plus whatever he was saying was garbage, i don't know why anyone in their right mind would listen to him. but i guess his followers are a bunch of tools
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