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Full Version: Lanky tortures and carries Giant Man for 10 rounds...
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just to send Angus and Lipstick a message....

Lanky showed everyone his bad side last is well documented that Giant Man doesn't have the conditioning to go 5 rounds...let alone was very sadistic....almost Holmes-Cobb like...

Women in the audience were running out of the arena usher had a stroke and fell down a flight of concrete stairs...Michael Buffer was seen throwing up....

Y'all don't want to fuck with this man. Trust me.

Ringsider Harold "Harry" Angus was far from impressed with Lanky's performance telling the gathering media, "Lanky is good at what he does but what he does ain't good enough to beat me. I saw so many flaws tonight I lost count. Lanky is gonna find out what I'm all about - I've signed the contract....just gotta wait and make sure he don't back out and go back on his word."

Wexley Gawn said the fight will be tied up tomorrow. "Both Harry and Lanky have verbally agreed terms...the fight will take place on the Sunday after tomorrow and we are looking forward to selling out the as yet to be confirmed arena."

Dipsy Gawn, who is also said to want a fight with Lanky, may make a late bid to steal the fight away from Angus...we are waiting on his response.
Harry and Dipsy saw exactly what Lanky wanted them to see...Lanky will be setting precedents next weekend.
Giant Man was seen after the fight saying his usual saying, that he would break lanky some other time. Giant Man was disappointed that Lanky didn't go inside as he said he would.
The CEO one SHOULD go toe to toe with The Giant Man....his history proves that...he's a very dangerous fighter...
Giant Man will never retire. I hear he has set a new goal for himself, to become world heavyweight champion laugh.gif

the odds of that happening with his style, almost a million to 1. laugh.gif
Yeah, anyone top fighter with a bit of intelligence should be able to easily beat Giant Man, but he could overwhelm a few dudes with his allout style.
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Mar 29 2008, 12:25 PM) [snapback]384480[/snapback]
Yeah, anyone top fighter with a bit of intelligence should be able to easily beat Giant Man

Exactly but Lanky's new team seem to have gained a great sense of achievement with this win. Funny that....oh well.....doom time is near....
laugh.gif @ "a great sense of achievement"....y'all DO want me to talk shit, right?

That being said...

Lanky's just living The Dream....menage a troises and bomb ass massages.

He's The RECOGNIZED Man at Heavy now and will run over anyone who gets in his way....
Berbick was smart enough to take it to a draw with Dipsy, unfortunately, he wasn't smart enough to tackle the behemoth known as Giant Man laugh.gif
That's right...Berbick took Dipsy to a can't believe Dipsy actually used to be the champ in Lanky's division.
Like I said, Giant Man can overwhelm people. Berbick tried to fight inside with Giant Man, and paid the ultimate price..Bebrick now is now in depression and hopes to rebound.
Berbick done good with that Coile geezer....close fight but he probably got lucky to get the draw.

Dipsy does himself no favours....who wants him next? He needs a title defense?
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