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Full Version: Norris advices Hank Bummy Jr. to come out of retirement...
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After a hard training camp, Norris was viewing his old fights on tape with his trainer, and one fight they watched was the Hank Bummy Jr. fight. Poor Bummy was hammered with huge punch after huge punch and was out of his feet by round 6. Terry said that he thought the kid had "mad heart" and a "hard head". Terry sees some potential in Bummy and has asked him to make a comeback.

"I prolly ruined that poor boy though" says Norris.

Norris claims that he was going to take it easy on Bummy Jr. and let him last 12. "The kid looked terrified at the press conference..he almost knew he had no chance and his promoters just wanted to cash him in...I normally enjoy punishing gives me plessure...but I was gonna mke an exception for this kid." But Bummy's abusive manager/trainer, SKULLSPLITTER, made Norris a bet that if Bummy survived 12, Judah promotions would have to give him 2 fighters. Bummy was stopped in 6 rounds and SKULLSPLITTER lost the bet but Norris and Judah gave them 2 fighters anyway because of the courage Bummy Jr. showed that night.
oops...I forgot all about him....hope he ain't've kept him locked in the basement like a wild gimp....guess I better go check on him...

In hindsight, I'm very upset about The Prince of The Bums' situation...not only did I take him as a fighter...I took the 4, 5 losses that came with him...I kept telling his daddy I was open to options for him to get his son back...but to no avail...he don't give a fuck about his boy.
Norris would like to adopt Hank Bummy Jr. laugh.gif
oops...I forgot all about him....hope he ain't've kept him locked in the basement like a wild gimp....guess I better go check on him...


See, this is why Norris needs to adopt Bummy Jr. His daddy and trainer dont love him.
The CEO might like him,'s this?...I'll wait 'til late Sunday night...if Big Juicy Hog or Hank Bummy Senior don't show any interest in a deal by then, I will transfer him to Norris' gym...he is not to go to a Bum gym....

It's only fair that the gym he goes to has to eat his losses like I did...
Deal. We cant wait to have Bummy Jr. in our squad.
The CEO's a done deal then, G....when the WebL site comes back the gym Norris is in, and I'll transfer Junior over to you....
Sorry, BJH...Junior is with Team Judah now...that is if you care at
As soon as Norris brought Bummy Jr. to the gym.....he bursted out in tears of joy....He left Hank Bummy Jr. and SKULLSPLITTER a message in Press releases.

This guys gonna be a champ.
Hank Bummy does care about his son, but knew he was in the clutches of SKULLSPLITTER, and was probably not getting him back. All of Bummy's fighters are like adoptive sons and Jr. knows how to look out for himself. He wouldnt mind getting him back someday, but knows that little Bummy may be ruined.
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