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Full Version: Does "Super" have a death wish?
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"Super" is coming out of retirement to sign to fight Norris?

Super is respected but I don't think he truly understands the type of opponent he has fighting. Norris is the most complete fighter in my gym. The man's power/speed/conditioning/agility is absolutely sick. His chins good too. Norris has peaked and "Super" has absolutely no chance. Only way "Super" lasts 12 if he fights to survive.

The Assassin don't fuck around.
Super has been eyeing a return bout for sometime. The Jr. Middleweight title is locked up between Simms and Tony next week, the middleweight title being locked up for next week, Super look for viable top contending opponents. Middleweight had none so he looked to 154 and fought Norris and he signed. Super is looking to make a big mark as soon as possible so he took the fight.

Super's BACK! laugh.gif
Cyrus, people are already fearing for "Supers" safety.

A small mob of "Super" fans outside our gym is trying to get Norris to pull out of the fight. laugh.gif

Norris, meanwhile, is still trying to adopt Hank Bummy Jr.
QUOTE(Travis "Tremendous" Simms)
Super is still the second best 154 pounder in the world. If he still has anything left in the tank, he will beat Norris. If Norris does a Cortez, Super should definitely hang them up. I still want to fight Norris though, so maybe it wouldnt be too bad if Super was shot.
Norris sends message to "Super"

"I respect you "Super". You were great in YOUR time.....YOUR time, however, is done. You looked good in beating Vargas. But FATNANDO, as our gym likes to call him, has been shot for a long time. Do you really think he had anything left after what I did to him? And I wasn't even primed then. You have a young hungry challenger who can bang and box. It'll be a rough night for you, Super."

Norris is looking to assassinate "Super" and he wants a title shot in the near future.
Super says yall mustve forgot his greatness at 154. He's out to make a big splash as quickly as possible. He's gonna beat the virtually undefeated Norris like how he beat 50 Cent in album sales. Super's new rap album has gone triple titanium wood, that's mega sales. laugh.gif
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He spammed it!....laugh.gif

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Super was just way too old to beat Norris..Super in his prime was something special...but it is Norris time now.
Super has gone into retirement.....


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