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Full Version: Tera Patrick's Retirement Fight.
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3 Division World Champion, Tera Patrick announced that her last fight will take place Sunday April 6, 2008. She will be against the fighter that propelled her into the spotlight, 2 Division World Champion including the record 5 title reigns at Jr. Welterweight, Miguel Cotto.

Tera Patrick is the first fighter (1 of 2) to ever knockout Miguel Cotto. She accomplished this feat on a weight drained Miguel Cotto on October 21, 2007 in a battle for the World Lightweight Championship held by Patrick.

Patrick went on to beat Cotto twice at 140 lbs. via decision in close fights which including winning the World Jr. Welterweight Championship in their third fight to make Patrick a 3 Division Champion.

Will Patrick go a perfect 4-0 on Cotto and retire into the sun with a victory? Or will Miguel Cotto finally get revenge and "retire" another fighter?

Tera Patrick Career Highlights :

W UD 12 Josh Joshua - For the Jr. Lightweight Title.
W KO 11, W KO 9 Freddy "The Finisher" McPheerson - For the Lightweight Title in fight one.
W KO 4 Floyd Mayweather, Jr.(rivado one) - former world champion
W KO 12, W UD 12, W UD 12 Miguel Cotto - First fighter to ever KO Miguel Cotto. 3rd fight, won the Jr. Welterweight Title.
W UD 12 CyruS "Running Man" ViruS - win over 2 division World Champion
W SD 12, L UD 12 Jabdiel Judah - splits fights with Jabdiel Judah, loses Jr. Welterweight title in 2nd fight.
W KO 12, L UD 12 Carlos "El Indio" Quintana - First fighter to KO the top contender Quintana. Split 2 fights.
W MD 12 Muckles Reilly - win over top contender.


Miguel Cotto Career Highlights :

W KO 12 Sigmund Kraab
W KO 4, W KO 12, W UD 12 Zab "Super" Judah - 2nd fight for the Jr. Welterweight Title. 3rd fight sent Zab into retirement, although retirement didn't last long.
W TKO 6 Carlos "El Apostle" Maussa - For The Jr. Welterweight Title
W UD 12, D 12, L KO 12, L UD 12 Luis Collazo - fight 1 in a battle of undefeated prospects. Fights 2-4 a jr. welterweight title trilogy.
W UD 12 Malvador "Malvado" Manchez - solid win over the former world champion
W UD 12 Floyd Mayweather, Jr. - solid win over the former world champion
W TKO 6, W UD 12, L UD 12, W UD 12 Jabdiel Judah - 2nd fight for his 4th Jr. Welterweight Title. 4th fight for his 5th Jr. Welterweight Title and avenged defeat.
L UD 12, W KO 10, W UD 12 "Sublime" Buddy Shine - reverses a loss
L UD 12, W UD 12 Junior Do Prado - reverses a loss
W KO 1 CyruS "Running Man" ViruS - For his 2nd Jr. Welterweight Title
W KO 11 Pavel "The Spy" Molotov - Quality win over the former World Champion
W KO 10 Joan Guzman - For the Lightweight Title
W KO 11 Jesse Jane - knockout win over the 3-division world champion
D 12, W UD 12 Buddy McGirt - turns draw into a dominate rematch performance.
L UD 12, L UD 12, W MD 12 Roland Navarette - Fight 3 finally got revenge over the 2 division world champion and former #1 p4p fighter.


Place your bets.
It's true. This will be Patrick's last fight. And she's glad it's against a great fighter in Cotto. Patrick will look to make it 4-0 against Cotto. She's confident she will. Patrick is no doubt a Hall of Famer
It's a shame Judah & Patrick never got to fight.
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Miguel Cotto and Tera Patrick went to war one last time for a candidate for fight of the year!

Cotto finally got Patrick of his back as he scores a TKO victory in the 10th round when the fight was stopped due to a cut on patrick.

Cotto sends Patrick into retirement with a beauty of a war.
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