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Full Version: The Hammer
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Bill The Butcher
Hey, I was wondering if anyone listens to Adam Carolla's morning radio show? It is pretty good. He is a funny guy. And he is a fan of boxing. When he was younger he was an amatuer boxer. And I think he was a boxing trainer later on.

Anyways, he has a new movie out. He helped write it, produced it, and he plays the main character in it. It is called The Hammer. Has anyone seen it? It got limited release. I heard it is getting good reviews. Since it is playing at four different theaters in my area, I'm probably going to check it out this weekend. If you check out the trailer, he obviously does all the boxing scenes himself, and you can tell he knows his boxing. Looks like it would be a funny movie.
No shit, I never knew he was a boxing fan or an amateur fighter, he looked like he had some experience when he was throwing those combos...I wasn't a big fan of the man show and that type of comedy but in that preview had some funny parts in it, looks like it might be a fun, witty type movie to go see when you don't have anything else to do, kind of like a sandler or stiller movie...
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