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Full Version: Angus impressive in defeating Lanky
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Harold "Harry" Angus boxed superbly to avenge his only defeat when he combined great movement with solid head shots to outbox and outfight Lanky "Maxy" Gawn en route to a clear cut unanimous decision victory. Angus employed a hard hitting plan which had Lanky hurt several times and down in the 10th round for an 8 count. There was a moment in the 5th when a big body shot looked to have hurt Harold but he covered up well and then continued to work over the giant champ who was 6" taller and outweighed Angus by 36 pounds!

It was a sweet night for Harry who had waited a long time and scored 27 consecutive wins before finally getting his chance to avenge his only career defeat. After the fight Harry sank to his knees in a praying position and looked at the skies as he absorbed the victory, clearly emotional at having achieved this marvellous victory.

Lets not forget, Harry is still at his best in the Cruiserweight class where he is regarded as the greatest fighter ever in that division. It is unclear whether Harry will box again and if he does it's not known if he will return to Cruiserweight or box on at heavyweight.

He told the gathering media, "I just wanna thank the lord for giving me the tools I needed to win this fight tonight. I'm emotional right now, this is the biggest victory I have ever had because it meant more to me than any other fight. Lanky is a great fighter and I take my hat off to him because he gave me a great fight. He hits hard when he plants his feet...harder than Dipsy Gawn and thats a fact but I was so focussed tonight I woulda beaten any man alive. I wanna dedicate this victory to a friend of mine, Sarah Jones...she's a great lady who runs an orphanage in the London borough of Hackney and meeting those kids gave me a massive sense of pride. I've donated $5m to the TOS/Wexley Gawn cancer charity and I want to also donate another $5m to Sarah at the orphanage. Boxing is a great sport but its just a is much bigger than any of this.
With that said I wanna just take all this in, sit back and contemplate what I'ma do next. I don't know if I will box again...I don't know if I can ever get up for a fight again. Right now I've just got to take this victory in...I'm on top of the world. I believe that I'm the first ever Cruiserweight champion to win the heavyweight title but that doesn't really mean a whole lot to me right now...I'm just overcome with emotion at having avenged my only defeat. I'm 41/1/1 with something like 26 knockout record stands up against any other fighter in history. I really don't think I'll fight again....unless Touch comes back...but thats all I can think I'm interested in right now. Once again, I'd like to thank Lanky for the opportunity. Thank you all."
Congratulations go out to Angus...he evened it up between us. I do feel that with a few different tweaks to my plan, I would beat Angus by the same score....I actually rocked him without even trying once...oh well...from one great fighter to another...THE Heavyweight Championship is yours now...good luck to you and yours in your future endeavors.

(Lanky strides off the stage with his head up in the air...receiving great adulation from the crowd...people are giving SKULLSPLITTER pounds and pats on the back as he disappears behind the curtain)
TOS/Wexley Charity Event A Smash Hit, Outdraws Lanky-Angus II

Touch of SleeP's epic promotional campaign inside a day ended up being a hugely successful night as he was in the ring. The Returns of Wexley "Power" Gawn and CyruS "Touch oF SleeP" ViruS in exhibition bouts combined with TOS's genius promotional actions brought in 1.3 million PPV buys outdrawing the world heavyweight championship rematch between Lanky and Angus which sold 545,000 PPV buys. Angus ended up winning the world heavyweight championship with a clear UD victory while Touch oF SleeP knocked out the Lineal Heavyweight Champion Jerry "The Moose" Drake in the second round. Wexley Gawn won his bout via clear cut UD. In the post fight press conferences Harold Angus was unsure whether he would fight on. At the charity post fight press conference, Jerry "The Moose" Drake presented TOS the lineal heavyweight championship, which TOS gladly claimed. The Charity Event sold for $59.99 in HD so the initial projections are that the Charity Event grossed almost 78 Million dollars alone on just PPV buys without adding in the massive gate and fighter purses.
Maxy Krumbsnatcher has laughed off TOS' press release concerning PPV sales stating, "Touch is a great promoter but those figures are a fabrication. Angus-Gawn II was the highest grossing webl heavyweight fight of all time and did well over 1.5m buys. These two fighters had been around forever and the majority of the buys were made even before TOS and Wexley embarked on the charity exhibition promotion. I like Touch, he brings charisma to the sport in abundance but he's playing games with those figures."

Wexley Gawn added, "Angus-Gawn II was so successful because of the rematch angle and the obvious rivalry, long term, between the two fighters. I'm delighted with the figures, they even surpassed what we had envisioned prior to the bout. SleeP is just doing what he does and he couldn't resist throwing this press release out there because it's another slap for Angus...but no, there is no truth in the report that the exhibitions out sold the big heavyweight fight and as far as entertainment value goes, Angus-Gawn II was a magnificent fight."
It really WAS a magnificent fight...the fans got their money's worth and then some....on the other hand, I'm sure alot of people feel gypped after watching the mismatch(es) on TOS' card.....laugh.gif

All in all...both of last night's larger promotions were VERY successful....arguably the most successful ever in the history of our league...TOS may have received the lion's share of the glory due to his last minute hustle...but this was a concerted effort on all fighters and trainers involved...

To a job well done...

Hey, as TOS's friend and original trainer, I believe what he says is true. I mean.... is Wexley trying to say that Angus outdrew the children?????
QUOTE(CyruS @ Apr 6 2008, 10:13 AM) [snapback]385254[/snapback]
Hey, as TOS's friend and original trainer, I believe what he says is true. I mean.... is Wexley trying to say that Angus outdrew the children?????


Wexley is proud to have been part of both promotions and delighted at the huge success of both promotions.
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