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Full Version: Regarding II's use of violence outside the ring lately...
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Lanky Gawn has piefaced Harry Angus off the stage, kneed Larry Holmes in the face, and shattered a chandelier....

Just today, Freddy McPheerson attacked and headbutted a Conway family member whom he thought assaulted his dad at a Boston pub....

What can I say in their defense?...nothing really....the testosterone is flowing, boys...this animalistic, primordial behavior goes back to the days of the cavemen....

Spring is upon us....the females start wearing floral dresses to catch the males' eyes (the flower represents the pussy).....they start paying more attention to their hair and makeup...they reveal their cleavage and bare their feet....they wear perfume to attract the males with their scent.

and during this time, heterosexual men compete with each other in every way possible to establish dominance and become the females' natural selection....all for the subconscious goal of spreading their seed and continuing their bloodline...

I will try my best to keep them cool...I have said I'm sorry....but this is Human Nature that I can not control....

Thank you.
laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
I was thinkin'..."when is someone gonna laugh at this?...this is some funny SHIT!"..........

Thank you, C.


Spring beef gets you ready for the summer heat.

Bummy has beef with SKULLSPLITTER..he just won his first fight too.
We would not expect anything else from your crew CEO! Anyways, Quintana looks to put yet another name on his record when he takes on the Freddy McPhearson.

and what the Hell?

Quintana's like 6' 3"....he's dropping in divisions?

Alright then...I guess it's on...

P.S.~ I hate you Bummy Junior. You cost my gym 4 losses.
Yeah, Quintana is huge for a lightweight. If I could get him lower I would. Have his big ass fight at strawweight.
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