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Full Version: How is it possible that we are going to see Sylvia vs. Emelianenko before Couture Vs. Emelienenko?
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easy, sylia was reliesed because he lost and would not renigotiate his $$$ to Zuffa's liking. It was UFC's decission.
Box in Hand
That's right, Sylvia lost so the UFC canned him. The UFC is funny like that. You lose, You go bye bye. Look at Cro Crop, he's gone along with a long list of other UFC fighters who had losing streaks.
You answered your own question: dana is a bozo.

Dana does not like Randy (anymore) (because Dana is a drama queen *cough* Tito *cough* shamrock *cough*)

The not so recent turn in the way fights are set up is making me lose interest... though it does make it more exciting when a fight you want to see happens. (maybe dana isn't such a bozo afterall?)
Dana White has done many good things with the UFC and MMA, but I find it ironic that one argument he uses against boxing is all of the alphabet titles.

I guess he thinks that all of MMA is UFC. We'll never see Anderson Silva vs Cung Le... At least most promoters in boxing can work together and these alphabet titles can fight each other.

Although Fedor's being a pain, he does get that... He wants to be able to fight under any promotional umbrella. His thing is that he wants to fight the best, whether that be Pride, UFC, K-1...

MMA needs cross promotion, right now it's like wrestling back in the day with WWF and WCW....
QUOTE(CreDog @ Apr 9 2008, 03:37 PM) [snapback]385548[/snapback]
MMA needs cross promotion, right now it's like wrestling back in the day with WWF and WCW....

Close, I think MMA right now is like the days of pre-Vince McMahon WWF- bunches of regional shows with very little cross promotion. Elite XC, K1, Pride and UFC are the bid boys but there are hundreds of US MMA fight promoters putting on shows at county fairs, peoples garages, and high school gyms. Can you imagine what the world market is like?
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