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Harold "Harry" Angus, the greatest cruiserweight fighter of all time and the only cruiserweight to win the world heavyweight title has announced he has retired.

In a hastily arranged press conference Angus told the gathering media, "I have had a fantasic career and after crowning it by avenging my only ever defeat I just don't have the motivation to box on anymore, so I have decided that it is time to hang them up. My hunger to stay in the fight game derived from my passion to finally beat the one man who had beaten me in Lanky Gawn and when I achieved that it was as if I couldn't motivate myself for anyone else. I was waking up in the morning but the buzz to go train just wasn't there....when that happens to a fighter its time to go."

Angus was asked several questions about whether or not he would ever come back and his response was emphatic. "I will only come back for one fight and that is against a man who has continously tried to belittle me but has never had the balls to actually step in the ring with me. CyruS "Touch oF SleeP" ViruS. He is the only fighter I will come back for because he is the one man who can motivate me right now...nobody else has acted so cowardly in the history of the sport and I have always wanted to show that gimmick of a fighter that he couldn't hold a candle to me, he never was good enough to beat me and he never will be good enough to beat me. He is the sorta guy who would turn around and walk away even if he caught me having sex with his wife. He is the sorta guy who would hide in the shadows if he saw his mother being raped. He is a despicable character, a man with no balls, a coward with no heart and a freak show who never boxed the three other fighters who were doing big things when he was active. Now he tries to act up like he is some sorta legend but the truth is he never stepped in the ring with me because he knew I would annihilate him in only a few rounds. He didn't want no part of that because his idea of being a great fighter was to talk shit about great fighters without daring to step into the ring with them. I mean, come on, lets be honest here....he shoulda fought me, he shoulda got in the ring with me and attempted at least to put up a fight but he never did that and although he pretends it doesn't affect him or his legacy, the whole world knows that Touch oF SleeP ducked the fuck outta me and that don't look good at all. I am the thorn in his side, the itch on his ass, the the tumour on his lung! I am living proof that he is a coward. I will fight him at cruiserweight or heavyweight anytime, in any venue under any promotional banner on any TV station anywhere in the world but it won't happen because a duck will always be a duck and the man who likes to think he is some big shot promoter can promote any fight he wants but he will always be denying the fans of the biggest fight ever in the history of the sport. I don't know how he sleeps at night."

Angus was the 3 time world cruiserweight champion...the sports most dominant champion at that weight. He is also the first cruiserweight king to ever win the world heavyweight title and the first fighter to score 40+ wins in his career. A true legend, a true HOF candidate.

Its time to add him to the HOF list.
QUOTE(Touch oF SleeP - The Man)
Harry Angus is smoking crack again. This sucka has lost his memory. Erbody knows how he ducked the shit out of me when I was a middleweight. His whole career he never fought anybody. His whole career is built on beating the undisputed light heavyweight champion who had his ass out on his feet in the last round and avenging his one defeat to man who was already past it. The only cruiserweight to win the heavyweight title? Man, Im da only Jr. MIDDLEWEIGHT to win the heavyweight title. This guy has lost his marbles. I don't need Harold, Harold needs me. He looks himself in the mirror every night haunted by me. You all see it. He has my name permanently tattooed on his ass. You still a bum Harold.
Angus has insisted he will not respond to any jibes made at him by TOS because he knows "SleeP has always been afraid of me so all he will do is try to twist things around and make out he's not ducking me even though we all know he is and always will."

Angus described how he is totally "at peace" within himself and accepted "SleeP will never fight me but if I don't throw it out there he won't be able to make excuses so I just gotta do what I gotta do."

QUOTE(Sonny Cochran - 36 Chambers Lawyer + TOS personal Lawyer)
I would like inform Harold Angus that his twisting of the truth so manipulate the good fight fans is deplorable. As much as the ABC heavyweight champion Harold Angus would like to say, history remains history and written. All one would have to do is look back into history and see that Harold Angus statement of TOS being scared of him is far from the truth when in reality it was the exact opposite. Harold Angus would like to forget how he ran away from Touch oF SleeP when he was marching his way through divisions. My client would like to inform Harold that.... and this is an exact quote, "Stop lyin sucka." That is all. Good day Mr. Angus.

Angus, despite saying he wouldn't respond to comments from TOS has felt inclined to comment on the statement recently issued by Sonny Cochran.

He told an army of gathering reporters, "Cochran has his facts wrong. I never refused to fight SleeP and I cannot be held responsible for the actions of my first gym, led by Don at Big Pineapple because I was tied to a contract and boxed whomever I was put in front of me. I have full respect for Don because he was the man who started me on the road to glory and I am certain that had his gym not closed I would have stayed with him and won many many titles. Lets get one thing straight....since my spells at both Krumbsnatcher and Dragons Vault I have always been willing to fight anyone...including SleeP and have called him out many many times....I called him out when I was the reigning cruiserweight champion and offered him the chance to fight me at either heavyweight in a non-title bout or at cruiserweight in a world title bout. He declined. On February 20th 2008 I told the world that TOS never beat anyone in their prime. Check the records...HERE...
I also issued a challenge to TOS to fight me at any weight on November 6th 2007..check it out..HERE and on September 23rd 2007 Angus signed with Krumbsnatcher and said he did it because he thought it was the best gym at the time to help guide him to victory over TOS...check that out... HERE

So lets just put this to bed about Angus not wanting to fight TOS. Thats a myth and a lie. Angus has wanted to fight TOS ever since he joined Krumbsnatcher. Lets not forget that TOS accused Angus of ducking him on Sepember 12th (check that HERE)
That was just 11 days before Angus signed for Krumbsnatcher and admitted he did it to get the fight and beat TOS. Those are the facts people."

So as we can all see, Angus-TOS has been mooted for a very long time. Both camps can have their arguments as to who ducked who but the facts are that Angus has called SleeP out as far back as 7 months ago and is still calling him out now. If TOS is scared he only has to hold his hands up and admit it to the world. He'll only be admitting what everybody knows in any case!
QUOTE(Sonny Cochran - TOS's Personal Lawyer)
Harold Angus loves to twist around history does he not? Here you will see TOS-Angus first confrontation on this board, dated August 5, 2007

Here is the official harold stop ducking tos thread here dated september 12, 2007

And let us all keep in mind, after Harold was knocked out by Lanky and then traded away to the Krumbsnatcher gym. The Krumbsnatcher gym had him fight tomato cans to get used to the new relationship. They did not want Harold to fight in big fights at the time. Angus returned to the big fight events when the "won" his cruiserweight title against gym mate Ice Cream in a fixed fight on October 28, 2007. He continued to fight no hoppers.

Of course the big thing here is Angus calling out TOS on November 6, 2007.

Which was great thing for Angus to do, especially considering that TOS retired on November 4, 2007

So what are the facts? Harold Angus ducked TOS when he was active and started to try to rewrite history and call out tos when TOS had already retired.

Sounds alot like Joe Calzaghe and Bernard Hopkins in real life laugh.gif laugh.gif

Nice try Mr. Angus but you cannot rewrite history. It's plain as day for all to say. Everyone that was here in the beginning of our sport remembers the TOS chase of Angus. Once again you cannot rewrite history. Good day Mr. Angus.

That thread from August 5th 2007 doesn't prove a thing. It doesn't even suggest Angus ducked TOS. Far from it. No, the facts are Touch decided to retire 2 days before Angus called him out officially....TWO DAYS!! He was unwilling to accept the challenge then so he will be unwilling to accept the challenge now.

Whats done is done....TOS DUCKED THE BEST and that is all here for all to see. No worries though, like I said before Angus is "at peace" but for the record he will come back in a minute to fight and knock out TOS.

He's thrown out the challenges far more cleanly and concisely that Touch ever did. Touch don't want to lose? That's OK. We'll live with that today but on another day we might call him out again. He's yellow. We love it over here because its daylight, clear, crystal.

Biggest fight in Webl history won't be made because one man don't wanna make it and it ain't Angus is it?

QUOTE(Maxy @ Apr 12 2008, 05:18 PM) [snapback]385830[/snapback]
so Touch decided to retire 2 days before Angus called him out officially....TWO DAYS!! He was unwilling to accept the challenge then so he will be unwilling to accept the challenge now.

He's thrown out the challenges far more cleanly and concisely that Touch ever did.


QUOTE(Sonny Cochran - TOS's personal Lawyer)
As planned, Harold Angus fell to Touch oF SleeP's setup. As Angus's claims hugely that TOS decided to retire 2 days before Angus called him out officially. So he agrees Angus did not call him out until TOS retired. While everyone knows the TOS chased of Angus since 160 pounds. Now, back to the point that Angus claims TOS decided to retire 2 days before Angus called him out, not that even matters since Angus only called him out when TOS retired, here is the goods, dated October 21, 2007 the official announcement that TOS retirement fight would be November 4, 2007. Again, Angus was nowhere near the scene.

Fact : TOS had been calling out Angus since he weighed 160 pound and Angus wanted no part.
Facts : TOS annouced his retirement fight on October 21, 2007
Fact : TOS retired on November 4, 2007

Fact : Angus started calling out TOS on November 6, 2007
Fact : Angus has indeed thrown out challenges more cleanly and consisely that TOS ever did, hes thrown them out like that since November 6, 2007.

The facts are on the table and Angus continues to find himself up against a wall with his failing argument.

Good day, Mr. Angus.


Big disagreement here because Angus was in the hands of other parties in these said incidents which decreases the validity of these discussions to the point of worthlessness.

I reiterate the point that Angus was always available to box TOS since the first day of his arrival at Krumbsnatcher. It is bewildering to say the least that TOS chooses to deny this fact and therefore we shall be withdrawing from any further statements concerning this matter.

That said, Angus wants to be inducted into the HOF. Lets get it on.
Wexley Gawn has thrown out an amazing incentive to TOS and his lawyers if they are willing to match TOS with Harold "Harry" Angus and win the fight.

Gawn said, "If Touch accepts the deal for his biggest ever pay day against Angus and goes on to win the fight we will give him the Dragon's Vault gym and all the fighters who currently box there. No clauses, no catch. We are prepared to take this gamble to make this fight."

It is an absolutely unprecedented sweetener and has left analysts in awe of the bravery emanating from the Angus camp. Angus, meanwhile is said to be holidaying in Venezuela with his 5th wife and his 15 children from past relationships.
Don Flamenco
Sometimes the stuff you guys come up with is better than the real news! laugh.gif
Cyrus, can you stick Angus in the HOF?
I forgot about this laugh.gif

Well, dont we need an official vote first?

Just to say we had an official vote.
Have we really got to have an official vote? Come on people, its a given that Angus is HOF worthy.
The fact no one has responded to this thread besides you and me and Angus's creator Don tells quite a story.... the silence over Harry Angus speaks volumes, the people don't respect him. laugh.gif

I mean he has .....

Fought 7 (Past/Present/Future) World Champions (Including Fighters From His Own Gym)
Fought 5 Undefeated Fighters (Included Debuting Fighters)

hmmm, that's actually pretty thin laugh.gif
Seriously if Angus don't make HOF I'm out.

QUOTE(The People)
We don't respect Harry.

laugh.gif laugh.gif
laugh.gif laugh.gif


Maxy's face must be 3 shades of red...laugh.gif

Angus is a HOFer, Maxy...I think Cyrus is just messing with ya....

Think how I felt when I had to COME UP WITH Awards for my Dungeon last year....alla y'all overlooked my squad in every category....I got NOTHIN' of my fighter's P4P status is still be overlooked today....
laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

I understand the could Cyrus do a write up for fighters like Angus and Dipsy when he would have to be bigging them up even though he hates them both cos they belittled his boy.


It's all good.

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